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Grants:APG/Proposal form editintro/2

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This page and discussion page is maintained for archival purposes. For the current version of the form see Grants:APG/Proposal form

You're about to start your Funds Dissemination Committee proposal form

Note 1.

You can save the entire page now and fill out each section individually.

Note 2.

Please leave section headers, structure, questions and tables as they are so that all proposals are formatted the same way. This will allow the committee to review proposal forms equally.

Note 3.

There is an asterisk (*) or equals sign (=) at every point you are expected to provide an answer.

Note 4.

The pre-filled numbers in table cells are only meant to assist with understanding the table template and they should be replaced.

Note 5.

In tables where additional rows are needed there will be a "row" template (ie, {{FDC proposal form/2/Table/4/Row}}). Copy and paste each row template below the original instance, for as many rows as you require.

Note 6.

When providing numbers in this document, please use a period (full stop) to indicate a decimal point and separate groups of five or more digits using a comma. For example, please use "12,560.57" rather than "12.560,67".