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Welcome to the community review for 2020-2021 round 1 of the FDC's annual plan grant process!

We are glad that you are here.

Please note this call to review proposals focuses on one of the four grantmaking programs run by the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation has a budget this year of $58.5 million, much of which is raised through donations. The Annual Plan Grant program will make up to $6 million in grants this year to movement affiliated organizations for their mission-aligned programs. During this community review period (Template:FDC date/Community review period/2020-2021 round 1), the Funds Dissemination Committee invites you to review any or all submitted proposals for this round by examining how they aim to use Wikimedia donation money to further the movement priorities. A list of these proposals follows. You are welcome to engage with other community members, FDC staff, or Wikimedia organizations (also called "entities") in on-wiki discussions about any proposal.

These proposals come from Wikimedia organizations that are requesting Wikimedia movement funds to implement their annual plans. While some proposals are lengthy, all proposals have an overview section that outlines the basic components of each request and the total amount requested in US dollars.

After reviewing a proposal, please post your comments and questions on the Discussion page of the proposal. You can post questions and feedback in your own language, not just in English.

As you read the proposal, you may want to consider some of these questions:

  • What experience does the organization have that will enable it to implement the proposal?
  • How realistic are the goals and intentions of the proposal?
  • How has the community been involved? If this proposal is successful, how will it affect the community?
  • What impact will the proposed programs have?
  • What are the areas of work you are most excited about? Which areas sound less promising?
  • Do you need more information after reading the proposal?

The community's comments and questions help the FDC to make decisions. Your comments and questions are read and reviewed by FDC Staff before FDC Staff compose Staff Proposal Assessments and are also considered directly by the FDC during deliberations. Community comments are essential to review proposals effectively. We expect that the Wikimedia organizations that have submitted these proposals will be able to respond to your comments and questions. If you have general comments or questions about this round of proposals, leave them on the discussion page.

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Proposals for review[edit]

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