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Grants:APG/Proposals/2014-2015 round2/Wikimedia Armenia/Progress report form

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Purpose of the report[edit]

This form is for organizations receiving Annual Plan Grants to report on their progress after completing the first 6 months of their grants. The time period covered in this form will be the first 6 months of each grant (e.g. 1 January - 30 June of the current year). This form includes four sections, addressing global metrics, program stories, financial information, and compliance. Please contact APG/FDC staff if you have questions about this form, or concerns submitting it by the deadline. After submitting the form, organizations will also meet with APG staff to discuss their progress.

Global metrics overview - all programs[edit]

We are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees' programs. Please use the table below to let us know how your programs contributed to the Global Metrics. We understand not all Global Metrics will be relevant for all programs, so feel free to put "0" where necessary. For each program include the following table and

  1. Next to each required metric, list the outcome achieved for all of your programs included in your proposal.
  2. Where necessary, explain the context behind your outcome.
  3. In addition to the Global Metrics as measures of success for your programs, there is another table format in which you may report on any OTHER relevant measures of your programs success

For more information and a sample, see Global Metrics.

Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 500+ This is an estimate number, which involves active editors on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource and Commons
2. # of new editors 389 All programs of WM AM
3. # of individuals involved 600+ Active editors and other persons involved in WM AM programs.
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 885 Wiki loves monuments and GLAM projects, numbers for other programs are unknown
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 19,476 Wikipedia, 40,982 Wiktionary
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects 96,332,446

Telling your program stories - all programs[edit]

Please tell the story of each of your programs included in your proposal. This is your chance to tell your story by using any additional metrics (beyond global metrics) that are relevant to your context, beyond the global metrics above. You should be reporting against the targets you set at the beginning of the year throughout the year. We have provided a template here below for you to report against your targets, but you are welcome to include this information in another way. Also, if you decided not to do a program that was included in your proposal or added a program not in the proposal, please explain this change. More resources for storytelling are at the end of this form. Here are some ways to tell your story.

  • We encourage you to share your successes and failures and what you are learning. Please also share why are these successes, failures, or learnings are important in your context. Reference learning patterns or other documentation.
  • Make clear connections between your offline activities and online results, as applicable. For example, explain how your education program activities is leading to quality content on Wikipedia.
  • We encourage you to tell your story in different ways by using videos, sound files, images (photos and infographics, e.g.), compelling quotes, and by linking directly to work you produce. You may highlight outcomes, learning, or metrics this way.
  • We encourage you to continue using dashboards, progress bars, and scorecards that you have used to illustrate your progress in the past, and to report consistently over time.
  • You are welcome to use the table below to report on any metrics or measures relevant to your program. These may or may not include the global metrics you put in the overview section above. You can also share your progress in another way if you do not find a table like this useful.
Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of year) Comments
Example Example Example Example Example

Education Program[edit]

Workshop at Ayb school, 30 October
  • Sustain and increase the reach of wiki movement and educational projects in the regions of Armenia.
  • 6 new schools are added to the Education program.
  • 14 schools are maintained.
  • 15 407 articles are created in Armenian Wikipedia since July 1 (excluded January).
  • 38 610 entries are created in Armenian Wiktionary (excluded January).
  • 226 new participants since July 1, 177 in Wikipedia, 49 in Wiktionary (included January).
  • 9 participants are organizing local events in their communities.

Educational programs are of great priority of Wikimedia Armenia. We continue cooperating with a number of schools in Yerevan and different regions of Armenia who participate in Wikipedia Education program. Since July we have added 6 new schools to our program (Yerevan N36 high school, Stepanavan №1 school, Charentsavan high school after M. Mashtots, Sisian №1 high school, Mrgavan secondary school, Artashat №2 secondary school after H. Toumanyan), maintained 14․ At this moment we have 20 active schools.

In order to involve new teachers and students in the Wikipedia Education program, to encourage the participation of the young professionals in Wikiprojects, Wikimedia Armenia decided to organize a Wikipedia seminar for teachers from different regions of Armenia.

See "What I Learned: Improving the Armenian Wiktionary with the help of students" blogpost about WM AM Education program in Wikimedia Foundation blog.

Teacher training seminar[edit]

The first day of the seminar. Introduction.

On October 27 - November 1 Wikimedia Armenia gathered together teachers from different cities and villages of Armenia. The aim of the seminar was to spread wikimovement in different regions of Armenia and involve new editors and volunteers in WM AM projects, especially in Wikipedia Education Program. Following our previous successful seminars organized for Western Armenian teachers from Lebanon and Eastern Armenian teachers from different cities of Armenia, WM AM decided to continue involving more teachers to the program. More than 100 teachers applied to participate in wikiseminar but only 29 were chosen.

After the seminar the teachers actively try to organize different events in their schools:

  • Mrgavan secondary school - November 4 and 12
  • Yerevan N190 high school - November 8
  • Surenavan secondary school - November 9
  • Charentsavan high school after M. Mashtots - November 16
  • Sisian N1 high school - November 14, 16, 22, December 4
  • Gyumri college of Armenian State Economic University - November 3

Another workshops are expected to be held in future. In this way Armenian teachers together with their students will continue to share in the sum of all human knowledge.

For more details please see the article "Armenian students inspire their teachers to join Wikipedia" in WMF Education newsletter.

  • October 27 - November1 (seminar days)
    • 686178 bytes (NET sum)
    • 1574 edits
    • 88 pages created
    • 29 participants
  • November 2-January 27 (after seminar)
    • 972245 bytes (NET sum)
    • 1340 edits
    • 66 pages created
    • 15 participants

Winter WikiCamp[edit]

  • 86 campers including wikiteam and guests.
  • 1013 articles created or improved on Armenian and Georgian Wikipedias mostly translated from Russian or English Wikipedias, 85 of which are in Western Armenian.
  • 2372 entries created in Armenian Wiktionary.
  • 120 files uploaded in Wikimedia Commons (Armenian words pronunciation).
  • 6,088,673 bytes added to wiki projects.

The Winter WikiCamp 2016 Aghveran was mostly similar to the previous 6 WikiCamps organized by WM AM. However, there were some differences in the organization, schedule and structure of the camp. Preparations were the same as during previous camps: organizing team forming, participants choosing and division into groups, daily topics choosing and themes lists preparations both in Wikipedia and Wiktionary, etc. For more details please see previous reports (2015, 2014).

The main difference in the structure of the camp were team supporters. In order to help group leaders to coordinate their teams we decided to choose 2 experienced campers for each group who would help their leaders in inner organizational issues. So we had 6 groups, 6 team leaders and 12 team supporters. As for all the team leaders this camp was their first experience in these roles, the supporters were of great help to them. As to the schedule it was slightly changed: the campers had given more free time to communicate with each other. The editing hours remained the same - 4 hours daily.

After the camp an anonymous survey was given to the campers for evaluating the WikiCamp. 40 campers participated in the survey. According to the survey:

  • 73% of the campers characterized the camp as wonderful, 23% - good
  • editing hours - 50% - wonderful, 40% - good
  • the campers most of all liked the intellectual (59%) games and editing hours (54%) in the camp
  • the Wikiteam work evaluation - 78% - wonderful, 18% - good

See Winter WikiCamp 2016 video here. More photos in WikiCamp FB page.

Wiki Loves Science[edit]

  • 5 workshops out of proposed 20+ were organized in different educational and scientific institutions.
  • 25 of newly registered editors during workshops out of proposed 80, 3 of which are active editors by January 30.
  • 27 of 40 stub articles created and improved during workshops.
  • 3 edit-a-thons organized in September, October and December.
  • About 22 participants in each edit-a-thon
  • 70 high-quality articles created and improved out of 400
  • 159 middle-quality articles created and improved out of 1000
Workshops in different educational and scientific institutions

5 workshops were organized in different scientific and educational institutions, including 3 workshops at AGBU Virtual College, 2 workshops with Psychology Faculty of ASU.


In the scope of Wiki Loves Science program 3 edit-a-thons were organized on September 25-27, October 30-November 1 and December 18-20 in Aghveran. See below the metrics of each edit-a-thons.

  • September 25-27
    • 762915 bytes (NET sum)
    • 1816 edits
    • 171 pages created
    • 23 participants
  • October 30-November 1
    • 435079 bytes (NET sum)
    • 1340 edits
    • 66 pages created
    • 25 participants
  • December 18-20
    • 385446 bytes (NET sum)
    • 719 edits
    • 52 pages created
    • 19 participants


Wikipedia Education Program and WikiClubs in Armenia and NKR
  • Spread Wikipedia Education program and involve more schools.
  • 2 new established WikiClubs out of 5 by January 30.
  • 4 WikiClubs maintained from the existing 7 by January 30.
  • Estimate number of attendees
  • Estimate number of workshops

In order to involve schoolchildren and adults in the editing process of Wikipedia and its sister projects, WM AM runs WikiClubs in the regions of Armenia, where people study and edit Wikimedia projects in their spare time with the help of an experienced Wikipedian (WikiClub coordinator). In the past 6 months, 2 new WikiClubs were established - Stepanakert WikiClub in Nagorno-Karabakh and Artashat WikiClub in the city of Artashat, Ararat Province (see on the Armenian Wikipedia Education Program map). There was a loss in the number of maintained WikiClubs: Yeghvard, Aparan, and Ashtarak WikiClubs were closed because of the disagreement between Wikimedia Armenia and the club sponsor. However, active participants of these WikiClubs continue to edit on Wikimedia projects. WM AM now has 6 WikiClubs in Yerevan, Gyumri, Lernapat, Arevatsag, Artashat, Stepanakert. See below estimate numbers of attendees, workshops & meetups for each WikiClub.

  • Stepanakert WikiClub - 6-10 attendees, 5-6 days per week
  • Arevatsag WikiClub - 10-12 attendees, 5-6 days per week
  • Lernapat WikiClub - 10-15 attendees, 5 days per week
  • Gyumri WikiClub - 7-10 attendees, 1 day per week
  • Artashat WikiClub - 3-4 attendees, 2 days per week, will be officially opened in February
  • Yerevan WikiClub - see Saturday workshops section in Community support


  • 9 Armenian books out of 90 digitized by January 30, 2016.
  • Only 47 active editors out of proposed 55.
  • 2 books proofread in Armenian Wikisource out of 20 by January 30, 2016.
  • 4 books out of 30 used for other programs.

In the first half of the year digitization project and its volunteers have their huge contribution to support other WM AM projects, especially in Wikipedia Education Program and GLAM. You can find the way digitization program supported these projects in the appropriate project sections. However, the digitization program itself was launched and actively promoted at the end of 2015. There was also an appointment with regional other Wikimedian communities to support them in the digitization. Lastly, many individuals use WM AM DIY scanner to digitize content which serves education and free knowledge.

Wikipedia in Western Armenian[edit]

  • 41+ Western Armenian speakers involved in the editing process by Junary 30, 2016.
  • 21 new active and long-term Western Armenian editors (currently Wikipedia has 4 active editors).
  • 1098+ articles created and improved in Western Armenian by January 30, 2016.

WikiCamp Lebanon[edit]

Group photo of WikCamp Beirut, Lebanon.

On August 3-12, 41 students from 11 Lebanese-Armenian secondary schools participated in WikiCamp 2015 Beirut and 4 high school students from Armenia joined the camp. During the camp the students had an opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in writing and editing articles on Wikipedia and Wiktionary, as well as translating articles from other European languages into Western Armenian. Outside of the Wikipedia workshops, the WikiTeam also planned various cultural and sports activities. After the camp the students were encouraged to continue using their editorial skills to keep writing entries and using Wikipedia in Western Armenian more frequently, as well as contributing towards its continual development.

The WikiCamp Beirut 2015 main goal was the education, deepening of wiki editing and translation skills of participants through contributing in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Projects. It encouraged and attracted many students from different 11 Lebanese-Armenian secondary schools which increased the reach of wiki movement and "Wikipedia in Western Armenian" Program in the Diaspora. Due to the camp Western Armenian section of Armenian Wikipedia was enriched with quality content[1].

See the WikiCamp video.

WikiClubs in Lebanon[edit]

Yeghishe Manoukian's WikiClub Wikipedians

Establishing WikiClubs is especially vital in schools, where the students can create and edit articles in their free hours thus acquiring new knowledge and preserving Western Armenian.

This kind of clubs keeps them active, as well as link them with each other to develop and disseminate wiki movement and Western Armenian language. After the WikiCamp the active students offered to participate in the process of establishing WikiClubs in their schools and keep them active by involving new students. As a result 2 WikiClubs were opened in 2 Armenian colleges of Beirut: Yeghishe Manukian national college. and M. & H. Arslanian Djemaran college.

The opening works of the third WikiClub are underway. It is planned to open it in Armenian Catholic St. Cross-Harpoian college. In these clubs active Wikipedians conduct regular workshops, where the students learn editing tools, create or improve already existing Western Armenian articles by translating them or by using different Western Armenian sources.

Out-of-wiki activity of WikiClubs[edit]

Shahen Araboghlian, one of the event organizers, who presented the opening speech

Participants of WikiClubs not only contribute on Wikimedia projects but also organize different activities related to the Armenian language, culture etc. Here's one of the stories.

On Friday October the 23rd, Yeghishe Manoukian College, the high school section, commemorated the feast of the Holy Translators the creation/discovery of the Armenian alphabet, organized by the school’s WikiClub.

The opening speech was presented by Shahen Araboghlian (User:Shahen Books), a previous WikiCamp participant, wiki editor, who after emphasizing on the importance of having the discovery of our alphabet, our dearest translators throughout history and their outstanding roles in our language. At the end of his speech, he noted how the Armenian wiki movement, the editing in our native language and the typing in Armenian is helping the language develop in our minds, adding a pinch of information, article by article, for the better of our future.

The event was wrapped up by school principle Zohrab Ghazarian, who saw the Armenian school as the defending wall of the language, without which the language would crumble. He also reminded everyone how the WikiClub plays an important role in the development of language digitization.

See more on Western Armenian project reports.

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 Calendar. Click to see all pages.
WLM 2015 photo expedition
  • Promote free-content and free-knowledge in Armenia,
  • Promote historic preservation in Armenia,
  • 26,528 photos uploaded (out of proposed 23,919-33,919) (10000+ files) by October 1,
  • 81 participants out of proposed 100,
  • 152 new Armenian-heritage-related articles created on Wikipedia by January 1,
  • 824 images were used on Wikimedia projects out of proposed 300

In 2015, Armenia joined Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest, which was the second time Armenia participated. The photo contest had 81 participants, 26,528 photos were uploaded. In October, a photo expedition was organized having 18 photographers. Participants visited Armenian cultural and historic heritage places, especially those, that lack information and media on Wikimedia projects. Wiki Loves Monuments awarding ceremony was during Wikipedia 15 celebration. Authors of three best photos and authors of most uploaded photos were awarded. A Wiki-calendar was designed and printed with WLM 2015 photos. All participants of Wiki Loves Monuments received Wiki-calendars as presents.

International involvement[edit]

Georgian-Armenian collaboration[edit]

The Georgian-Armenian collaboration was organised in October 2015 on the basis of previous collaboration projects experience. 1500+ articles օn Georgian and Armenian history, culture, geography, nature etc. were created and improved on Armenian and Georgian Wikipedias. The collaboration had 46 participants (16 on ka.wiki and 30 on hy.wiki), it made possible for two Wiki communities to get closer and promoted the improvement of articles on both countries. 2 winners from each country were awarded to visit the neighbour country for 5 days. The visit is going to be organised in Spring. See the usernames of the winners and other stats on the infographic.

  • 46 editor participants of proposed 25.
  • Have 2 winners from each country
CEE 2015

Wikimedia Armenia had 2 participants in CEE meeting Estonia, who presented 3 talks - How Wikipedia Education Program works in a WikiClub, How to organize a WikCamp in another country. WikiCamp in Lebanon and Translator's Corner. Contributing without knowing Wiki Markup. First two presentations were about WM AM Wikipedia Education program in the regions of Armenia and in Armenian Diaspora.

Wikimania 2015

Only 1 person from Wikimedia Armenia participated at Wikimania 2015 because the participant's visa was refused thus he could not attend the conference. WM AM particiant had a submission in Wikimania on how to organize a Wiki Camp, which are the main principles in preparing Wiki Camp and what challenges you have to face and solve during the camp.

WikiConference Costroma 2015

2 persons from WM AM and Wikipedia community participated in WikiConference Kostroma 2015 presenting Wikimedia Armenia iniciatives and activities in the last 2 years, its programs and impact on the community.

Community support[edit]

New Year preparations[edit]

At the end of December Wikipedia Education program participants expressed their wish to decorate Wikimedia Armenia office and Christmas tree. On December 7 our young editors gathered together for this mission. The Christmas tree was decorated with Wikimedia, Wikipedia and other baubles. During the event Winter WikiCamp 2016 preparations were also discussed as many of the team supporters were present. The participants had a great time communicating with each other.

Wikipedia 15[edit]

Each year in January Armenian wikicommunity celebrates Wikipedia day. This year as well on January 15, 2016 Armenian Wikicommunity gathered together to celebrate Wikipedia day. The event was organized in Wikimedia Armenia office. About 70 people joined the event among which there were editors, Wikipedia Education program students, etc. During the event Wiki loves Monuments winners and the participants who uploaded the most photos were awarded. On that day Wikimedia Armenia announced the Armenian-Georgian collaboration months results and winners as well.

Please see Wikipedia 15 celebration video here.

Please see the media links concerning Wikipedia 15 here.

Saturday Workshops[edit]

As usual every Saturday Wikimedia Armenia organizes open workshops-edit-a-thons in WM AM office. Anyone interested in wiki projects, Wikipedia, wiki editing and needing assistance, as well as wiki editors, who want to edit in pleasant atmosphere participate in these workshops. We have about 17 participants in each workshop. Among them there are also active wiki editors of hywiki or hywiktionary who help to conduct the workshops.

Dan Gillmor - WM AM guest[edit]

On October 9, 2015 Wikimedia Armenia and Armenian Wikipedians hosted American technology writer, lecturer and media entrepreneur Dan Gillmor․ Dan Gillmor visited Armenia by the invitation of "Journalists For the Future" NGO to participate in the presentation of the Armenian version of his book "Mediactive". Wikimedia Armenia collaborating with "Journalists For the Future" NGO could make the Dan's meeting with Armenian Wikipedians possible.

During the meeting Gillmor had a surprise for Armenian Wikipedians. We had a skype call with Jimmy Wales, who greeted all of us. The editors had a unique opportunity to talk to him and ask questions. Wikipedians also had a productive discussion with Dan Gillmor on Wikipedia, modern media and related themes[2].


  • Continue to work with National Library and little museums, establish collaboration with 1 new GLAM institutions out of 3.
  • Created and improved 144 articles on the base of materials given by GLAM partners out of 200․
  • 1 workshop organized in Avetik Isahakyan house-museum of Yerevan.
  • 4 books released under free licenses.
The video where Tzolag Hovsepian declares the release of his photos under free license.

Wikimedia Armenia continues to work with GLAM institutions. These 6 months were productive: WM AM cooperated with some authors who provided their books or works under free licence which allowed us to upload all of them to Wikimedia Commons thus making them available to the wider public layers. A workshop was organized in Avetik Isahakyan house-museum of Yerevan. The participants learned about wikimovement, GLAM project, Wikipedia and it's sister projects.

Since 2015 Wikimedia Armenia began collaborating with Armenian photographer (97 years old) Tzolag Hovsepian in order he published his "Familiar Faces" album photos under free licence. Hovsepian has taken photos of many famous Armenians (and not only), celebrities, artists, and national figures who had crossed his path including Aram Khachaturian, William Saroyan and many others. He released all his photos under Creative Commons, which later with the help of Wikimedia Armenia became available on Commons. These photos are really valuable for wikicommunity, most of them are unique and there are no alternative free photos on Commons. In total 158 photos where uploaded to Wikimedia Commons 61 of which were used in 242 articles in different languages.

Since September 2015 Wikimedia Armenia began cooperation with the President of the National Union of Yezidi in the Republic of Armenia - Aziz Tamoyan. As a result he released his 3 books under free license. Wikimedia Armenia digitization team scanned the books and uploaded them to Wikimedia Commons (A story of one family, Yazidis in Nagorno-Karabakh War, Heroism of Yazidi nation). One of the books is being proofread now.

Revenues received during this six-month period[edit]

Please use the exchange rate in your APG proposal.

Table 2 Please report all spending in the currency of your grant unless US$ is requested.

  • Please also include any in-kind contributions or resources that you have received in this revenues table. This might include donated office space, services, prizes, food, etc. If you are to provide a monetary equivalent (e.g. $500 for food from Organization X for service Y), please include it in this table. Otherwise, please highlight the contribution, as well as the name of the partner, in the notes section.
Revenue source Currency Anticipated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Anticipated ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Explanation of variances from plan
Wikimedia Armenia USD 123,894.92 72,272 51,622.92 72,272 123,894.92 72,272 USD 1,201.83 of anticipated USD 51,622.92 are underspends from previous PEGs.
Calusote Gulbenkian Foundation USD 15,000 7,500 7,500 7,500 15,000 7,500

* Provide estimates in US Dollars

Spending during this six-month period[edit]

Please use the exchange rate in your APG proposal.

Expense (Program name) Currency Budgeted Cumulative (Q1-Q2) Budgeted ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Percentage spent to date Explanation of variances from plan
Office operating activities AMD 3,863,200 1,874,305 8,113 3,936.04 49%
Staff AMD 6,889,728 3,444,864 14,468 7,234.21 50%
Digitization AMD 100,000 0 210 0.00 0%
Education program AMD 308,000 1,469,000 647 3,084.90 477% Teacher training seminars were included in our Education Program because of its high efficiency.
Wiki loves science AMD 5,066,000 1,502,000 10,639 3,154.20 30%
WikiClubs AMD 650,000 292,000 1,365 613.20 45%
Wiki loves monuments AMD 1,566,000 1,704,600 3,289 3,579.66 109%
International involvement AMD 6,160,000 2,254,363 12,936 4,734.16 37%
Community support AMD 4,686,000 808,600 9,841 1,698.06 17%
GLAM AMD 62,000 20,100 130 42.21 32%
Winter WikiCamp 2016 AMD 3,946,000 4,966,000 8,287 10,428.60 126%
Western Armenian Project AMD 7,142,857 6,350,910 15,000 13,432.53 89%
Summer WikiCamp 2016 AMD 25,700,500 0 53,971 0.00 0% Will be organized in Summer
TOTAL 66,140,285 24,686,742 138,896 51,938


Is your organization compliant with the terms outlined in the grant agreement?[edit]

As required in the grant agreement, please report any deviations from your grant proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

  • A "Teacher training seminar" was organized, which has not been included in APG proposal. Please see "Education Program" section for more details.

Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

  • Yes

Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Grant funds as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

  • Yes


Once complete, please sign below with the usual four tildes.


Resources to plan for measurement[edit]

Resources for storytelling[edit]