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Grants:APG/Proposals/2019-2020 round 2/Wikimédia France/Progress report form

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Purpose of the report[edit]

This form is for organizations receiving Annual Plan Grants to report on their progress after completing the first 6 months of their grants. The time period covered in this form will be the first 6 months of each grant (e.g. 1 January - 30 June of the current year). This form includes four sections, addressing grant metrics, program stories, financial information, and compliance. Please contact APG/FDC staff if you have questions about this form, or concerns submitting it by the deadline. After submitting the form, organizations will also meet with APG staff to discuss their progress

Overall situation[edit]

With the Covid-19 pandemic whom is still very present and having caused a partial lockdown of the country for 6 weeks, the activity of the association has necessarily been impacted. We therefore continued to transfer some of our activities online by developing contribution contests. The French-speaking Wikiconvention, the cancellation of which had been announced in April 2020, generally taking place during this period, was a very strong mobilization element for our members. Our General Assembly was also held 100% online. Some programs are impacted quite clearly. For example, the high school Wikiconcours which brings together nearly 80 high schools each year in normal times, only managed to attract half of them this year. We have therefore set up more detailed support for participants to see if we can compensate for this drop in initial participants with a greater number of classes which go to the end of the competition. The local groups of volunteers, who are major players in mobilization and activities in France, have not really been able to meet and imagine collective actions since last spring. Faced with this situation, and like the rest of the Wikimedia movement, we adapt, we innovate and try to "take advantage" of the period to think about and organize our future actions, in connection with the process of implementing the 2030 strategy.

This complex situation does not seem to have an impact on our fundraising at this time. We have no particular difficulty in this area for the moment and we are delighted.

In parallel, the WMFr's staff has undergone some changes since last summer. The system and networks administrator left the association in August 2020. He was replaced and a new employee (Michael Barbereau) was recruited in November 2020. We have also made the choice to recruit a person in charge of public affairs . Conducted jointly and with the active participation of FKAGEU, Naphsica Papanicolaou joined the salaried team of Wikimedia France at the beginning of January 2020. It should thus strengthen the advocacy actions of Wikimedia France with the French public authorities very active on the issue of the regulation of digital technology and thus support WMDE and FKAGEU at the European level.

Metrics and results overview - all programs[edit]

Métrics 2020-2021 (Progress report)
All programs 2020-2021 targets Progress report (end of Q2) Progress report 2019-2020 Projected (end of year) Explanation
Participants 4370 924 2211 On track We had anticipated a drop in participation, particularly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is confirmed with the almost total absence of activity by local groups following a national reconfinement between the end of October and mid-December. In addition, compared to the previous year, the French-speaking Wikiconvention had to be canceled. We still plan to achieve our goal through the reopening of WikiMOOC and the organization of GLAM Days, the launch of a webinar program plus the organization of several online contribution contests.
Newly registered 1915 309 595 On track As for the number of participants, the virtual absence of training and workshops does not facilitate the creation of an account but we intend to achieve this objective thanks to online contribution competitions and via the WikiMOOC and the high school Wikiconcours which was able to resume this year, despite the pandemic.
Content pages created or modified 132100 145606 56126 Objectives already achieved We achieved this goal faster than expected. First, because the pandemic has forced us to imagine new forms of online action that have provided a lot of content. Secondly, because Lingua Libre is in an important growth phase which generates a lot of new content. Finally, Wikimedia France has supported the establishment of a Wiktionary in residence whose work has enabled the improvement of more than 35,000 pages on the French Wiktionary.
Volunteer hours 6500 1764 1845 On track Through participation in juries or the organization of online competitions, but also thanks to micro-grant program, we do not currently see a drop in volunteer hours this year, but we remain vigilant.
Partners satisfactions 82.5% n.a n.a On track Evaluate at the end of the year

Telling your program stories - all programs[edit]

Program A: Raising awareness and training to Wikimedia projects[edit]


Program A : Raising awareness and training to Wikimedia projects
Metrics 2019/20 Target Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of year) Explanation
Participants 3100 90 On track We still lack a lot of data such as the number of high school students participating in the 2020-2021 edition of the high school Wikiconcours. Likewise, WikiMOOC 2021 will be launched in March 2021 and we will organize professional days.
Newly registered editors 1450 34 On track Ditto, we still lack a lot of data (Wikiconcours, WikiMOOC ...)
Pages added/improved 11100 36511 Achieved We have already achieved this goal thanks to the work of the Wiktionary in residence at the University of Lyon 2, a mission funded by Wikimedia France
Volunteer hours 850 229 Opportunity for improvement Few contribution workshops and training sessions due to the pandemia
Partners satisfaction 82,5% To be evaluated in June 2019 On track We assess partner satisfaction in June
Overview of the past six months
The first 6 months were marked by the creation of the working group with a view to setting up a national observatory of Open Content practices. Several experts in the field and former partners of the association such as the National Archives are working around this project. This period was also used for training in Wikimedia projects, but due to the epidemic situation, no event or workshop could be organized. The largest educational fair in France has been canceled but we were able to organize a new edition of the high school Wikiconcours even if we observe a drop in participation. The Wikimedia France MOOC platform completed and the WikiMOOC ready to be relaunched, we are eagerly awaiting the reopening of this online course which brings many new contributors. The creation of a MOOC Wikidata, in collaboration with WMDE is progressing but to help us develop this project, the association intends to call on a work-study employee. This will allow us to accelerate on this project and hope to release this MOOC at the end of 2021.

Activity report[edit]

What has been done?[edit]
  • Initiation of an Observatory of open content practices in France
  • Signature of partnership agreements with the metropolis of Toulouse, the Strasbourg interuniversity library or the Interuniversity Health Library.
  • Professional training in Wikimedia projects (Association of Archivists of France, Networks of Technical Museums)
  • Launch of the 2020 high school Wikicontest
  • Participation in the Estates General of Free Educational Digital
  • Working meeting for the creation of a Wikidata MOOC
  • Training on Wikimedia projects at the Association of Archivists of France
  • End of the Wiktionarian in residence program
What will be done?[edit]
  • Commissioning of a study on open content and open data in France
  • Launch of WikiMOOC in March 2020 + new online training platform from Wikimedia France
  • Organization of Culture and Digital Days (online)
  • Establishment of a partnership with the Métropole de Clermont-Ferrand for a Wikimedian in residence
  • Animation of 1lib1ref campaigns in France
  • End of the 2020-2021 Wikicontest
Quick conclusion[edit]

Despite cancellations, some projects have been able to move forward such as the observatory and MOOCs. We also had the pleasure of seeing the wikimedian residency organized around the Wiktionary in Lyon come to an end. This collaboration, the first in France since 2013, should allow us to relaunch the model of Wikimedian residences within public institutions by communicating around a recent and very positive result, for the institution and for the community.

Program B: Diversify participation in the Wikimedia movement[edit]


Program B : Diversify participation in the Wikimedia movement
Metrics 2019/20 Target Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of the year) Explanation
Participants 700 337 On track Participants come from online workshops aimed at reducing gender bias in partnership with Sans PagEs, Lingua Libre and training workshops and contirbution competitions organized in Guyana.
Newly registered editors 290 105 On track New accounts come from Lingua Libre and Overseas
Pages added/improved 91000 87445 On track The objective for the year has almost been achieved and will be exceeded in the coming weeks. Lingua Libre remains the main project providing a lot of content. 84% of the sounds recorded on Lingua Libre are reused on a hundred other Wikimedia projects
Volunteer hours 2450 1247 On track French-speaking cooperation within the framework of the 2030 strategic discussions or even the organization of online events represent the major part of the volunteer commitment.
Overview of the past six months
Following the 2030 recommendations of the strategy and in line with the desires and desires of the French-speaking community, Wikimedia France got involved in a structuring project for WikiFranca, several working meetings led to the establishment of '' a cooperation charter and a strategic plan. The development of internal Francophone resources is also on the agenda for the coming months. Regarding Overseas Territories, the partnership with the University of Guyana is continuing. We were able to organize a small local photo competition together and will now move on to more active training of students and teachers with the aim of better documenting the Guyanese territory in French but also to develop Wikimedia projects in Guyanese Creole through the Wikipedia in Guyanese Creole and thanks to Lingua Libre. Lingua Libre, which received the Diversity prize at the movement's Coolest Tool Award, continues to grow. We must initiate several updates and development on the site. documentation and translation of the pages are also in the pipeline. We aim to further strengthen this tool in the coming years and for that, development needs will be increasingly important.

Activity report[edit]

What has been done?[edit]
  • WikiFranca coordination meetings and collaborative document writing organizing WikiFranca (Cooperation charter, Strategic plan)
  • Organization of Lingua Libre training workshops in partnership with INALCO
  • Organization of the "Illustrate Guyana" competition
  • Setting up a monthly meeting with the Occitan-speaking Wikipedia community
  • Financial and logistical partnership with associations fighting against gender bias on Wikimedia projects (Sans PagEs, AFF)
  • Support for the activities of French-speaking affiliates via the Wikimedia France micro-grant commission. This committee is also open to people outside of France with the participation of a member of Wikimedia Côte d'Ivoire and Wikimedia Cameroon to assess funding requests.
What will be done?[edit]
  • Organization of an online contribution day on the occasion of March 8 (International Women's Day)
  • Training and contribution activities in French and Guyanese Creole in partnership with the University of Guyana (South America)
  • Improvement of Lingua Libre (update of MediaWiki and correction of bugs)
  • Organization of the French contribution month
  • Organization of francophone webinar for the volunteers
Quick Conclusion[edit]

Wikimedia France has set up partnerships to support initiatives linked to the gender gap but we are sometimes worried about the exhaustion of the volunteers who support these projects and will work with them to perpetuate these projects essential to the movement. The big developments concerning Lingua Libre will occupy us in the coming months. The only small regret we have concerns the project in Occitan. Occitan Wikipedia is alive and new content is added every day, but the community is too small and we find ourselves a little stuck between linguistic institutions which, although wanting to promote and develop the Occitan language, do not adopt a very collaborative approach and opened. We will therefore have to be wary and work on this problem in the coming weeks.

Program C: Support, animate and strengthen the community [edit]


Program C : Support, animate and strengthen the community
Metrics 2019/20 Target Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of the year) Explanation
Participants 570 497 On track The pandemic has led us to reinvest much more in the encyclopedia by imagining and building with the community contribution contests on different themes.
Newly registered editors 175 170 On track the highly visible and fairly widely publicized contribution contests attracted new contributors.
Pages added/improved 30000 21650 On track WLM but also the contribution contests brought many contributions
Volunteer hours 3200 288 Attention required Volunteer involvement mainly consisted of organizing and participating in competition juries. As face-to-face meetings and events are prohibited, it is difficult to plan more.
Overview of the past six months
The first 6 months of the year were marked by numerous contribution contests which made it possible to animate the community such as WLM, the Défi des monuments or Wikisolidaire. This allowed us to maintain a link with our volunteers despite the confinement and health measures. However, our local volunteer groups have not been functioning for months and it will be a real challenge to revive them when it becomes possible again. Similarly, we have seen the suffering and psychological distress of some Wikimedians. It is to respond to this that the association set up psychological support for three months which made it possible to help some volunteers in a very difficult context. We will continue to work on these aspects in the coming months.

Activity report[edit]

What has been done?[edit]
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2020
  • Monument challenge (contest to reuse WLM photos on Wikipedia)
  • Wikisolidaire (Contribution competition on NGOs )
  • Support for the organization of community Wikicompetitions by awarding a Wikimedia France prize
  • Establishment of psychological support for contributors in pain
What will be done?[edit]
  • Conducting a survey on conflict management within the community
  • Establishment of training on moderation and conflict management for the community
  • Board training
  • Assessment of psychological support and establishment of a sustainable system of support and assistance to the community.
  • Validation of a volunteer charter from Wikimedia France
  • Organization of the Geo-Indus competition
  • Redesign of the association's website to facilitate volunteer engagement
  • Organization of virtual welcome party
Quick Conclusion[edit]

In the coming months, we will continue to animate our community as well as possible with contribution contests and by supporting them financially, logistically and humanely. We are going to organize training in conflict management on Wikimedia projects in order to alleviate the suffering sometimes caused by contributing to Wikipedia. We will also be testing our online welcome program to engage new members. This happens, especially in this period through a redefinition of the voluntary missions of the association but also integration paths through, for example, a redesign of the association's website and the main pages of the association on Wikimedia projects.

Revenues received during this six-month period[edit]

Please use the exchange rate in your APG proposal.

  • Important note
    • the anticipated column may list revenues anticipated for the whole year instead of only the 6 months. Please make sure that this the time period clear in the table.
    • In the explanation column, always mention relevant information about the numbers: what period they refer to etc.

Revenues received during this six-month period[edit]

Revenue source Currency Anticipated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Anticipated ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Explanation of variances from plan
Various recipes Euro N/A
Project Grants Euro N/A
WMF Grant Euro 425 000 106 250 106 250 212 500 513,911 258,009 N/A
Financial Mécenat Euro 204 000 3 000 11 207 14 207 246,653 17,250 N/A
Memberships Euro 10 000 12,091 N/A
Donations Euro 500 000 53 293 309 324 362 617 604,436 440,275 N/A
Other products Euro 4 100 49 3 355 3 404 4,956 4,133 N/A
Resumption of outstanding commitments Euro 15 000 34 816 34 816 18,131 42,253 N/A
Load transfers Euro 5 000 1531 1531 6,042 1,850 N/A

Spending during this six-month period[edit]

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    • In the explanation column, always mention relevant information about the numbers: what period they refer to.
Expense Currency Budgeted Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Budgeted ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Percentage spent to date Explanation of variances from plan
A - Raising awareness and training to the Wikimedia Projets Euro 335 704 39 726 52 627 92 353 405,329 112,081 27,51 % N/A
B- Diversify participation in the Wikimedia Movement Euro 155 489 33 064 37 863 70 927 187,738 86,078 45,62 % N/A
C - Support, animate and strengthen the community Euro 258 854 46 217 63 045 109 262 312,541 132,601 45,21 % N/A
Fundraising Euro 102 734 9 769 18 877 28 646 124,047 34,765 27,88 % N/A
Overhead Euro 310 319 72 614 62 441 135 055 374,697 163,947 43,52 % N/A
TOTAL Euro 1 163 100 201 390 234 853 436 243 1,404,395 529,568 37,51 % N/A


Is your organization compliant with the terms outlined in the grant agreement?[edit]

As required in the grant agreement, please report any deviations from your grant proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".


Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Grant funds as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".



Once complete, please sign below with the usual four tildes.

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