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Simple Annual Plan Grants
We consider your organization's effectiveness, programs, expertise, and partnership with the community.
Simple Annual Plan Grants

Simple Annual Plan Grants are a way your group or organization can ask for support for the year's activities in one application. Simple Annual Plan Grants are for supporting groups and organizations to achieve impact for the Wikimedia movement. You can ask for funding for program expenses, operating expenses, and staff. Current grantees will be able to reapply.

Questions? contact simple(at)wikimedia(dot)org. We want to see your group or organization use your expertise to do something that leads to more impact for the Wikimedia movement.

Application and decision making process

The process for applying and getting a decision on your grant will be simpler and shorter than the Full Annual Plan Grants process.
The application process will help applicants build better applications by including more support and guidance from volunteers and staff.
Applicants that need funding by 1 January will need to apply by 1 November. Applicants that need funding by 1 July will need to apply by 1 May.

  1. Visit the Apply page and submit your form for eligibility. New applications will be accepted throughout the year, but you will need to request funds before you need them, since grants won't be approved after the day they start. WMF will set up your application form, evaluate your eligibility, and give you some early suggestions about how to improve your application.
  2. Fill in your application form with information about your programs, budget, and staffing plan. During review, the committee and WMF will continue to discuss your proposal with you so you can improve it.
  3. Finalized applications are reviewed by a volunteer committee. The committee deliberates privately and aggregated feedback is shared with applicants. WMF program staff will give a final decision on the discussion page of the application. Once a decision is made, it is up to the applicant to decide whether or not to accept the grant amount offered.


Simple annual plan grants are reviewed by a volunteer committee, and applicants are supported to build better applications.

Decision making criteria for grants

All decision making criteria are assessed for each applicant with consideration for the amount of funding and amount of staff requested, and considering the organization's local context. This means that applicants requesting amounts of funding that are large in their contexts, or that are requesting staff, will be held to higher standards than leaner organizations.

  1. Program effectiveness. The plan is likely to lead to impact on the Wikimedia mission and includes a clear way to measure this impact.
  2. Applicant effectiveness. The applicant has the resources and ability to do the plan and a history of following good practices and achieving past results.
  3. Expertise. The applicant brings important expertise to the movement.
  4. Community partnership. This organization works in partnership with the communities involved in their work.

We fund your programs and operating expenses, so your effective group or organization can achieve impact in your area of expertise.

Sharing your story

Reporting for Simple Annual Plan Grants will focus on metrics and storytelling. Reporting requirements will be lightweight, which means that you should do your best to link to stories and learning patterns that really show what your organization has learned and achieved. You will have other ways to share with WMF program staff, since each grantee will have a regular schedule for meeting with WMF program staff. Some grantees may be asked to agree to additional requirements at the time their grants are approved. All applicants will be asked to submit a midpoint that includes

  1. global metrics
  2. a link to one learning pattern or learning story
  3. a link to a program story

All applicants will be asked to submit a final report that includes

  1. global metrics
  2. a link to one learning pattern or learning story
  3. a link to a program story
  4. a report on your outcomes based on your SMART objectives from the proposal
  5. a financial report

Forms will be added to your grant application page by program staff. Look at the top of your grant application for your reporting schedule. Reports are a way for you to tell your stories and show what you've learned.