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Grants:Committees/Committee Open Call/Northern and Western European Candidates

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Region-specific criteria[edit]

At this time, we are aiming to enrich our committee’s work with new members who may bring:

  • Experience/expertise in the following thematic areas: open knowledge/open data movement, GLAM and cultural heritage, gender issues, working with underrepresented/marginalized groups, volunteer community building and revitalization,
  • Specific experience/knowledge in the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland or Austria), Spain or Portugal,
  • Language skills: native Spanish, German, English or Hebrew,
  • Diversity to our team in terms of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical conditions or cultural background.


To apply for the Northern and Western European Committee, please review the previous open call for general information, and then submit your application below by providing a statement below with the following information:

  • What country are you based in?
  • Tell us about yourself and why you want to join a Regional Committee. Please consider responding to some of the questions below, but it is not necessary to respond to all of them in your application. Please keep your statement under 500 words.
    • What is your current participation in the Wikimedia movement or the Free Knowledge Ecosystem?
    • How do you think you could contribute towards the committees’ role and ways of working?
    • How do you think the committee could make decision making more participatory?
    • How do you think the committee could improve grant making so it has a greater impact?
    • What skills, background or experience could you bring to the committee? You might address grant making, knowledge equity, or other relevant areas.

Applications may alternatively be sent to the Regional Program Officer, Ms. Agnes Bruszik (abruszik(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org) for review. You are not required to post your application on Meta-wiki. Please use the subject line Regional Committee application and your name or username for clarity. Please note that after receiving your application over email, we will publish your username/full name on Meta. This is done to ensure a more transparent application process.

Please note that we select new members twice a year (April and August), but you can apply continuously all year long, leaving here your application.

Applications received by email[edit]

Josie Fraser, United Kingdom