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WikiCamp Nepal 2020
WikiCamp Nepal 2020 is a 4 days program which includes national level conference (3 days) and 1 day for Wikimedia education program for students and educators.
targetNepali, Maithili, Doteli, Newari, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and Incubator projects (Marwari and Awadhi)
strategic priorityIncrease the involvement and collaboration of Wikimedians in Wikimedia projects.
event datesNovember 3rd Week, 2020 (final decision before March 31)
amount-localNPR 1,713,000
amountUSD 14,813
nonprofitYes (fiscal Sponsor)
creatorNirjal stha
organization• Wikimedians of Nepal

Event overview[edit]

Purpose and vision

Please give a brief description of the event you are planning. What do you hope to accomplish during the event? Why is this event important for your community?

We are planning to organize a national conference in Nepal for experienced and newbies wikipedians from wiki community of Nepal and a wikipedia education program for educators and students of various educational institutes of event location. This event will be a focused event for the Wikipedians and learning event for educators and students. This year’s event will be organized for 4 days and divided into 2 parts - Main event and Pre event. The Main event, which will be 3 days will accessible for the Wikipedians and Pre event, which will be 1 day event will accessible for educators, students and core organizers of this event. We are also planning to involve wikimedians from 2 incubator projects (Marwari and Awadhi) as a continuity of previous WikiCamp event. The main aim to organize the Wikicamp to increase the Wikimedia offline activities in Nepal, develop skills to the new Wikipedians and creating collaboration between experienced and newbies Wikipedians. The event is important for the community because it helps us plan a strategy for the outreach activities and development of the Wikimedia projects of Nepal.

Important details

Please add key information to the table below. The dates, location and number of participants can be estimates and do not need to be finalized at this time.

Proposed date(s) November 3rd Week, 2020 (final decision before March 31)
Proposed location Pokhara or Kathmandu or Palpa (final decision before March 31), Nepal
Number of participants 40 (National level Conference) and 30 students + 20 educators from various educational institutes.
Event page
Primary contact person Nirjal Shrestha


Community input[edit]

Use the results from the community engagement survey to fill in the table below. Since you cannot cover all topics or meet all needs at one event, prioritisation is important. Please rank the priority of each topic, skill, project or problem as high, medium or low. Finally, please answer the questions below the table.

Note: The Community Engagement Survey conducted has been quite beneficial to understand the state of communities in Nepal, and their expectations from the conference. Keeping in view of its importance, Wikimedians of Nepal has conducted survey to collect the data from the community members. Detail report of community engagement survey is available for reference at,_WCN_2020.pdf. As the report is quite elaborate with specifics, this table should only be considered as a summary and for quick reading only. For broader understand, please read the original report.

community Engagement Survey Report for WCN 2020
Description Priority
Strategic discussions:

What are the top issues affecting your community that need to be discussed in person?

Community development, Gender Gap and diversity in the community High
Capacity development:

Are there important skills that many people in your community need to learn?

Learn the WMF resources and basic learning session on how to apply for Rapid and Project Grants.

Training session on Phabricator, Gerrit and Wikimedia Tools, wikidata, fundamentals of licenses. On-wiki technical skills.

Working groups:

Are there joint projects that need to be planned in person?

Collaboration with the GLAM institutions in each province of Nepal.

Planning to organize the Wiki Conference Nepal and Wikimedia in Education program

Community building:

Are there other in-person activities are important for community building?

Exercise to build a solid task force team and get to know each other activities. Interwiki collaboration. More outreach activities and coordination in different parts of the country. High

Survey analysis:

1. preparatory process Survey[edit]

We have conducted a survey in May 2019 for following two purposes;

  1. To get feedback on the Wikicamp Nepal 2018, first national level conference conducted in Nepal.
  2. To understand the need of national level conference.

For the survey, we have created a google form in 4 different languages in order to make it user friendly and posted the notice in the village pump and discussion page. We have received 75 responses from different wiki communities of Nepal out of which 74 responses indicates the need of WikiCamp event.
Please check the response page of the survey

One can see the notice at following Wikipedia-

Nepali Wikipedia: Discussion page
Maithali Wikipedia: Discussion page
Doteli Wikipedia: Discussion page
Newari Wikipedia : Discussion page

2. Community Engagement Survey[edit]

In order to understand the need and exception from the community, a survey was conducted between 22nd February 2020 to 25th February 2020. The purpose of the community engagement survey is to help the organizers to demonstrate the importance of this event from the community point of view.

1. How many people did you send the survey to? How many people responded to the survey?

Notice of survey was sent to active community members and published in site notice during the survey period. In total 32 community members respond in the survey. Out of which 12.5% respondent were female community members and rest were 87.5% male.

2. Did you see consensus around shared goals that this community wants to focus on in the next 12 months? What were the top 2 goals?

1. Sustainable development of the community, Gender Gap and diversity
2. Content quality and improvement of existing articles

3. Based on survey responses, what are the most important things your community should do at the conference to achieve those goals?

1. Capacity development of the community members through technical sessions in "On-wiki technical skills".
2. Provide enough time to discuss on Wikimedia Governance, policy, and community action plan.
3. Share experience with the participants regarding Wikimedian movement activities conducting in Nepal.
4. Conduct discussion on the challenges, issues and obstacles faced by the community and find the potential solutions to overcome them.


It is helpful to get an understanding of why this event is important to your community, and what experiences you have had in the past. Please answer the applicable questions below.

1. What inspired your community to begin planning this event?
WikiCamp Nepal 2018 was the first ever held national level conference in Nepal. This event has motivated many new and experienced editors of different community due to which many new editors came forward to lead the event with the collaboration of experienced one. We have to keep the pace up and create a similar environment in different communities of Nepal and help them to thrive forward.
2. How does this event relate to other activities that your community is working on?
As we are organizing various events for the development of Wikimedia projects and Wikipedia of Local languages. So, we can say "Sustainable development" relates this event to other activities that our community is working on.
3. Please list the priorities identified in the report from the last conference organized by this community. What progress have you made in those areas?
In the report of the previous year’s event, gender gap, diversity and sustainability were listed out as priorities for the next event. These priorities have been in the prime focus for the community while conducting any event or program which are illustrated as follows;
S.N. Priority Identified Progress made
1 Sustainable Development Wiki Communities in Nepal are growing at a steady pace; however there are lack of active contributors. Involvement of a small number of people will not help the community to thrive in the future. For this we need more and more volunteers and new leaders to take leadership for the sustainable development of Wikimedia communities.
2 Gender Gap Gender gap is the foremost priority we are considering while designing and conducting any event or project. In order to reduce the gender gap we have done followings;
  1. We have made compulsory involvement of female contributors in the working committee of Wikimedians of Nepal. Currently there are two female members in the working committee of Wikimedians of Nepal.
  2. We have conducted an event called “Wiki Knowledge Club 2020” in Kathmandu, Nepal where we have prioritized female participants in the project and during the project duration we have focused on articles and pictures related to female personalities like, writers, actresses, players and athletes of Nepal who won medals in South Asian Games 2019.
  3. In WikiCamp Nepal 2020, we are focusing on the participation of female contributors and we have defined one of the measures of success as at least 20% of female participation.
  4. We have been conducting annual wiki women edit-a-thon with an aim to creating awareness about gender-related issues and value the being of women.
3 Diversity Diversity is the key factor for the community which creates synergy by collaboration. Many ideas for increasing diversity have turned into actions throughout the Wikimedia movement, so it continues as a source of innovation for many Wikimedia volunteers to take actions and advance the mission of free knowledge for all. Diversity strengthens Wikimedia impact and ways to collaborate and build capacity to achieve the goals of our movement. We are considering diversity in the contributors, contents and culture within the community.
4. If your community has hosted a similar conference in the past, what key lessons were learned, and what would you like to improve on?
We have hosted WikiCamp Nepal 2018 which was the first national conference in Nepal and we have learned that in order to conduct an event better planning and team work is utmost necessary and coordination plays vital role for the smooth execution.

Goals and outcomes[edit]


The goals of this WikiCamp are:

  1. Discussion on priorities and challenges in which community should focus.
  2. Develop technical and leadership skills of the new Wikipedians
  3. Build a positive community by sharing sessions from established User Group representatives/executive members.
  4. Bring together experienced and newbies Wikipedians.
  5. Build network with community members.
  6. Discussion on strategies for offline Wikimedia activities, mostly on Wikipedia Education Program.
  7. Discussion on Development of new language projects (Incubator projects) of Nepal.
  8. Increase the Wikimedia offline activities in Nepal.

Measures of success[edit]

Please provide a list of both quantitative and qualitative criteria that will be used to determine how successful the project is. You are welcome to modify, delete or add to the metrics listed below so they reflect the goals of your event.

  1. A total of 40 participants from diverse and under-represented Wikipedia communities of Nepal.
  2. 30 Students and 20 educators from various educational institutes participate in the Wikimedia in Education program
  3. A total of at least 20% female participants.
  4. One blog-post on WMF blog portal.
  5. Feedback about the conference experience (within 6 months after the event).
  6. Discussion between Wikipedia Community and Wikimedia User Groups of Nepal.


Venue and Logistics[edit]

1. If the venue is more than 1 hour away from a major airport or transportation hub, how will participants travel to the event venue?
Participants will travel to the event venue using Rental car or Public transport.
2. Is the event venue within walking distance from the hotel? If not, how will people travel between the two locations?
Hotel and event venue will be same.
3. Is the event venue and hotel accessible for people with physical disabilities?
4. Do you anticipate any challenges with using the space for the event you are planning?

Friendly space policy[edit]

Please link to the friendly space policy that your community will be using for this event.
- We will use this Friendly Space Policy.


It is crucial that most participants have a minimum level of Wikimedia experience so that they can engage actively in workshops and discussions. Please answer all applicable questions below.

1. Please describe the target audience for this conference or event.

Wikim(p)edians from Nepali, Maithili, Doteli, Newari, Bhojpuri and Sanskrit language Wikipedia as well two emerging Incubator (Awadhi and Marwari) language projects.

2. If your conference has an outreach component, how will you ensure engagement with these participants after the conference, and what impact do you see them having on the projects?

We will make a task force team during the events for outreach event and we will notified accordingly on VP.

3. Are you thinking about inviting WMF staff to attend or participate in the event? If yes, please list individuals or teams who you may want to invite, or describe how you would like WMF staff to be involved in the event.

Hold- We are planning to have an organizer Meetup to discuss about this topic. We will decide it after the Meetup.


1. How many scholarships would you like to offer?
2. What expenses will the scholarship cover?
Round trip airfare, 3 day accommodation, meals, event and local
3. How will scholarship recipients be selected?
Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship recipients.

Resources and risks[edit]

Describe the resource potential for successfully executing this project and the key risks/threats.


Organizing team
Team User Names
WMF Liaison Nirjal Shrestha
Conference Program
Volunteer Coordinators
Other team members
Core team
Name User Names
Biplab Anand Biplab Anand
Janak Raj Bhatta Janak Bhatta
Nirajan Pant Nirajan pant
Nirjal Shrestha Nirjal stha
Tulsi Bhagat Tulsi Bhagat


Examples of risks, along with how you would minimize or overcome them, are:

  • Skill gaps in project leadership team (e.g. no financial management experience)
  • Components of the measurement process that are hard to quantify

Examples of how to minimize these risks include:

  • Recruiting volunteers with desired skills to project leadership team.
  • Working with the WMF Learning & Evaluation Team to develop an appropriate measurement and evaluation plan.

Assessed Risk and way to minimize or overcome the assessed risk
S.N. Risk How to minimize the risk
1 Less knowledge or skill gap regarding event organizing in current organizing team Recruiting volunteers from the organizing team of earlier Wiki Camp Nepal 2018.
2 Small Volunteer base. Recruiting more volunteers from Wikimedia contributors and collaborating with educational institutions for volunteers.
3 Skill gap in financial management experience by current organizing team. This risk will be minimized by working closely and proactively with our fiscal sponsor, and perhaps the Wikimedia Foundation if resources are available.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines.

Event budget table
Code Item description Quantity Unit × Quantity Unit Cost per unit (NPR) Total cost (NPR) Total cost (USD) Notes
A Venue & Accommodation
A1 Conference Hall 1 Hall × 3 day(s) × 64,000 553.43 Conference Hall for 3 days (2 days for conference and 1 day for wikipedia education program). Space for 60 people.
A2 Accommodation 25 rooms × 3 day(s) × 432,000 3,735.66 Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and free WiFi for all three days.
A3 Hi-tea, Lunch and Dinner 50 Peoples × × × 2000 100,000 864.74 Wikipedia Education program with educators and students from various education institutes.
B Transportation
B1 Airfare for Participants 40 people × 1 2 way 12,000 480,000 4,150.73 Based on average of air ticket price. Round trip travel for 40 scholarship recipients.
B2 Airfare for Organizing Team and other members 10 people × 1 2 way 12,000 120,000 1,037.68 For the core organizing team and other team members.
C Communication Materials
C1 T-shirts 110 piece × × × 1,200 132,000 1,141.45 SWAG items for participants and others
C2 Print materials & stationaries 1 package × × × 60,000 60,000 518.84 Such as printed program agenda, pens, banners, badges, stickers
C3 Video Documentation × × × × × 60,000 60,000 518.84 Short interview videos of experienced Wikipedians and short documentary of entire event.
D Worktime
D1 Administrative support × × × 90 day(s) × 160,000 1,383.58 Accounting, Reporting and Documentation.
E Miscellaneous
E1 Guests 5 person × × × × 55,000 475.61 Literary persons, Municipal Mayor and people from Open source.
E2 Unseen expenses × × × × × × 50,000 432.37 Miscellaneous expenses.
Total amount 1,713,000 14,812.92
1 NPR = 0.00864 USD (1 USD = 115.64 NPR); as on 31 January 2020 via
Total cost of event
NPR 1,713,000 (~USD 14,813)
Total amount requested from the Conference and Event Grants program
NPR 1,713,000 (~USD 14,813)
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this event, and amounts funded
Please confirm that you are aware that changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.



Do you think this project should be selected for a Conference Grant? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project in the list below. Other feedback, questions or concerns from community members are also highly valued, but please post them on the talk page of this proposal.

  • Strong support Strong support It's really important to organize such an event in national level. This will give the opportunity to experienced and newbies Wikimedians from different community can share their knowledge and also can learn some new things as well. All the best WikiCamp Nepal 2020.-- Janak Bhatta (talk) 01:43, 10 February 2020 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support- It will be a great event for the national level Educator, specially those are interested in Wikimedia Education Program. As a Collaborative organizer of Wikipedia & Education UG, i will suggest the organizer to make some activity to make regional connection between participants and experience Educator to make it fruitful for the newbies also. Best Wishes for the Camp! Mohammed Galib Hasan (talk) 16:39, 23 February 2020 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support-- It will help to further lighten the wiki-movement in Nepal. All the best wishes for the wikicamp. Learnerktm (talk) 11:06, 27 February 2020 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support-- Looking forward for the positive result of this event! Good luck and best wishes to the organizers. Maffeth.opiana (talk) 15:17, 27 February 2020 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support-- This is a really good event. This program will be fruitful for Wikimedia education programs. Through this, experiences can be shared with different communities.Dolon Prova (talk) 14:59, 1 March 2020 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support-- For sharing of experiences, solving problems and asking questions on the unknown issues, this program will be helpful for various communities. --- Anup Sadi (talk) 12:09, 9 March 2020 (UTC)
  • Strong support Strong support-- opertunaty to exchange Knowladge and engage with wikimedia movement Nawaraj Ghimire (talk) 11:18, 13 July 2020 (UTC)