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A hub for learning and sharing resources to better understand Wikimedia programs.

Are you reaching your goals? Measure your program's success!

Welcome. To learn about this portal and evaluation,

visit our Introduction to Evaluation.

Study program evaluation.

Introduction to Evaluation
A guide to the Evaluation portal for first time visitors.

Find the specific terminology that applies to program evaluation.

Learning modules
Take a step-by-step guide on wikimetrics, survey design, and more!

Evaluation at the Wikimedia Foundation
Find the latest in impact reporting about Wikimedia grants and programs.

Past Workshops
Watch videos of past virtual meet-ups on evaluation, logic models and more!

Learning Patterns
Browse the Learning pattern library to see what other program leaders have learned about evaluation

Plan and evaluate your next program.

Program Toolkits and Resources
List of links, suggestions, and tools for planning a program or event

Choosing Goals and Measures
The first place to start when planning your next event is to choose your goals! Find out how to select goals and measure them.

Logic Models
A tool to find the logical steps from resources and activities to the outcomes of your program, and help measure impact.

Learning Patterns
Search the Learning pattern library to see what other program leaders have learned about planning and evaluating:

Measure your program's success.

Quantitative vs Qualitative:
More friends than enemies

A good evaluation requires numbers and stories. Find out how to evaluate in a mixed-methods world.

Measures for Evaluation (under construction)
Find your evaluation journey.

Process and Tracking

Tracking and Reporting Toolkit
An easy form to guide you with reporting/tracking information for your program. Translated into 2 languages.

Wikimedia data

A tool for getting user data for your programs

More Tools
Explore more options and tools for displaying or analyzing Wikimedia data.

Hays Directory
A way to easily discover Wikimedia-related tools.

Survey Tools

Survey Question Bank
Need questions for a survey? Find them here!

An easy-to-use tool for collecting survey responses

Survey Support Desk
More resources about process and tools for surveys

Share your results and experiences.

Program Evaluation Reports
Annual analysis of popular Wikimedia Programs

Case Studies in the Movement
How the community has used evaluation for their programs

Other resources
Share what tools or other information with program leaders

Share a Learning Pattern
Endorse or Create a new learning pattern to share what you've learned!