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Improve quality and increase participation in Spanish Wikiversity

project contact:





Improve quality and increase participation and reach through editing intensivily Spanish Wikiversity (Wikiversidad) and links connecting with others Wikimedia projects

engagement target:

Spanish Wikiversity

strategic priority:

Improving Quality, Increasing Participation

total amount requested:


2013 round 1

Project idea[edit]

Spanish Wikipedia is in good health: it contains nearly one million articles. But that is not the case for Spanish Wikiversity (Wikiversidad), without activity in most of its areas and faculties over the last one or two years. And there are only someone working a little in areas that run. But there are not courses, neither teachers nor students.

Spanish Wikiversity could be useful for four hundred millions of people -most of them in the global south-, but for the present dont work. There is a huge capacity at present time underdeveloped and that need to change.

To me handicaps are:

  • Nearly null participation.
  • Lack of visibility. Myself do not know Wikiversity project until two months, when I have see a translation related.

Project goals[edit]

My goal is improve quality firstly and to make more visible and accesible Spanish Wikiversity in the rest of projects in Wikimedia to motivate people to work in.

  • Through editing intensivily the subjects of Anthropology, History, Geography, Philosophy, Arts and others faculties to make the feeling that something run.
  • Connecting by means of links all lessons and areas created in Spanish Wikiversity with the pages related in others Wikimedia projects to give them visibility.

Human beings are highly socials; most of us need recognition of anothers to be achieved. If there are people working in any enterprise, more people will wish to join the work. People call people.

Project plan[edit]


Scope and activities[edit]

  • First, contents edition: learning programs and matters to courses and correspondent bibliography.
  • Second, links creation: to provide visibility at contents.
  • Third, student supervision if users wish: through examinations, works, tutelages and discussions related.

At the end I want to see run Spanish Wikiversity and more and better comunication between Wikimedia projects.

Tools, technologies, and techniques[edit]

  • Some tool to count monthly participation and edition levels in Spanish Wikiversity.
  • If available, another tool that links by means of key words differents Wikimedia projects; if not, I do by hand.


Total amount requested[edit]


Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Six months project with three weeks break: 23 weeks. For five work days at week: 115 days. For three and half or four hours at day: 430 hours approximately. For $35 hour: $15,050
  • Six months project with 430 hours of electricity and internet connexion: $240

Intended impact:[edit]

Target audience[edit]

More than four hundreds millions people who speak Spanish, a lot of them with a limited acces at education, mainly in rural areas and university levels.

Fit with strategy[edit]

  • Improving Quality and quantity of contents on Spanish Wikiversity.
  • Increasing Reach through a bigger visibility of such contents on the rest of Wikimedia projects.
  • Increasing Participation through application of the previous points.


It is possible to continue with this project by means of apply the same strategy to anothers areas both Spanish Wikiversity and others Wikimedia projects.

Measures of success[edit]

My goal aim to improve quality and increase participation and reach in Spanish Wikiversity. Through monthly statistics and measurements of participation, we will know if participation and volunteer editions are increased significantly and more people are learning at Spanish Wikiversity. If that happens, I think the project are successful.


Fugi-bis: Editor in some projects of Wikimedia since more than two years. I have done more than two thousand editions, mainly in Spanish Wikipedia and translations in Meta-Wiki, also occasionally upload photos to Commons and edit in ca.Vikipedia. I am bachelor in History for the Barcelona University (UB, Spain) and my passions are History in all its aspects, Nature, Art, Geography, Philosophy, Astronomy and so on.


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