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Note: this project is now inactive. Please see outreach:NavWiki for the successor project.

Communications plans for specific phases[edit]


  • IEG proposal process, including posts to mailing lists and village pumps (done)

Seeking feedback during script development[edit]

General feedback[edit]

  • Main page announcement
Mailing lists[edit]
  • Wikimedia-l
  • Commons
  • English Wikipedia (and request to forward to other language Wikipedia lists)
  • Research
  • Education
  • GLAM global
  • US
  • Affiliates
  • Multimedia
  • Individual affiliate mailing lists (and request to forward to more)
Wikimedia Commons[edit]
  • Village Pump (including request for translations)
  • Watchlist notice
  • Commons talk:Help desk
  • OTRS volunteers (concurrent with ENWP OTRS volunteers)
Outreach wiki[edit]
  • Village Pump
English Wikipedia[edit]
  • Village Pump
  • Centralnotice
  • Teahouse hosts
  • AfC reviewers
  • IRC #wikipedia-en-help participants (already done for outline)
  • Watchlist notice
  • OTRS volunteers
  • Education noticeboard
Wikipedias in languages other than English[edit]
  • Request Village pump posts from translators, and request outreach to individuals who are involved in help
WMF blog[edit]
  • Blog posts

Targeted feedback[edit]

Privacy module[edit]
  • WMF Trust & Safety Team
  • Risker
Copyright module[edit]
  • WMF Legal (declined)
Policy module[edit]
  • The Earwig (English Wikipedia administrator)
  • One member of the German Wikipedia Arbitration Committee
  • One administrator (librarian) on Spanish Wikipedia; contact Wikimedia Mexico and Wikimedia Argentina to ask for referrals
  • One steward whose primary wiki is a wiki other than English, German, or Spanish
Commons module[edit]
  • Misaochan
  • -revi (suggested by Chris Schilling (WMF))
  • Strainu (suggested by Chris Schilling (WMF))
Translation module[edit]
  • Tighe Flanagan (WMF)
  • Shani (WMIL)
Health & Psychology module[edit]
  • WikiProject Medicine
  • WikiProject Medicine Foundation
  • Doc James
  • Bluerasberry
  • Shani (WMIL) for the perspective of Hebrew and Arabic Wikipedias
  • Leigh Thelmadatter for the perspective of Spanish Wikipedia
Educators' module[edit]
  • Sage Ross (Wiki Ed)
  • Leigh Thelmadatter
  • Tighe Flanagan (WMF)
GLAM+STEM module[edit]
  • Alex Stinson (WMF)
Research perspective[edit]
  • Chris Schilling (WMF)
  • Aaron Halfaker (WMF)
  • Jonathan Morgan (WMF)
  • Majora
  • Ricky81682
  • I dream of horses
  • Translated posts to village pumps like I did early in the project. Potential assistance from Chris Shchilling (WMF).
  • Ask volunteer translators for the script (not the notification volunteers) to review 4 sections each (or maybe 2 long sections); distribute the section requests at random.

Post-publication usage[edit]

  • Possible locations:
  • English Wikipedia
  • Commons, including Commons help pages
  • Outreach wiki
  • GLAM+STEM pages
  • Education pages
  • Other pages to be determined
  • MediaWiki
  • VisualEditor help pages and tutorials
  • Program dashboard
  • New Education dashboard tool being developed by the Wiki Ed Foundation
  • Location to be determined
  • Off-wiki
  • Youtube
  • Social media posts through the WMF Communications team
  • Facebook posts to GLAM and Education pages
  • WMF Blog posts

Note: Remember to track views of content. Get help with accessing appropriate tools for this from WMF Analytics

Name for the series[edit]

  • Something simple and easy to find, like "How to edit Wikipedia"
  • Wikimedia instructional video series (WIVS)
  • Name chosen: LearnWiki.

Translation of notices (not the whole script, nor the subtitles)[edit]

Limited-scope communications[edit]

  • Limited-scope communications with individuals who are directly involved in the project, including translation volunteers. See the Timeline page for details.