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Hello, I am notconfusing also known as Maximilian Klein. I am a Computer Science PhD student, Feminist, Yogi, Fuzzy Logician, Vegan Baker, and Burner. I am the project manager and a developer.


I've been a Visual/UI/UX Designer for the past 2-3 years since graduating Carnegie Mellon University. After quitting my last full-time job, I realized how significant unconscious bias is even in fairly well-educated and privileged groups. I would like to see WIGI not only reflect unbiased data, but also eventually used to fight the biases that limit us all.


I'm doing it for feminism. I've been reading and thinking about feministic issues from quite some time. I also blogged about it [1]. I feel they are very important and I should do something about. Being a mathematics student and a competent programmer, I felt this can be a very good opportunity to use my skill set to help with feminism.


A junior undergraduate student with deep interests in life sciences, programming and open source community. I have been contributing to Wikipedia since my high school in form of edits, patrols and article mainly and had a valuable experience.