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Grants:IEG/Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity/Timeline

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Timeline for Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity

Timeline Date
Wikipedia's 15th Birthday Celebration #1Lib#Ref January 11th - 15th, 2016
Women of Color Edit-a-Thon Event January 19, 2016
Galentines Day Edit-a-Thon Event February 12, 2016
125th Anniversary of the Graduation of Women from West Virginia University Edit-a-Thon Event March 16, 2016
Charleston Syllabus Edit-a-Thon Event June 22, 2016
American Archives Month Edit-a-thon October 24, 2016
Association of Women in Science Edit-a-thon October 27, 2016
Women in Art from Appalachia November 2 & 3, 2016

Monthly updates


Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

October 2015


Start date for WiR postion 10/16/2015

-Met with advisory board multiple times to learn about Wikimedia Foundation and discuss the partnership with WVU Libraries.

-Met with Dean of Libraries (Jon Cawthorne) at WVU several times to discuss project goals and results to date

-Met regularly with the Director of Strategic Library Initiatives (Carroll Wilkinson) to onboard at WVU Libraries, get support for ongoing efforts, and increase knowledge of WVU and the community.

-Connect with various faculty and staff at WVU to gain support for our project and help gain recruits for future events.

-Consulted and advised Professor Nancy Andrews about her photojournalism course (WVU JRL 220) at WVU about using and incorporating Wikipedia into the classroom.

-Began the process of building a working relationship with Ken Sullivan, Director of the West Virginia Humanities Foundation and his staff who are responsible for the e-WV Encyclopedia for content to eventually put on Wikipedia about West Virginia and women from West Virginia.

-Orientation conference call on October 22nd with Marti Johnson (Project Manager), Jake Orlowitz, Sydney Poore, and Alex Stinson.

-Attended Nancy Andrew's photojournalism course (WVU JRL 220) on October 27th. Spoke with students about the gender gap on Wikipedia and how their contribution to Wikipedia contributes to our goal of closing that gap.

-Conference call on October 27th with Sydney Poore about Wikipedia and women.

-Conference call on October 29th with Carroll Wilkinson and Marti Johnson regarding Grant Orientation.

-Attended Faculty Associates Meeting of the Women's and Gender Studies Faculty on October 30th with Carroll Wilkinson.

November 2015


-Press release for Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity from West Virginia University.

-Local news outlets conduct interviews about the Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity position. --WBOY Article --WBOY Video Segment --WDTV Article

-Conference call on November 3rd with Carroll Wilkinson and Marti Johnson.

-Attended Nancy Andrew's photojournalism course on November 3rd (WVU JRL 220). Spoke with students about the value of Wikipedia and the current issues involved the gender gap on Wikipedia.

-For networking connections: attended the semi-annual Women and Gender Studies Fair with Carroll Wilkinson on November 16, 2015.

-Connected with Veterans groups on campus to create relationships with female veterans on campus.

-In process of researching, creating, and building a comprehensive list of influential women from West Virginia who currently are without Wikipedia pages or who have pages in needed of additional information and research.

-In planning stages for three on-campus edit-a-thon events for January, February, and March of 2016. More information about these events will follow.

-Investigating and conducting information meetings about the creation of a 1 credit course for the second half of the spring semester at WVU to recruit more volunteer writers for our project.

December 2015


-Travel to Charleston, West Virginia with Carroll Wilkinson (Director of Strategic Library Initiatives at WVUL) on December 8th to meet with Ken Sullivan and others at the West Virginia Humanities Council about using information from the e-WV for Wikipedia content creation.

-Conference calls with Wikipedia advisors: Alex Stinson on December 4th and Sydney Poore on December 9th.

-Correspondence with Wikimedia groups from Washington, D.C. and New York City to connect about mutually beneficial event attendance and content creation.

-Met with Dr. Kristina Olson, Associate Director, School of Art & Design at West Virginia University, on December 14th, about beginning to edit and create content about female architects and architects from West Virginia.

-Created official Facebook and Twitter pages for the Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity at WVU Libraries for connecting with students and community about the mission of the WiR and upcoming events.

-Planning for two editing events in January, #1Lib1Ref and Women of Color edit-a-thon. This includes planning locations for these events on campus, communication with various volunteers and editors, creating ongoing social media updates about these events, create graphics and posters to promote these events, secure promotional materials for these events, and identifying and communicating with interested professors and students.

-2015: Year in Review article from USA Today.

January 2016


-Hosted weeklong #1Lib1Ref event at each WVU Library in Morgantown, West Virginia. Over 30 WVU librarians created Wikipedia accounts and added a reference to various Wikipedia articles.

-Two separate interviews with WVU school newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum, about #1Lib1Ref event and Women of Color edit-a-thon.

-Wrote and submitted presentation abstract for Wikimania 2016 in Italy.

-Hosted Women of Color edit-a-thon on January 19th.

-Meeting with new Associate Dean of WVU Libraries, Karen Diaz, to discuss Wikipedia initiatives.

-Planning for Art + Feminism event in Pittsburgh on March 5th.

-Interview about WiR position for upcoming article in The State Journal.

-Planning for Galentines Day edit-a-thon on February 12th. This includes finding a suitable location on campus, recruiting volunteers and editors for the event, promoting the event on social media and on campus through various organizations, and creating graphics and posters for the event.

-Met with WVU Reference Librarians about using Wikipedia with students.

February 2016


-Worked on promoting Feb. 12th edit-a-thon via email and social media throughout the first two weeks of the month.

-Attended graduate level public history course as a guest speaker - spoke about how Wikipedia can support public history programs and collections.

-Met with WVU Resident Librarians for Diversity to discuss joint initiatives for inclusivity.

-Met with various WVU Library staff members to plan symposium for the 125th Anniversary of the Graduation of Women from WVU which is planned for March 15-17.

-Hosted Galentines Day edit-a-thon on February 12th at WVU Libraries. Several new articles about women from West Virginia were added and many existing articles were substantially edited.

-Attended WikiEd conference at Temple University, in Philadelphia, on February 15th. Spoke to Temple University librarians about the Wikipedian in Residence position at WVU and how this model could work at their institution.

March 2016


-Interview with reporter from the Library Journal about WiR position at WVU. Resulted in article published on March 1st: Five Brand-New Jobs for Today's Librarians.

-Hosted Edit-a-thon training / Wikipedia tutorial for Agriculture Librarians at WVU

-Attended Art + Feminism event on March 5th at the University of Pittsburgh. Conducted Wikipedia training for volunteers.

-Phone conference with ARL about Wikipedia

-Meeting with Karen Diaz and Jon Cawthorne about Wikipedia in WVU Libraries

-March 14-18 hosted various events for WVU Libraries celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Graduation of Women. Met with Gina Barreca, Feminist scholar and writer at The University of Connecticut, consulted with prominent women from WVU about their experieneces throughout the years and the struggles they faced, and discussed the future of feminism and gender equity through programs like the Wikipedian in Residence position at WVU.

-Hosted edit-a-thon on March 16th during the 125th Anniversary events.

-Conference call with Alex Stinson about event outcomes on March 23.

-Conference call with Ewan McAndrew on March 24.

-Wrote article about WiR position at WVU for Library Issues

-Wrote article about WiR position at WVU for GWLA Newsletter

April 2016


-Attended as a mentor and judge the WVU Reed College of Media and Media Shift hackathon event from April 1st-3rd.

-Conducted virtual Wikipedia tutorial and training for Congressional Archivists / Librarians at WVU and other academic libraries.

-Hosted Edit-a-thon training / Wikipedia tutorial for Agriculture Librarians at WVU for a second time.

-Meeting with Carroll Wilkinson, WVU Libraries Director of Strategic Initiatives regarding six month report for WMF Inspire Grant.

-Meeting with WVU Resident Librarians for Diversity regarding planning for Charleston Syllabus programing at WVU Libraries.

-Submitted six month report for IEG. This report spells out what has been completed, what I plan to complete in the next six months, and an analysis of the position to date.

-Attended Women and Gender Studies Fair at WVU. This event is hosted by the Women and Gender Studies Program at WVU and features work done by undergraduate students throughout the spring 2016 semester.

-Conference call on April 25 with WMF grant manager, Marti Johnson about six month report. She recommended various minor updates to the report.

-Budget meeting regarding next six months of grant term on April 27th.

-Met with University Relations staff writer about the WiR position for future article for WVU Magazine.

May 2016


-"Library Issues" journal article about Wikipedia, which includes the sidebar I authored, was released. The main article in which this sidebar is featured is titled "Wikipedia: From Academic Pariah to Campus Learning Partner".

-Phone conferences with grant manager Marti Johnson about six month report. Made various updates and changes to six month report. Report approved by grant manager on May 17, 2016.

-Ongoing planning throughout May for edit-a-thon in June/July about the Charleston Syllabus. This includes graphics (posters) and meeting with various stakeholders on campus who are interested in attending and inviting their students to attend as well.

-Contact and meeting with Mountaineer Week organizers. I will be giving a talk about my role, the gender gap on Wikipedia, and women in West Virginia during this annual event. I will also be hosting two edit-a-thons at the WVU Libraries during this week-long time period. The planning and promotion for these events have been ongoing throughout the month of May. Each annual Mountaineer Week at WVU has a theme, the theme for 2016 is "Women in Appalachia". It is crucial that the work various volunteers have contributed to Wikipedia about women from West Virginia be addressed during this event and my talk.

-Completed application essay and successfully applied, on May 15th, to attend GLAM Bootcamp 2016 in Washington, DC.

-Registered to attend the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2016 in Washington, DC on June 17th and 18th.

June 2016


-Applied to speak at the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2016 in Washington, DC on June 17th and 18th.

-Attended GLAM Bootcamp at National Archives in Washington, DC from June 14-16.

-Attended Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2016 at National Archives in Washington, DC.

-Presented at Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2016 at National Archives in Washington, DC on June 17th.

-Hosted Charleston Syllabus edit-a-thon on June 22nd.

July 2016


-Meeting with WVU Foundation

-Meeting with WVU Student Life about Greek Life / Sorority project

-Meeting with WVU Resident Librarians for Diversity about shared initiatives

-Meeting with students from various sororities at WVU to gain support for the upcoming fall semester

-Travel to Potomac State College WVU on July 13 and 14 to speak with librarians and faculty on campus about Wikipedia and initiatives they can become involved with

-Attend WVUL Teaching and Learning committee on July 22. Spoke about potential partnerships and instructing with Wikipedia.

August 2016


-Meet with Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian at UC San Diego, on August 1st. Discussed the future role of Wikipedia in academic libraries and potential areas for collaboration.

-Conference call with Alex Stinson, Jake Orlowitz, and Jon Cawthorne about upcoming meeting with ARL members.

-Meet with WVU English professor, Rosemary Hathaway, to discuss use of Wikipedia in Fall 2016 course.

-Travel to Columbus, Ohio for Wikipedia / ARL meetings, August 17 - August 19th.

-Conference call with Association for Women in Science (AWIS) members and Jami Mathewson about edit-a-thon planning.

-Meet with WVU Physics professor, Amy Keesee, to discuss Association for Women in Science (AWIS) edit-a-thon planning.

-One on one Wikipedia training for international student who seeks to translate articles about women from English to Russian.

-Meet with West Virginia and Regional History Center archivists about National Archives month edit-a-thon planning.

September 2016


-Meet with new director of WVU Women and Gender Studies Department, Cari Carpenter, about continued partnership and event coordination.

-Meet with Nancy Andrews, journalism professor at WVU, about her role in Open Access Week and Women in Art Edit-a-thon.

-Meet with Rosemary Hathaway, English professor at WVU, about planning /including Wikipedia in her syllabus.

-Meet with various students to give Wikipedia training, students earn WVU service credit in return. (5 students in total, 4 hours)

-Guest lecture 3 classes in September, a total of 7 sessions.

-Attend and present at library faculty meeting about further Wikipedia initiatives, especially in STEM fields.

-Prepare presentations, travel, itinerary, etc. for trips to WikiConfernece North America 2016 and visit to Wikimedia Foundation Headquarters in early / mid October.

October 2016


-Attend and present at WikiConfernece North America 2016, October 6th - October 11th

-Visit staff, various meetings, and pretension at Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, October 12th and 13th.

Is your final report due but you need more time?

Extension request


New end date


November 14, 2016



An extension, which would allow me to submit my final report a month after the project / grant completion date of October 15th, 2016. This will provide sufficient time to properly reflect on the conclusion of the events of the year and make connections to other Wikipedia projects and initiatives globally. Additionally, I will be traveling to WikiConference North America 2016 and the Wikimedia Foundation Headquarters in the next few weeks to both present and meet my mentors, some for the first time, and the ability to add these experiences into my final report is something I'd like to share with those who have supported me throughout this term. An extension will also give me the time to analyze the sum of my experiences after these events, in a way that others may be able to extract meaning from, or allow others to offer advice as I move forward in this role.

Request approved


Thanks for submitting this extension request. I'm approving a new project end date of November 14, 2016. Your Final Report is actually due 30 days after the project end date (in December), so this gives you extra wiggle room if you need it. Let me know if you need any additional support! Marti (WMF) (talk) 17:13, 20 October 2016 (UTC)