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The start session of the Wikitherapy IEG program at Argostoli Day Center, Kefalonia, Greece.
Xmas and New Year's wishes in English and Greek at Argostoli Evening School.

Mina Theofilatou (User:Saintfevrier)[edit]

About me[edit]

Hi all! My name is Mina and I am an electrical & computing engineer employed as a computer science teacher in Kefalonia, Greece. I have been an enthusiastic Wikimedian for eight years now and naturally I have integrated Wikimedia editing into my teaching. The Wikitherapy concept was "born" in the Idealab at Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City. Many thanks to all my Wikimedia friends all over the world and to the WMF staff for helping me make my vision a reality!

About Wikitherapy[edit]

I have been teaching underprivileged students for 10 years now, roughly the same period I've been dealing with serious health disorders in my immediate family. My belief is that even under the most adverse of circumstances and the most challenging health conditions, people can make a difference. Hence the motto: patients adding value.

About the photos[edit]

As one of my target projects is Commons, we will be taking a lot of pictures. For starters, here's a photo we took today (23 December 2015) at the very first Wikitherapy session at Argostoli Day Center. My "students" were very excited with the December photo challenge and next week I expect them to have material to upload for the "Red and White" theme. The classroom board photo was taken by my student Defrim, with whom I've been piloting Wikitherapy at school for the past two months. Naturally, it's in the December challenge (if you like our work, remember to vote for our pictures next month!)

Manos Kefalas (User:ManosHacker)[edit]

About me[edit]

Hi, I'm Manos and I have been running a Wikipedia School in Athens, Greece since May 2014 (operated 17 months so far, up to 10 hours/week in courses - 2 schools). We have no gender gap, and editors remaining active are mostly the ones who have participated in courses for over a month. Wikipedia School has mobilized the inactive (to events) Greek Wikipedia Community and more Wikipedia schools operate currently in Athens after us (under other lead).

About Wikitherapy[edit]

We are currently building relationships with organizations in Athens, that relate to Argostoli Wikitherapy activity, preparing an opening of Wikimedia to the Greek society.