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Grants:IEG/Women Scientists Workshop Development/Timeline

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Timeline for Women Scientists Workshop Development[edit]

Timeline Date
Hire graphic designer (complete) 01 February 2014
Draft all materials 21 February 2014
Set up alpha tests 01 March 2014
Revise materials from data collected at Loyola and at alpha test sites 01 May 2014
Set up fall beta tests 01 June 2014
Finalize and publish kit 30 June 2014

Monthly updates[edit]

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.


Blog post forthcoming


Grants:IEG/Women Scientists Workshop Development/Midpoint


This past month was a major milestone for the workshop development process, as we concluded the pilot program at Loyola. The program ended with two more workshops, both of which were very successful, on par with the previous workshops. Several other parts of the program moved forward this month:

  • I attended the Wikimedia Conference and solicited feedback from representatives of various chapters
  • Copies of the kit were distributed to several Wikimedians for testing, which will hopefully occur in the fall of this year at several different types of institutions.
  • On-wiki documentation was created and expanded on English Wikipedia.

For the final two months of this grant, I will be working on planning the beta test, finalizing the kit, and distributing materials extensively. Some of the measures of success can be examined now. Though only one article was brought to Did You Know on the English Wikipedia during the pilot, 21 articles were significantly expanded and 50 were created during workshop time. One editor has consistently edited outside of workshop time, though 9 participants came multiple times; all proved capable of teaching Wikipedia skills to new attendees.

Month 4[edit]

Month 5[edit]

Is your final report due but you need more time?

Extension request[edit]

New end date[edit]

1 October 2014


I've been busy running the beta test of the kit with Wikimedia DC and need more time to compile the data from that. A lot of new ideas and outcomes came from that workshop and I believe that they should absolutely be included in the final report. Keilana|Parlez ici 19:46, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

I'm approving this request. Your new end-date for the grant itself is now September 1, with the final report due October 1. Looking forward to the outcomes from the beta test! Cheers, Siko (WMF) (talk) 23:54, 2 September 2014 (UTC)