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Grants:IdeaLab/Build/May 2013 sprint plan

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This is the planning page for the May - June 2013 worksprint we're doing on IdeaLab.


  • Siko - use-cases, prioritizing, big dreams, herding, copy writing
  • Heather - design, template-creation, front-end-page-making magic
  • Jonathan - bot-herding, script-writing, back-end-code magic, scope creep, procrastination


  • Highlight more dynamic content in the space to encourage more interaction and activity
  • Decouple IdeaLab from IEG more clearly
  • Launch a redesign with dynamic functionality by July 1, in preparation for IEG's next open call Aug 1


We're thinking redesign will create a landing page with nav & featured content, and then 3 subpages for the 3 actions that are all currently on the main IdeaLab page.

Elements that must be designed into the Lab by the time the sprint ends:

  • persistent navigation (p1)
    • include link to discussion page (p2)
  • featured profile (p1)
  • featured idea (p1)
  • activity feed (p2)
  • actions: share an idea, improve an idea (=browse/join), introduce yourself (p1)

Featured content[edit]

Featured content boxes show active people or ideas. For people, we're showing active editors to pages within the Individual Engagement Grants or IdeaLab categories. For ideas, we're showing ideas that have been edited within some recent period of days.


  • name
  • image
  • sticker(aka role aka badge)
  • intro text snippet


  • name
  • image
  • summary
  • action update 1-4 from activity feed

Activity feed[edit]

Action updates:

  1. Started new idea: "(person) created a new idea: (idea name)."
  2. Multiple people editing an idea w/in a few days: "(number) people are working on this idea: (idea name)."
  3. Participants wanted (=YES, could later =rolename): "(person) asked for (participants) to join this idea: (idea name)."
  4. Status update: "(person) (proposed OR drafted) this idea for an Individual Engagement Grant: (idea name)."
  5. Profile creation: "(person) joined IdeaLab."

(note, when an action appears in a featured content box, they should not include the idea name - that would be redundant)


Share an idea[edit]

Need to rework idea-creation workflow to decouple it cleanly from IEG:

  • page names created via this flow should be IdeaLab/, not IEG/
  • need to move old page names later too
  • info box header should be closer to how we do current IEG projects info box, removing IEG header etc...ideas are grants program agnostic, although we want them to be easily turned into an IEG proposal still.

Need to rework how we connect people to ideas:

  • participants: a clearer clearer call to action for those who are looking for participants in their idea. And for ideas marked as looking for participants, make a spot for people joining to provide their username on the wiki they use and write a sentence saying how they can help. Structure so useful for grantsbat.
  • add a followers section (people who will want updates in the magical future of Echo and Flow)

Improve an idea[edit]

Now that the lists of ideas will be on their own page, we can make them bigger and more interesting for browsing, and less like boring lists of things.

Things we want to show for each idea
  • name
  • image
  • summary
  • stickers, perhaps
  • (if we have time, in IdeaLab/Ideas): creator/primary contributor
Buckets (aka Siko's current weird amalgamation of categories) of ideas we want to group/highlight. Profiles can be ordered by page creation/status updated date, like this long api query
  • New ideas
  • based on Category:IEG/Proposals/IdeaLab
  • action parameter = 0
  • Participants wanted
  • based on Category:IEG/Proposals/Participants
  • action parameter = 3
  • Individual Engagement Grant drafts
  • based on Category:IEG/Proposals/Draft/IdeaLab
  • action parameter = 4
  • ineligible
  • not eligible for IEG (populated by not displayed by default)

Note: you should be able to navigate to see ideas that are marked ineligible for IEGs, as well as IEG proposals, but neither of these should be prominent buckets for browsing on this page...shall we sub-subpage them? If it is ineligible but we want to feature it in the IdeaLab, can we just mark it with whatever category makes it appear in new ideas bucket?

Re:Note:each bucket will be a separate page containing a list of the profiles that currently fit into that bucket: like this one, which currently contains sample profiles for ideas listed in the category Category:IEG/Proposals/IdeaLab. Pretend those are all 'new ideas' listed on the page IdeaLab/Ideas/New_ideas. Also pretend that they're using a slightly different template, etc. Following so far? ;) We can then transclude each of the (4?) subpages into IdeaLab/Ideas. Put the buckets we want people to pay the most attention to near the top of IdeaLab/Ideas; put the buckets we want them to pay less attention to (IEG ineligible, IEG proposal?) near the bottom.
We can always categorize a single idea multiple times, so that it appears in multiple buckets. So something could be both 'participants wanted' and 'ieg ineligible'. However, the 'new ideas' bucket is a special case: it won't be based on categories. Instead, it will be based on how recently the idea proposal page was created. We can use categories to exclude pages from this bucket, though: so, for example we could make sure that no idea that was categorized as an 'IEG draft' ever appeared there. Jmorgan (WMF) (talk) 00:27, 12 June 2013 (UTC)

Introduce yourself[edit]

Eventually we'll work on badges/stickers around roles more thoughtfully, but that is likely out of scope for this sprint.



  • Make this plan - Siko, by 5/28 Done
  • Define actions - Siko, by 5/28 Done
  • Schedule sprint meeting day in June 10 or 11 - Siko, by 6/5 Done
  • IdeaLab page design, first mocks - Heather, by 5/30 Done
  • Move extra stuff to Idea/Reanimator holding pen - Siko Done, by 6/21
  • Finalize parameters and templates for automation - Heather, by 6/10 Done
  • Fix /Ideas code, and create /People page - Heather, by 6/10 Done
  • Featured content into templates, pulled into galleries and auto-updating Done. Code finalized and final tweaks by 6/24. Done
  • Activity feed and idea categories subpages - Heather, by 6/10 Done
  • Random images for ideas - Heather, by 6/21 Done
  • Copy pass on design pages - Siko, by 6/21 Done
  • Rethink "ways to help" language, into calls to action for each bucket - Siko/Heather, by 6/21 Done
  • Build idea profile browsing feature - Jonathan, by 6/26 Done
  • Idea creation flow (infobox template, etc) - Heather, by 6/26 Done
  • Activity feed - Jonathan, by 7/2 Done
  • move existing Ideas from old page names to new - Siko Done
  • update categories on pages - Heather/Siko Done

Remember to do later[edit]

  • make reanimator page look less funky
  • redirect IdeaLab to Grants:IdeaLab
  • if idea has had 3 people working on it w/in last week, goes into to activity feed with last edit date (x people are working on this idea).
  • showcasing completed stuff
  • deal with the old IEG categories
  • Main IdeaLab category (put on all pages, maintenance page etc)
  • link to https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IdeaLab/About from somewhere (idea infoboxes? footer?)

Pages in progress[edit]


Idea Lab user scenarios

Holding pen[edit]

Things we also want for the Lab, but not (yet) in scope for the current sprint:

  • more fully fleshed out roles and badges for different kinds of participants
  • The Reanimator: a noticeboard where people can post links to old ideas and stale proposals that they found elsewhere and suggest that someone write up a new Idea based on them. we'll move the list of suggestions for ideas (like strategic plan proposals) from the current idealab to this new page.