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All of an editor's metrics gathered in one convenient and well-designed place.
created on: 12:53, 10 November 2013

Project idea[edit]

Wikipedia has an abundance of poorly surfaced data about editor contributions. With a variety of pages and tools, an editor can see their editing statistics like their edit count, % edits reverted, article space edit %, edit summary %, % active days, edit count per active day, and most active day, and account age. They can follow their stats while earning DYK, GA, and FA credits; see where they rank on lists of the most decorated editors, earn service awards, barnstars, and country barnstars, WikiProject awards, personal user awards, and other awards. There are Barnometers and Badgeometers to show off and collect awards, there are userrights and membership positions such as OTRS, clerks, and committees. We have Bot flags from (WP:BRFA), trackers of articles created, and RFA scores... edit count leaderboards, anti-vandal leaderboards, WikiCup, Core Contest, Wikiproject contests, backlog cleanup drives...

All of these stats are buried in a hundred different and unconnected pages. The goal of the contributor dashboard is to curate and collect these statistics on an editor's userpage so they can easily track their own contributions, share their achievements with other editors, and be motivated by their progress and growth to continue contributing.

Project goals[edit]

The goal of this project is to increase editor activity and retention through better designed data.

Get involved[edit]

Welcome, brainstormers! Your feedback on this idea is welcome. Please click the "discussion" link at the top of the page to start the conversation and share your thoughts.

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