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Facebook Messenger Bot - WikiGames
Facebook Messenger Bot - WikiGames - Play the knowledge game and win Goodies!
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created on16:05, 22 January 2018 (UTC)


Who are the people you want to introduce Wikipedia to?[edit]

Try to be as specific as possible about this group.
Since I'll be creating a Facebook Messenger Bot - WikiGames and will try to spread awareness through gamification, my audience would be the people who're active on facebook and usually play games, i.e young-people, students etc throughout the world!

In what languages do they search for information, online or otherwise?[edit]


In what ways does this group communicate with each other?[edit]

This can include services and apps in social media, mailing lists, physical spaces like conferences or lectures, or at specific institutions like at a library.

What are some reasons this group would use Wikipedia? How would they benefit from it, or what would they find useful?[edit]

Think about what they would be interested in reading and learning about; does Wikipedia provide better access to information this group cares about?
This group would use wikipedia because of the gamification and competitiveness WikiGames will bring and the goodies they'll get if they'll win!

Project idea[edit]

What language Wikipedia projects will you promote to new readers?[edit]


How will you communicate with new readers? Will you be communicating with them online, in-person, or both?[edit]

We'll create a chat-bot on facebook to play games with them. We'll interact with the winners through mails!

Describe your idea to engage new readers. How might it be implemented? What will you tell people about Wikipedia?[edit]

Think about the steps that might involved to make this idea happen, and what you might teach people about your experience or others' experiences using Wikipedia.
We will create a Facebook Messenger Bot - WikiGames, where anyone can come and play the knowledge game. You'll chat with the bot, and the bot will give you a wikipedia article which you need to study. And then the bot will ask you questions in such a way that you'll not have time to google. <RapidFire kind of questioning>. And on the basis of number of correct answers, you'll get points and you'll have a rating! And winners will get Wikimedia Goodies! Plus on facebook, people can share their scores and goodies which will spread the awareness amongst their friends!

How will you know if this project is successful? What are some outcomes that you can share after the project is completed?[edit]

If you’re not certain about how to respond to this question when starting your idea, you do not need to answer it right now. Campaign participants and Wikimedia Foundation staff can help you consider some options.
Increased Page views to the pages my Facebook Messenger Bot will recommend people to read; Number of Likes, Followers of WikiGames on Facebook; Number of times stories of WikiGames are shared

Do you think you can implement this idea? What support do you need?[edit]

Do you need people with specific skills or resources to complete this idea? Are there any financial needs for this project? Do you need advising from Wikimedia Foundation staff?
Yes, being a computer science student, I can implement this idea by forming a team of people who're skilled in software engineering. I'll be requiring funds to form a team skilled in software engineering , host the bot on server and use Natural Language APIs from Google Cloud!

Get Involved[edit]

About the idea creator[edit]

I am a final year computer science undergraduate student at PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, India. I am a Computer Science enthusiast, because it gives me the power to reach billions and transform their lives. I fell in love with mathematics and problem-solving in primary school and that love drives my programming. I enjoy Coding and Building new things.

For reference to my skill set and past projects, you can find me on linkedin here: (Majorly, these include expertise in languages like Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java; frameworks like Django, Spring and cloud computing platforms like AWS, Google Cloud.



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