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นายครูกิติศักดิ์ บุญขำ[edit]

Measure replacement rate among the admins[edit]

Gamefication of Wikipedia's Promotion[edit]

Comprehensive harassment and privacy policy[edit]

Make Wikipedia beautiful[edit]

Upgraded Blocked User Reinstatement System[edit]

WikiProject Women[edit]

Lua libs for behavior-driven development[edit]

Health rating radio button template on talk pages[edit]

Wiki Bibliographies[edit]

Freedom of Expression - Create a space for everyones' thoughts.[edit]

Increase visibility of the Gender Gap in all Wikimedia Projects[edit]

Use a Siamese network to propose categories for images at Commons[edit]

The SignWriting Team and Written Sign Language Projects[edit]

Identify knowledge or skill bottlenecks[edit]


Measuring consensus for decision-making processes[edit]

Survey of hostile experiences among new editors[edit]

Comprehensive research medium in reference to systems theory[edit]

Longitudinal study of new user experiences[edit]

Percentage of abandoned articles metric[edit]

Reminders to know when you need to stop and take a rest[edit]

Email inactive (formerly active) users with a survey on inactivity reasons[edit]

Identify and quantify toxic users[edit]

A "Listen" Button[edit]

Workshop: How men can objectively write about women[edit]

Assembly line editing[edit]

Identify potential collaborators-group via past articles and contributions[edit]

Article quality improvement rate[edit]

Logout tool[edit]

Meetup Page Creation Tool[edit]

Enforce civility[edit]

From AfC to DYK[edit]

What's wrong with Wikipedia?[edit]

Newsletter extension for MediaWiki[edit]

Create a comprehensive set of metrics[edit]

Hablarle a todos sobre Wikipedia.[edit]


Editor rescue[edit]

Levels of Admins to create hierarchical order among editors[edit]

Measure number of active editors[edit]

Meetup Wikipedia[edit]

Small-scale bias correction[edit]


create a general time-based dynamic overview of various issues and topics[edit]

Separate conflicting users instead of punishing[edit]

Multidimensional EPR (Earned Public Reputation)[edit]

Dark Theme[edit]

Wikimedia 2.0[edit]

Improve Page Style Add Reader mode[edit]

Check how many edits done by users are deleted and how many old users are "guarding" articles from any change, or deleting new stuff added by unlogged users[edit]

Join Good Health Army for Witting Good Content for Wikipedia.[edit]

measure the gain of quality on added value articles broken down according to well-chosen criteria[edit]

Talk Page Moderation Assistant[edit]

Depoliticize historical pages[edit]

Measure administrative mistakes[edit]

Make non-article additions (citations, categories, etc) easier[edit]

Vet all new editors[edit]

Monitoring of new editors - Analyzes of the editing behavior of new users in the German Wikipedia[edit]

Editing and translating tutorial[edit]

Classify abandoned and new articles by importance[edit]

Automated and customizable widgets for Portals, wikiprojets and community pages[edit]

Better Communication for beginners[edit]

thesis - antithesis - snythesis[edit]

Open Garbage[edit]

Open the philosophy of the encyclopedia.[edit]

administrators' user page disclosures[edit]

Contribution Scaling and Badges[edit]

You Are Fake News[edit]

visual estimulation[edit]

Allow users to rank articles on usefulness[edit]

User rating[edit]

Allowing users to create a following based on articles based on Wikipedia[edit]


In sync[edit]

Measuring the health of an article[edit]

Make sysops a technical role, but for real[edit]

Add tutorials in Wikipadia[edit]

What do you want to name your idea?[edit]

Google Malayalam Typing Keyboard[edit]

Google Traslate in Content Traslation[edit]

enable everyday users (non-editors) to rate parts of the article[edit]

Creation of international ombudsman[edit]

Get inspired by the Stack Overflow community gamification to strengthen Wikipedia contributing community[edit]

Location tracking system[edit]

Health stated in their own words.[edit]

A Certificate Course in Editing and Level tests.[edit]

Pass The Exam[edit]

Aging of Articles[edit]

Working page semi-protection[edit]

Visual Post :The person who are writing is very close to situation and eye witness of the incident[edit]

Revisiting health articles[edit]

improving the UI[edit]

Some administrators drive content contributors away.[edit]

Article ranking[edit]

Choose Kind[edit]

An "Edited by (name)" for registered users plus a diff of the changes done to the page[edit]

Rated Ticket System with optional Achievements for the Gamification Freaks[edit]

Build ethnical communities[edit]

Syncing Articles across languages[edit]


Kicking Kickstarter[edit]

Culture of appreciation for volunteers[edit]

Take Responsibility[edit]

Point for authors[edit]

HBU Room[edit]

Reward for the regular contributors[edit]

Community review for potentially toxic users[edit]


Location based editors[edit]

Online learning group for editing[edit]

change the thinking[edit]

Correct grammatical errors![edit]

Function to disallow editing of certain users on a certain page for edit wars[edit]

Graphs and charts[edit]

Visual Editor for Talk pages, Discussion pages, etc[edit]

2 ideas[edit]

Wikipedia Gender Concerns Reporting Tools[edit]

Encourage Editors To Keep Editing[edit]

حفاظت از محیط زیست[edit]

Humans body is great.[edit]

Encourage people to create article[edit]

User Block and Unblock[edit]

Add images of obsolete Kana characters for who has an obsolete Unicode system installed[edit]

Allow Forking and Merging for Conflicting Scientific Schools and Approaches[edit]

Reasons for Leaving (example idea)[edit]

Develop information technology advocate team to enhance qualifications of Wikipedia[edit]

Annual training for Administrators, ArbCom, Wikimedia, and Chapter leaders[edit]

We are the World[edit]


Vanity detector[edit]

STOP the admins[edit]

Current health of Wikipedia editing community[edit]

Taking the Common(s) Route[edit]

A "New articles" Vote System...[edit]

Auto linkage of article to other languages[edit]

Collective Sharing[edit]

Add a language option with a Matriarchal Touch to it[edit]


33% reservation to women Wikipedia admins[edit]

Legacy Data[edit]

An Animated Invitation to Latin American Indigenous Communities[edit]

Avoid politicisation,idolisation and ideologisation[edit]

Administrating the adminstrators[edit]

Commons and backlog buster speed upgrades[edit]

FINDING collaborators is an uphill battle...[edit]

Wikimetrics for local users[edit]

Real Names[edit]

Mass Media and Simple Presentation[edit]

Grad der Kooperation durch Fragen zählen[edit]

DYK Posters[edit]

Make Availability Public[edit]

Wikipedia without internet[edit]

Wiki Knowledge Menu[edit]

Towards a New Wikimania[edit]

Partnership between Wikimedia community and Tor community[edit]

Implement a LETS to encourage users to share content on Wikipedia[edit]

Reform of citation structure for all Wikimedia projects[edit]

Each One Teach One[edit]

دبِسني ولا تلبِسني[edit]

Wiki Rickshaw[edit]

Wiki Goes Goethe[edit]

Tools for using wikidata items as citations[edit]

way of reporting harassment from an admin[edit]

Rediscover Knowledge with Wikipedia[edit]

Bringing Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia Editathons to Indian university campuses[edit]

عدة أفكار هامة[edit]

More News Articles - Social Media LInks[edit]

Awareness video for Bengali Wikisource[edit]

Youtube Howto's based on Wikipedia Articles[edit]


Women Who Wiki[edit]

Yes, I Use Wikipedia[edit]

Youtube channel[edit]

wod highlighter[edit]

Youtube shoutout[edit]

Your Choice[edit]

Wikipedia in a box[edit]


Wikipedia School Homeworks[edit]

wikipedia Game on every mobile[edit]

Wikipedia Reader Button[edit]

Wikipedia India Chapter[edit]


Wikipedia on Amazon Kindle[edit]

Wikiship: Partnership Collaboration[edit]


Wikipedia Outreach (Botswana)[edit]

Wikipedia in Schools[edit]

Wikipedia para ler off-line[edit]

Wikipedia text book[edit]

Wikipedia with Reference Manager[edit]


Wikipedia for Kids[edit]

Wikipedia for India[edit]


Wikipédia além de um site[edit]

Wikipedia association with Technex as Information Partner[edit]

Wikipedia for all students[edit]

Wiki the Government run schools in India[edit]

Wikipedia for My Country[edit]

Wikipedia for the people from the people[edit]

Wikipedia Awareness for Indian netizens[edit]

Wikipedia a los colegios[edit]

Wikipedia Entrepreneur's hangout.[edit]



wiki sab jaanta hai.[edit]

wikipedia debia ser una campaña mundial donde se invitara al usuario a romper la barrera de la informacion que se nos limita[edit]

Wiki in Regional language...[edit]

wiki redes[edit]


Wiki for kids[edit]

Wiki Game[edit]



Wiki Reader[edit]

Wiki India[edit]

wiki bot[edit]

Wiki activity in schools[edit]

Voice Stimulation on site like on a social site or google voice on their mother tongue[edit]

we must learn english[edit]

Travel founding[edit]

Wallet-time ...[edit]

tornar o artigo confiavel com selo de verificação[edit]

view of nepal in net surffing[edit]


The Social Network[edit]

Through referrals & also posting articles on Wikimedia[edit]

Why for Wikipedia ?[edit]

The Student Solution[edit]

The rising of Wikipedia among the Mizo's[edit]

this app must be cheap&easy for global villages communications[edit]

Translate more existing articles[edit]

Visually more Interactive + Youtube Channels[edit]

Weekly Contest[edit]

The old idea[edit]

Trustworthy information[edit]

Start Campaigning from the very Beginner level[edit]

The best idea[edit]

supporting Chinese better[edit]

Targeted Promotion[edit]

Story based inputs[edit]

Student Awareness[edit]

The matter of understanding[edit]

spreading wikipedia awareness in brazil[edit]

Target on the other mediums of marketing[edit]

Telejornalismo Nacional[edit]

Target Young Audience[edit]

Street Signs[edit]

Textbook Integration[edit]

Spreading Wiki[edit]

Social Awareness[edit]

social promotion[edit]

something different[edit]


School initiative[edit]

Social awareness[edit]

Social Apperance[edit]


Social media, Campaign and Wikipedia user should talk to Wikipedia other people[edit]


Social Media[edit]

smart assistance with video link or video[edit]

Social media and campaigns[edit]

Social medias for you[edit]

ShareAWiki through University & School[edit]