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Thank you for contributing great ideas, providing feedback, and helping to maintain a friendly space during the Inspire Campaign! 16 projects have been awarded funding!

Read more about theses exciting projects on the Wikimedia blog.

There are still a lot of innovative ideas that don't need funding and/or could use additional support finding project leaders and mentors. We'd love to see those ideas move forward so please keep developing them! We are committed to funding gender gap-related work year-round through all our grantmaking programs.

To create and browse new ideas, head to the main IdeaLab page!
(May 1, 2015)

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About the Inspire Campaign

We're looking for ideas to address Wikimedia's gender gap, based on what we know so far. Much knowledge and many voices are still underrepresented online. How would you support more gender diversity in Wikimedia's contributors and content? Grants are available to support partnerships, research, community organizing, technical or other initiatives in need of funding. Let's turn ideas into collective action!

Campaign goal: 100 ideas & 500 participants by March 31, 2015. Stretch goal: 100 usable ideas!


Campaign progress
ideas created: 266
participants: 676
days left: 0

recent activity...
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SachCreation created a new idea: Creative wiki

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Peteraugustine created a new idea: changes in body temperature

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Captainbardock created a new idea: Macriapodiadictuophobia.

Last activity: 22 January 2018

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