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Welcome to the evaluation page for the Inspire Grants Campaign! This page includes information about how to monitor and evaluate your project.

Inspire Campaign: Monitoring and evaluating your project[edit]

Congratulations! As a Wikimedia Foundation Inspire grantee, you will be doing great work to help find address the gender gap. Before you dive deep into your project, we want to provide you with some basic information about measuring the impact of your project. As you know, upon the completion of your grant, you will need to provide a report about your program. We hope this can serve as a guide to get you started.

What should I be measuring?[edit]

Required Metrics[edit]

Metrics are typically developed based on the goals of a project. For every grantee at the Wikimedia Foundation, we require that they report on the following Seven Global Metrics and One Inspire Campaign metric.

Global Metrics

  1. Number of newly registered users
  2. Number of active editors involved
  3. Number of individuals involved
  4. Number of images or media used in Wikimedia projects
  5. Number of articles created or improved in Wikimedia projects
  6. Number of bytes added and removed from Wikimedia projects
  7. Learning question: Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?

Inspire Campaign Metric

  1. Number of women participating

Optional metrics[edit]

We strongly encourage you to explore other measures for your project. The measures should be based on your program's goals.

We know that not all of the above metrics will apply to all projects, especially more research-based or experimental projects. Please track those metrics that are relevant.

How do I measure?[edit]

  • For Global Metrics, read through the Calculating Global Metrics learning patterns.
  • For the Inspire Campaign metric, use the Number of women participating learning pattern.
  • If you will have many participants involved, prepare a public event page for your activity to keep track of participants and content created. Be sure to include key privacy information described below. Here is a great example!
  • Use a tracking document to write down measures as activities happen.
  • Need help thinking about what other metrics might be? Contact your Program Officer and we can help you develop a good evaluation plan.
  • Remember, tracking your work should not take more than 10% of your project time!

Privacy concerns and tips[edit]

Ensuring user privacy is very important to us. There are more details in the learning pattern, but here is some key information to remember:

  • If you are using a survey for gathering information about which users are women, use two surveys: one to identify users, a second to identify who is a woman. Find out more in the learning pattern.
  • If using a wiki page for your event that targets women editors, include a short statement letting users know that by posting their username, they are letting the wikiworld know that they are women or women allies. Here is an example:

Sign up with your username to participate in this event! If you do sign up, know that by posting your username, you are letting others know that you identify as a woman or as a woman ally. Sign up to allow us to learn more about how you use Wikipedia during and after this event, so that we can work towards improving it. By signing up, you agree to let us use this information for these purposes. Learn more [LINK TO LONG FORM]. If you would rather sign up privately, message us at [Email].

I need more information. Where can I go?[edit]