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This page contains a list of Inspire campaign ideas that estimates the number of endorsements the idea has received, based on activity on the idea page itself. The endorsements are counted by a bot that reads the edit comments on the page, so that endorsements may in some cases be over or under-counted. To see the exact number of endorsements an idea has received, please see the "Endorsements" section on the idea page itself.

An idea's placement in this list does not signify that it is better or worse than any other idea, and the number of endorsements an idea receives does not determine whether that idea will be selected for funding..

Endorsed ideas[edit]

This list is updated hourly. It was last updated on 05/8/2018 by User:GrantsBot. Manual changes to this list will be overwritten the next time the bot runs.

idea endorsements
Each One Teach One 10
DYK Posters 8
The Wikipedia Instagram Campaign 7
Wiki Knowledge Menu 7
Wikipedia Street Take Over 5
Find it on Wikipedia!!! 4
Share button on Wikipedia 4
Yes, I Use Wikipedia 4
The best idea 2
مسابقة نشر المعرفة 2
More languages 2
Picture = 1000 words 2
Checked and approved articles 2
Wikipedia for My Country 2
عدة أفكار هامة 2
adveritise in facebook 1
ma interactividad vale 1
قترح ان تقوموا بانشاء قناة على تلفاز باسم ويكيبيدياا تضم مجموعة من المواضيع 1
Advertisement 1
Make "Wiki- Videos" 1
An Animated Invitation to Latin American Indigenous Communities 1
Mania 1
نشر الاعلانات علي الانترنات 1
Appointing Wikipedia as database in agricultural and educational systems in Benin 1
wikentertainment 1
ashraf 1
Astonished, but true, I rely on wiki, next to none 1
Promotion Of Punjabi Wikipedia On Social Media 1
propagation 1
Creating Pop up of new articles submitted 1
Quality content 1
wikipedia Game on every mobile 1
Raising Awareness among students of Punjabi literature 1
Wikipedia Outreach (Botswana) 1
Reinspire Umudike 1
Wikipedia para ler off-line 1
Educational Institutions is the best choice 1
Reliable information in wikipedia 1
Revolution Readers 1
Wikiship: Partnership Collaboration 1
Free Wikipedia Banners for Websites 1
School Campaigns 1
Women Who Wiki 1
Group projects 1
Identify yourself 1
Share it link on Wikipedia 1
الي يسأل ميتوهش 1
Link Google map with Wikipedia 1
Textbook Integration 1
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participants: 529
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