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This page contains a list of Inspire campaign ideas that estimates the number of endorsements the idea has received, based on activity on the idea page itself. The endorsements are counted by a bot that reads the edit comments on the page, so that endorsements may in some cases be over or under-counted. To see the exact number of endorsements an idea has received, please see the "Endorsements" section on the idea page itself.

An idea's placement in this list does not signify that it is better or worse than any other idea, and the number of endorsements an idea receives does not determine whether that idea will be selected for funding..

Endorsed ideas[edit]

This list is updated hourly. It was last updated on 03/21/2017 by User:GrantsBot. Manual changes to this list will be overwritten the next time the bot runs.

idea endorsements
Inviting Professors Emeriti to contribute to Wikipedia 24
All the Dates in the English Wikipedia 13
Adding Accessibility Features to Wikimedia Projects 11
drive contributions from the academic world through better ORCID integration 9
Eradicating Distrust 8
Wikipedia geo-aware app 7
Local wiki 6
Organise expeditions in Africa and Asia to collect "forgotten" knowledges and take photos 6
Engaging Native American Communities and Organizations 6
Gamify Human Knowledge 6
"Sapere aude!" 5
Wiki Loves the Disabled 5
Wikipedia on tour 4
Botswana Wikipedia 3-phase study & HIV and AIDS article evaluation workshop 4
Toolkits to approach outside knowledge network in Africa 4
Hour of Wikipedia 4
images of living people 3
wikipedia classroom 3
Offline Wikipedia deployment in Syria 3
Get more disabled artists represented on Wikipedia 3
Akan gold weights - Berlin project 2
Attractive and original Wikibooks 2
wiki Story 2
Wikipedia among students 1
A teaching aid, to educate on the thought processes that went into a discovery, rather than just detailing said discoveries. 1
Intellectual Honesty Campaign 1
Addition of "Things to Know" - corner. 1
Wikiversity and Vikidia joint outreach program for schools in Italy, Switzerland and San Marino 1
WikiVideo and WikiSound 1
Open source simple video cutting and transcoding contribution tool 1
WikiِDialogue 1
Partner with the U.S. Federal Register to help improve U.S. Government content 1
Public domain in GLAM and Wikipedia 1
Eduwiki 1
Wiki assistant 1
Wiki loves contemporary art 1
Get Wikimedia projects in right places. 1
Wiki4Youth 1
Wikimedia Among Scouts 1
Campaign progress
ideas created: 424
participants: 607
days left: 0

recent activity...
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6 people are working on this idea: Promotion of Maithili Wikipedia

Last activity: 18 February 2018

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11 people are working on this idea: Wiki Knowledge Menu

Last activity: 18 February 2018

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5 people are working on this idea: The Wikipedia Instagram Campaign

Last activity: 15 February 2018

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6 people are working on this idea: Yes, I Use Wikipedia

Last activity: 11 February 2018

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3 people are working on this idea: Advertise

Last activity: 10 February 2018

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3 people are working on this idea: An Animated Invitation to Latin American Indigenous Communities

Last activity: 9 February 2018