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List of Acts of Parliament in Singapore
List of Acts of Parliament in Singapore
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Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

The term "law of our time and space" is introduced regularly where difficult concerns pertaining to morality is involved. As a very dynamic problem, LBGT and prostitution is legal in certain states or countries yet totally outlawed in some others. Somebody created a page "List of Acts of Parliament in Singapore" and added a couple of links to existing Wikipedia articles, but most of the information are missing. Instead a direct external site link is made to the Singapore Government Statutes Online portal. This defeats the purpose of having a listing with dozens of red i.e. dead links to non-existent Wikipedia articles on Singapore law.

What is your solution?[edit]

I will like to do a postgraduate coursework in Law with Singapore Institute of Management, yet without the available financing I also can do my online e-learning via the Singapore Government Statutes portal while creating all the missing laws. As I do so, any relevant news reports on how these laws are being applied on Singapore may also be updated as secondary references on the Wikipedia articles of each Law of Singapore article. As my motivation is pro bono informative work instead of becoming a legal professional, within Singapore if my work is beneficial and appeals to a localised audience I can eventually relate this with the Charities Act of Singapore thereby formalising this project as a non-profit entity and endeavour. At the same time as Wikimedia Foundation offers a worldwide Wikipedia portal with its own user base, any body that is either a registered user or IP-tracked user can also help maintain such an endeavour without necessarily requiring any further institutionalisation. My point is that in as far as the pages such as "List of Acts of Parliament in Singapore" are found on Wikipedia servers, fellow Singaporeans and I may maintain it more logically with valid localised examples than any foreigner that happen to be passing through the island republic on a tourist visa.

Project goals[edit]

Nothing much in particular. As a matter of on-the-job training, if I do what I expressed in typing above, as a contributor I empower oneself with knowledge of the law of the time and space on the island of the Republic of Singapore. It may be a decent experience and training as well.

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