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Gamefication of Wikipedia's Promotion[edit]

Make Wikipedia beautiful[edit]

WikiProject Women[edit]

Wiki Bibliographies[edit]

Freedom of Expression - Create a space for everyones' thoughts.[edit]

Increase visibility of the Gender Gap in all Wikimedia Projects[edit]

Use a Siamese network to propose categories for images at Commons[edit]

The SignWriting Team and Written Sign Language Projects[edit]


Comprehensive research medium in reference to systems theory[edit]

A "Listen" Button[edit]

Workshop: How men can objectively write about women[edit]

Logout tool[edit]

Meetup Page Creation Tool[edit]

Enforce civility[edit]

Newsletter extension for MediaWiki[edit]

Hablarle a todos sobre Wikipedia.[edit]

Levels of Admins to create hierarchical order among editors[edit]

Meetup Wikipedia[edit]

Working page semi-protection[edit]

Visual Post :The person who are writing is very close to situation and eye witness of the incident[edit]

improving the UI[edit]

Some administrators drive content contributors away.[edit]

Article ranking[edit]

Choose Kind[edit]


Kicking Kickstarter[edit]

Culture of appreciation for volunteers[edit]

Wikipedia Gender Concerns Reporting Tools[edit]

Humans body is great.[edit]

Encourage people to create article[edit]

User Block and Unblock[edit]

Annual training for Administrators, ArbCom, Wikimedia, and Chapter leaders[edit]

STOP the admins[edit]

Taking the Common(s) Route[edit]

Add a language option with a Matriarchal Touch to it[edit]


33% reservation to women Wikipedia admins[edit]

An Animated Invitation to Latin American Indigenous Communities[edit]

Avoid politicisation,idolisation and ideologisation[edit]

Administrating the adminstrators[edit]

Commons and backlog buster speed upgrades[edit]

Wikimetrics for local users[edit]

Real Names[edit]

Mass Media and Simple Presentation[edit]

DYK Posters[edit]

Make Availability Public[edit]

Wikipedia without internet[edit]

Wiki Knowledge Menu[edit]

Reform of citation structure for all Wikimedia projects[edit]

Each One Teach One[edit]

Wiki Rickshaw[edit]

Wiki Goes Goethe[edit]

Tools for using wikidata items as citations[edit]

Rediscover Knowledge with Wikipedia[edit]

Bringing Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia Editathons to Indian university campuses[edit]

عدة أفكار هامة[edit]

More News Articles - Social Media LInks[edit]

Awareness video for Bengali Wikisource[edit]

Youtube Howto's based on Wikipedia Articles[edit]


Women Who Wiki[edit]

Yes, I Use Wikipedia[edit]

Youtube channel[edit]

wod highlighter[edit]

Youtube shoutout[edit]

Your Choice[edit]

Wikipedia in a box[edit]


Wikipedia School Homeworks[edit]

wikipedia Game on every mobile[edit]

Wikipedia Reader Button[edit]

Wikipedia India Chapter[edit]


Wikipedia on Amazon Kindle[edit]

Wikiship: Partnership Collaboration[edit]


Wikipedia Outreach (Botswana)[edit]

Wikipedia in Schools[edit]

Wikipedia para ler off-line[edit]

Wikipedia text book[edit]

Wikipedia with Reference Manager[edit]


Wikipedia for Kids[edit]

Wikipedia for India[edit]


Wikipédia além de um site[edit]

Wikipedia association with Technex as Information Partner[edit]

Wikipedia for all students[edit]

Wiki the Government run schools in India[edit]

Wikipedia for My Country[edit]

Wikipedia for the people from the people[edit]

Wikipedia Awareness for Indian netizens[edit]

Wikipedia a los colegios[edit]



wiki sab jaanta hai.[edit]

Wiki in Regional language...[edit]

wiki redes[edit]


Wiki for kids[edit]

Wiki Game[edit]



Wiki Reader[edit]

wiki bot[edit]

Wiki activity in schools[edit]

Voice Stimulation on site like on a social site or google voice on their mother tongue[edit]

we must learn english[edit]

Travel founding[edit]

Wallet-time ...[edit]

tornar o artigo confiavel com selo de verificação[edit]

view of nepal in net surffing[edit]


The Social Network[edit]

The Student Solution[edit]

Translate more existing articles[edit]

Visually more Interactive + Youtube Channels[edit]

Weekly Contest[edit]

The old idea[edit]

Trustworthy information[edit]

Start Campaigning from the very Beginner level[edit]

The best idea[edit]

supporting Chinese better[edit]

Targeted Promotion[edit]

Story based inputs[edit]

Student Awareness[edit]

The matter of understanding[edit]

spreading wikipedia awareness in brazil[edit]

Target on the other mediums of marketing[edit]

Telejornalismo Nacional[edit]

Target Young Audience[edit]

Street Signs[edit]

Textbook Integration[edit]

Spreading Wiki[edit]

Social Awareness[edit]

social promotion[edit]

something different[edit]


School initiative[edit]

Social awareness[edit]

Social Apperance[edit]



Social Media[edit]

smart assistance with video link or video[edit]

Social media and campaigns[edit]

Social medias for you[edit]

ShareAWiki through University & School[edit]

Setting up Wikipedia Library-Shop[edit]



Share it[edit]

share it[edit]

Schools & Wikipedia[edit]

Short Movies and Advertisement[edit]

Share the articles in the social media sites[edit]

Share button on Wikipedia[edit]

Sharing Wikipedia documents not just on the browser[edit]

Simplicity & Graphically[edit]

Short Video Advertisements[edit]

Sharing and Promoting Wikipedia through Social Media[edit]

Reinspire Umudike[edit]

School Teachers popularising wikipedia[edit]

Reach Rural People of India[edit]

Rural and Connect[edit]

Redes sociales[edit]

Rocket Science[edit]


Revolution Readers[edit]

readership wikimania[edit]

Reading is the best tool to elevate your life[edit]

Reliable information on All Subjects through IT[edit]

School Projects[edit]

Reliable information in wikipedia[edit]


Quality content[edit]

quality content[edit]

quality matter high usage[edit]

Quickly get to what you want to know.[edit]

Publicite in the biggest social network of Russia:[edit]

Raise Wikipedia usage and awareness In Tunisia[edit]

Publish a Book[edit]

Put Your Logo in the common places[edit]

publishing and add trust source[edit]

Quoting wikipedia in lectures[edit]

QR Codes[edit]

Raising Awareness among students of Punjabi literature[edit]

Promoting Wikipedia Daily Article Mailing List[edit]

Post articles that users want to read[edit]


Produtos com Denominação de Origem[edit]

Print on paper and distribute on streets[edit]

portal deny news[edit]


Promotion of site in terms of having people promote the site.[edit]

Picture = 1000 words[edit]

prestigio universitario[edit]


non data[edit]

Pages for Spiritual Personalities[edit]

Multi-national wikipedia[edit]

Murali Chemuturi's Idea[edit]

new readers and contributor[edit]

Open Wiki knowledge conference[edit]

People Like Wikipedia[edit]

Online Interaction private Chat rooms[edit]

Permoting to use wikipedia[edit]

Online Classroom Materials[edit]

Negrão Muzik[edit]

Partenariats d'échange avec les universités et autres institutions éducative officielles[edit]

Nada que hacer[edit]

More local information[edit]

More famous peoples (Digital Influencer) - "Youtubers" - Wikipédia[edit]

Metropolitans Multilingual Multiplier (MMM)[edit]


Meeting on Sunday every week at nearest park with young people[edit]

More Wikipedia in educational processes[edit]

Melhor recepção a novatos[edit]


Multi Prong strategy to popularize wiki for new users[edit]

Make Wiki elaborate and correct[edit]

Marketing through social media[edit]

Making knowledge structured, easy to understand and promote availability in local language.[edit]


Make it more informative and easy.[edit]

make it simple[edit]

Making WP’s knowledge free premier choice[edit]

making wikipedia popular in Sri Lanka[edit]

Make campaign on campus[edit]

Make Lucrative article.[edit]

Make Wikipedia more modern[edit]

Make WP scientific[edit]

Make "Wiki- Videos"[edit]

Lectura al paso en transporte público[edit]

Live campaign on School[edit]


Link Google map with Wikipedia[edit]

location info[edit]

Lets create awareness[edit]

learning languages[edit]

make artical more user friendly[edit]


Involving Engineering Students into Wikipedia[edit]

Language Translator[edit]

know about wikipedia[edit]

knowledge is wikipedia[edit]

Involve Teachers at College and University level[edit]

knowledge for soul[edit]

Knowledge is power, find it here[edit]

kurdish day in wikipidia[edit]

knowledge increaser[edit]

ISRO in poetry[edit]

Journey from 0[edit]

Knowledge Capsule[edit]

Knowledge source in your hand as per your requirement at anytime , anywhere with free of cost .[edit]

inspire the generation[edit]

Inspire through Google ads[edit]


Inspire the peoples to read wikipedia ,[edit]

Inform Professionals of Wikipedia[edit]

Increasing awareness of Wikipedia among students in Punjab[edit]

Involve local people for topics related to their country[edit]

Involve and inspiring with wikipedia local community[edit]

Internet free[edit]

Introduce new perspective of Wikipedia to people[edit]

include cricket stats[edit]

Including Articles About Subjects that are relevant to the people of my region.[edit]

Incorporación y renovación[edit]

Include a graph of positives & negatives on search topics such as Politicians,companies, brands ,people etc[edit]

Improving Greek Wikipedia[edit]

Improving Wikipedia awareness in 3rd World Countries[edit]

improvement wikipedia in my country[edit]


Incentivo da wikipedia nas escolas[edit]

Highlight For the Future[edit]


How about improving Wikipedia articles as class projects?[edit]

idea by teacher[edit]

ideas about relationship[edit]

Have a question? Get its answer on Wikipedia[edit]


I have a great idea[edit]

Identify yourself[edit]



Google Flash Card[edit]


Give a task[edit]

Group projects[edit]

Going to places unaware of Wikipedia to use it more often for day-to-day search queries[edit]

Go wiki for all your questions[edit]

Go 'Search'[edit]

Go to School[edit]

go wiki you will get lovely[edit]

Genral Knowldge[edit]

Entertaining Content[edit]

Free Wikipedia Banners for Websites[edit]

Get more readers to your website[edit]

Fun activity in school[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

Fomentar la participación en los colegios y centros enseñanza[edit]

Fazer anúncios na rádio nacionais sobre a existência da enciclopédia Wikipedia.[edit]

Evento Donde Se le Muestra a la Gente Que es Wikipedia[edit]

Facebook Messenger Bot - WikiGames[edit]

feeling connected and engaged[edit]

FAQ or Q&A section[edit]

First awareness in schools[edit]

Expand the touch range and reach[edit]