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I clicked on this expecting a thoughtless "aw, can't you take a joke?" proposal and was pleasantly surprised to find it quite otherwise. I think you're correct that online fights can have serious consequences, but if Wikipedia's official policy is "ignore harassment; just walk away," then wouldn't people just use harassment as a tactic to control the article space? What if I delete unsourced material from an article about Presidential Candidate A, and then someone with opposite political views starts harassing me so that they can put it back in unchallenged? Yes people on Wikipedia harass for the same reasons as in the outside world, but they also do it to affect Wikipedia's message. Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:21, 29 June 2016 (UTC)Reply

Comment from Ciclo flox[edit]

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In a big cultural project as Wikipedia, culture should be the pole star. It is not possible to abolish bureacracy, but it should be desirable to have less bureaucracy and to select the people who exerce the power on a cultural basis. An open mind couldn't intimidate or censure other people's ideas. At the same time, a single person has less power than a cluster and is defenseless in front of a group of people who act against him/her. In a democratic context, the selection of bureaucrats, administrators, officers, people who exerce power, is a very serious passage, and should be done on very serious, cultural basis. On the other hand, the single person has to be guaranteed in front of the power of a group. One can ignore the harassment of someone who has the same power, but one can't ignore the harassment exerced by someone or by a group of people who have more power, as little as that can be. — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ciclo flox (talk)