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wiki against drugs in kenya
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A student campaign against drugs- emphasis on local drugs such as khat, kuber etc. the campaign involves students(from both primary and high school), who submit articles about the drugs.
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created on15:58, 12 February 2018 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

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Prevent introduction of drug and substance abuse to unknowing students.

What is your solution?[edit]

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Swahili is the major language spoken in Kenya and in East Africa. It is a pity to see that articles regarding local drugs in Swahili are either missing or very shallowly detailed. As such, by having students write the articles, it will not only repulse them from drug use but also grow the data on Wikipedia

Project goals[edit]

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1. Grow the Swahili content on Wikipedia. 2. Repulse students from drugs.

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About the idea creator[edit]

From a community riddled with drugs and substance abuse, I am a self installed anti drug evangelist :) currently a student at the University of Nairobi.



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