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The Learning & Evaluation Team (L&E) helps monitor the impact of the work being done across the movement, and guides other Community Engagement teams in executing effective grants through ongoing analysis, learning and evaluation support.

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Who we are

Anstee, Jaime June 2013.jpg
Jaime Anstee
Jaime began at the foundation late April 2013 with the development of the program evaluation and design initiative as the Program Evaluation Specialist tasked in developing program leader knowledge, evaluation resources, and overall capacity for evaluation and design of volunteer programs. Jaime has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Social Psychology
Bittaker, Amanda March 2015.jpg
Amanda Bittaker
Amanda joined the Wikimedia Foundation as a fellow in November 2014, working with the Program Evaluation and Design team to support the community in measuring their program activities and channeling that knowledge into program design. Her fellowship focused on data gathering and report writing for the 2nd round of evaluation reports. In her current contract, begun May 2015, she’s expanding that scope to include deeper involvement in the reports and to support L&E and other departments in evaluation, as well as supporting the community in their self-evaluation & program design.
Cruz, Maria September 2014.jpg
María Cruz
Maria has a BA in Communications with an emphasis in journalism. She also took a year of Bachelor of Arts in Value Studies at European College of Liberal Arts. She started her professional path as a reporter in 2008. In 2011, she turned to the non-profit sector and started working in communication management. Before joining Wikimedia Foundation as community liaison for Learning and Evaluation, she worked as communications coordinator at the local chapter Wikimedia Argentina.
Galvez, Edward July 2014.jpg
Edward Galvez
Edward has a BA in cell biology and an MA in public policy, focusing on international development and evaluation. He came to the Wikimedia Foundation from a strong background in volunteer management. He volunteered for several community-based organizations focusing on providing healthcare in under resourced communities, local and international. He work at the foundation to help build leaders in technology and free knowledge so they may enable the creation of accessible knowledge for everyone, but especially for the most marginalized.

Qué hacemos

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Aprendiendo & Infraestructura de Evaluación


  • Guiding strategy and community engagement in sharing evaluation and program knowledge, through learning patterns, online, and offline workshops. To this end, we create announcements, maintain a Collaborations Calendar, create and distribute Quarterly Newsletters, social media, and blog series.
  • Reaching out to the community leaders, and encourage them to use the resources available.
  • Monitoring affiliate and program-based social media, reports, wiki pages, and blogs to learn about activities and opportunities for sharing learning.
  • Wikimedia Resource Center. Supporting community capacity development and knowledge exchange including management and maintenance of entry point and the L&E portal (learning patterns library, the survey support desk, and other portal resources.

Learning Exchange & Storytelling

  • Collecting data for knowledge sharing and storytelling.
  • Key messaging and audience engagement through data visualization and infographics.
  • Supporting development of knowledge exchange. Connecting people to information on how different programs are run, and what could work best in which contexts, and what program styles work best for which goals.
  • Coordinating workshop design and content leadership of Learning Days pre-conferences and conference presentations and workshops for learning and evaluation.
  • Planing and facilitating training and learning sessions for community listening and engagement strategies.

Evaluation Tools & Resources

Focus Graphic Recordings, wmcon14 berlin-007.jpg
  • Developing quantitative and qualitative evaluation instruments, metrics, and data approaches (including surveys).
  • Providing access to the Qualtrics survey system: Providing account access, communicating with users, maintaining the Terms of Use, and supporting users with both Qualtrics technical questions, and survey design questions.
  • Collaborating with Program Officers, event coordinators, and grant committee members to review and assess grantee programs and evaluation plans.
  • Designing, implementing, and monitoring evaluation strategy, plans, and processes.
  • Collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from different populations
  • Providing internal design, development, and coordinate maintenance to support key program tools and dashboards to design and deliver programs.

Leadership Development

Evaluation Capacity Development

  • Facilitating community and program leader development opportunities for gaining skills in learning and evaluation.
  • Capturing and understanding the qualitative and quantitative outcomes/impact of core programs and activities through their reports, and sharing insights back to movement communities.
  • Providing evaluation design, survey design, and analysis consultation to Wikimedia program and project leaders inside and out of the foundation. Including Community Engagement Insights survey strategies beginning 2016.
  • Supporting project evaluation consultations, online meetings and learning circles for evaluation data use and methods learning.

Affiliate Partnerships/Collaborations

  • Reviewing affiliate reports and monitoring compliance.
  • Providing support for recognition and mentoring.
  • Providing staff support to AffCom for meeting facilitation and support for application pipelines.
  • Community listening support to understand their community structure, needs, challenges, strengths, creations, or collaborations.
  • Supporting Internal Collaborations: Providing capacity development supports to other WMF Teams for learning and evaluation practices.


  • Participating in task and workflow tracking and management for quarterly reporting; weekly team stand-up and manager check-ins, bi-monthly department meetings, and monthly cross team check in for program capacity and learning collaborations.
  • Supporting foundation strategic planning & accountability through quarterly and annual planning and reporting of team efforts as well as participation in WMF overall strategic planning.

Learning and Evaluation team

To whom I go to about … L&E contact
Wikimedia communities Maria
Setting targets & Impact analysis Jaime, Amanda
Evaluation design Jaime, Edward, Amanda
Survey design and analysis Jaime, Edward
Wikimedia Programs Jaime, Edward, Maria, Amanda
Workshops organization Jaime, Maria
Data mining and analysis Edward, Jaime, Amanda
Strategy Jaime
Community Research Jaime, Edward, Maria
Communications, Storytelling Maria
Innovation processes/Design Thinking Amanda

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