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Learning patterns/Batch categorizing users' photos in Wikimedia Commons

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A learning pattern forphoto events
Batch categorizing users' photos in Wikimedia Commons
problemSometimes, users in a photography project forget to categorize their photos as belonging or generated through the project
solutionUse the VisualFileChange tool to batch categorize photos
created on13:41, 15 July 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?[edit]

In photo events, GLAM projects, and other media-content projects, it helps to have photos (or any media) that were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons categorized as belonging to or generated by the project. Such categories can be used for project management purposes, and are especially helpful for gathering metrics, such as through the use of the GLAMorous tool. Unfortunately, users sometimes forget to add such categories, especially if they upload the photos manually and not via a batch upload tool.

What is the solution?[edit]

Use the VisualFileChange tool to batch categorize users' photos. Please read the tool's documentation for general information on how to install and use the tool.

  1. When you have launched the tool, select "User name" and then enter the username of the user whose uploaded files need to be categorized.
  2. Under "Action", select "append any text".
  3. Check the "(De-)select all loaded" check box to select all files. Alternatively, you may browse through the file gallery and individually select files that you want to categorize. You can hover your mouse pointer over the "C" text icon to see which categories the file already belongs to.
  4. To avoid files that have already been categorized:
    1. Click on the "Advanced Select Files" button.
    2. Uncheck the "Select (/Deselect)" check box.
    3. Add the category name in the "In Category" field (without the "Category:" prefix).
    4. Click on the "Apply" button.
  5. In the "Please insert the text to be added to each selected file.:" text box, place the wikicode link for the category. It should be of the form "[[Category:<category name>]]".
  6. Click on "Execute (append any text)" button. The files should now be categorized.

Note that VisualFileChange does not load all the selected user's files at once. During step 3, you may need to scroll down the file gallery repeatedly to completely load all of the user's files in one go. Alternatively, you can use the tool's batch "mode" to categorize in batches. Please read the tool's documentation to learn more.

Things to consider[edit]

  • VisualFileChange is a very powerful tool! Be careful in using it.
  • Do not blindly categorize all of a user's photos/files. The user may have uploaded photos and files unrelated to your project.

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