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Learning patterns/Using 'Share a fact' to engage social media followers of small Wikipedias

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A learning pattern foroutreach
Engaging social media followers of small Wikipedias.
problemAll Social media accounts of Wikimedia projects aren't handled by professionals, sometimes it is difficult to engage followers of your projects twitter and share your work through one tweet.
solutionShare a fact allows the user to share any fact from the Wikipedia article directly into their social media accounts.
created on17:47, 26 July 2016 (UTC)

Share a fact is a feature on Wikimedia apps that allows sharing text extract from Wikipedia articles. It is available on both Android and iOS, where users can highlight text from within articles, and share it with a background of the lead image. Share a fact feature helps in sharing a particular fact from the Wikipedia article and it act as a fact card or images overlaid with whatever text you choose from an article

How to use Share a fact?

Collage of articles created in WAM

Share a fact is a feature available in Wikipedia mobile apps, It allows the user to share any fact from Wikipedia article directly into social media accounts. It create tweets in such a manner that it consist of an image overlaid with the text the user wants to share , a suitable message or information you want to add into the tweet and a link of the particular article. It can help the moderator of the social media accounts of Wikimedia projects to engage their followers, create awareness about your language Wikipedia and bring new readers for your language Wikipedia. The short information in the image and the link might attract new readers toward the project.

This feature can be very helpful:

  • for the Wikipedian in Residence , where they can showcase a particular information or image they got from their project.
  • for Editathon organisers where every day they can share about the articles that were created in the Editathon.
  • for the moderators of social media accounts of different Wikimedia projects, where they can share one share a fact image daily in their social media accounts.
  • During any trending topics over social media platforms or local events.

Things to consider


When to use


From last six month we're using Share an Image or Share a Fact; on Odia Wikipedia's twitter account. We use these while any trending topics on social media, which creates more retweets and engages followers with Odia Wikipedia account.



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