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Akanni Mubarak Opeyemi
Best way to connect: Via email
Wikimedia Nigeria User Group
Participating as: Individual
Nigeria • Middle East and Africa (MEA) region
Preferred times: Saturday, Sunday (17 - 20 UTC)
Can dedicate: Between one (1) hour and three (3) hours per Month
Languages: English
Main Wikimedia projects: Wikisource → library
Areas of interests: Education, Open Technology
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Skills this profile would like to learn
Preferred way of learning: Have a 1:1 online coffee/tea with someone, Share resources through emails / platforms …, By being mentored by an organization with more experience

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Skills this profile would like to share
Preferred way of sharing: With one-to-one virtual meeting (1h with one/two people), Sharing resources via email and/or resource sharing platforms
Organization skills: Establishing governance
Learning, evaluation and communications skills: Documenting knowledge in ways that are easy to communicate with others

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More to learn[edit]

Further details about what I would like to learn.

1. Volunteer Management and Development: This includes comprehensive training programs, retention initiatives to keep volunteers engaged, ability to learn and teach others. Exploring methods for motivation and community building within the editing community is essential. Additionally, learning about conflict resolution techniques can contribute to maintaining a positive and collaborative editing environment.

2. Small Editing Events, Campaigns, and Contests: Organizing small editing events, such as edit-a-thons, requires a comprehensive understanding of their structure and purpose. Learning how to create effective campaigns and contests to encourage participation and enhance specific areas of Wikipedia is valuable. This involves developing clear guidelines and rules for contests, ensuring fairness, and promoting high-quality contributions. These initiatives play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and accomplishment among Wikipedia contributors.

3. Tools Developed to Automate Processes: Wikimedia offers a range of editing tools, including bots and automation scripts, designed to streamline repetitive tasks. Understanding how to use and, if necessary, develop tools to automate processes in editing and content management is essential.

4. Setting Up Templates for Wikimedia Projects: Templates are integral to creating consistent and structured content on Wikimedia projects. Learning about the importance of templates in Wikipedia articles and understanding their syntax and usage is fundamental.

5. Capacity to Manage Effective Fundraising Campaigns: Understanding the fundraising model of the Wikimedia Foundation is crucial for anyone involved in Wikipedia projects. Exploring strategies for planning and executing effective fundraising campaigns, both online and offline, is essential. This includes donor engagement, effective communication, and maintaining transparency throughout fundraising efforts. A comprehensive grasp of these elements contributes to sustaining the financial support necessary for the continued growth and development of Wikipedia projects.

Stories about sharing[edit]

Interesting stories about applying the skills I want to share.

1. Financial Planning and Management: Financial planning and management are essential components of any successful venture. Understanding the principles of financial planning involves creating comprehensive budgets, forecasting expenses, and ensuring the prudent allocation of resources. Additionally, transparency and accountability in financial reporting contribute to building trust and attracting continued support.

2. Staffing/Team Management: Efficient staffing and team management are pivotal for the effective functioning of any organization. This includes recruiting individuals with diverse skill sets, ensuring a balanced team structure, and fostering a collaborative work environment. Team management involves effective delegation of tasks, clear communication, and promoting a culture of mutual support and respect. Understanding the strengths of team members and aligning them with project goals enhances overall productivity. Moreover, implementing strategies for team development, addressing conflicts, and providing opportunities for skill enhancement contribute to a dynamic and motivated community. Continuous feedback loops and recognition of contributions play a vital role in maintaining a positive and productive team dynamic.

My Resources[edit]