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Can affiliates apply even if they are already receiving annual funds through Wikimedia Community Fund?[edit]

Can compensation be offered to volunteers working on a project?[edit]

  • Yes.

Can a grant request be submitted for an initiative that another group is already working on?[edit]

  • Yes. As long as there are no overlaps between the new project and the ongoing one.

We already have an implementation plan. Can MSIG grants support the next steps?[edit]

  • Yes. All implementation plans can be supported by MSIG. Please contact the MSG team to schedule a conversation to discuss next steps.

Can a grant request be submitted in the applicant's native language?[edit]

  • Yes. Applications can be submitted in the native language of the person or team applying.

How are the Movement Strategy Implementation Grants different from other Grants?[edit]

  • Movement Strategy Implementation Grants fund projects targeting a specific initiative. Unlike other grants that might be broader in scope of results and outputs, the results of each MSIG project will have a direct impact on a targeted MS initiative.

Do the Movement Strategy Implementation Grants support hiring a consultant or other expert for a project?[edit]

  • Yes. Please ensure that the consultant’s (or other expert) scope of work is clearly defined. This includes the amount of time they will be expected to provide this service on the project.

Can a proposal / project idea be shared with the MSG team before submission?[edit]

  • Yes. We welcome you to share your proposal idea with the MSG team, for feedback, before submitting on meta. This is a completely optional step.

Do Movement Strategy Implementation Grants fund translation projects?[edit]

  • No. Projects with translation as their only goal will not be funded. Translations, though, can be funded as part of a Movement Strategy project.