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This letter will be signed by the Flow Funding project coordinator.

Dear _________________,

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (“WMF”) is happy that you will be volunteering in support of the Flow Funding pilot project. Below are the terms that will guide and govern this volunteer service:

  1. Your point of contact will be Winifred Olliff ( 
  2. This agreement will expire automatically in six (6) months [date], which is the projected timeframe for the pilot project.
  3. Your role will include the following:
    a. Support the day-to-day operations of the Flow Funding project, including communications between and among the other volunteers and WMF.
    b. Report to WMF an assessment of the pilot stage of the Flow Funding project. Reports must be filed in accordance with the instructions provided at, and must be filed no later than July 30th, 2013. You agree to deliver any additional reports that may be requested by WMF.
    c. Maintain contact with volunteers and recipients of funding. You will also facilitate communication between WMF and the other participants in this project.
  4. You understand that you are not entitled to wages, compensation, or employment benefits during the period of this volunteer service, and that you are not covered by WMF’s workers’ compensation program.
  5. You understand that this agreement does not create any entitlement to employment after the completion of the volunteer service.
  6. You understand that WMF may withhold funds from this project at its sole discretion, and in no case is WMF under any obligation to issue funding in the future.
  7. WMF may terminate the project at any time, at its sole discretion.
  8. It is understood that, as a volunteer, you are able to determine your own schedule and availability, which you will communicate to your point of contact.
  9. You will be required to sign WMF’s standard confidentiality agreement, which is attached.
  10. Nothing in this agreement is intended to contravene applicable employment or immigration law, and this offer is to be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. If any provisions of this agreement contravene applicable laws or regulations, the law will take priority.
  11. Please sign below to confirm your acceptance, and return this letter to us as a scanned copy by email or via secure fax to 415-520-9197.

We look forward to your involvement with this project.



Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Please sign below to confirm your acceptance: