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The project begins in June 2o14 in Porto Alegre, flew and began my ride two weeks later. Since then I have scoured 8 states: Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Parana, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul totaling 63oo kms away.

The main idea of the project did very well documented cyclists and bike culture.

Photographed over 3oo people with the photo recorded a deposition about using the bike in your life. Our collection of photographs open source is already included with 3,659 photos saved.

Here just the bike portraits. http://projetotransite.com.br/retratos

Here all the photos. www.flickr.com/photos/96759246@N04/

Here in part to upload the photos on the wiki repository had a difficulty using the wiki platform, because I have little time in front of the computer, or use in precarious situations (such as inside a tent I chose to use the private service for leveling flickr photos of the project. They allow you to upload many photos directly from the edition I use program. Gave various reports for free program like Gimp saying my diffculties to use free software for editing and cataloging photos.

Here the link to the official project repository https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Projeto_Transite

The project team is studying the best way to attach the materials created by the project to the repository wiki.

Anyway this category has served as an example in activities that develop during the journey so far.


Local: São Paulo - Las Magrelas/oGangorra coworking space


Type: Expo Launch

Call to action artists, cycloativists, photographers and keen to help build the project during sixth day collect money for 1 years project


Local: Curitiba - PR - Salvelab independent art school

Type: Workshop

We developed an activity showing the processes of the project, its opensource character and collective funding. Participants brought their projects for review and discussion



Local: Santa Barbara do Oeste - SP // Cultural Train Station and Immigration Museum

Type: Expo and Conversation

The exhibition began to be articulated long before my arrival in the city. Engage local photographer Marcelo Lazinho to capture images Barbarense people. The result was a joint expo with images of the south of the country + local images On my arrival lecture where I discussed the trip and opensource aspects of the project was performed.

http://www.sbnoticias.com.br/noticias/116087/pedala-sbo%E2%80%9D-promove-encontro-com-o-cicloviajante-felipe-baenninger-na-estacao-cultural-domingo/ http://diariosbo.com.br/ler-noticia/5265/cidades/exposicao-fotografica-de-bicicletas-segue-ate-o-dia-29-na-camara http://sb24horas.com.br/exposicao-fotografica-e-de-bicicletas/

We received an honorable mention from the town hall



Local: Town hall of Ilha Bela - SP

Type: Forum on Urban Mobility


The project was invited to speak at a forum on mobility of an island of São Paulo, Ilha Bela. Jutanmente with specialist mobility Lincon Paiva and accessibility consultant Teo Uberreich.


Local: Rio de Janeiro - Templo Coworking Space

We attended one week of space activities and developed a video about "Age of Sharing" to promote a new school initiative




Local: Belo Horizonte, BH CICLO - Association of cyclists

Type: Collaborative Bicycle Workshop and chat

Organized a collaborative action about mechanics of bicycles.



Local: Belo Horizonte, Comum Space Luiz Estrela

Type: Chat

Discussion of changes in human social organization aroused the Internet, where practices of sharing and collaboration are central. Talk about experiences crowdfounding and free culture Chat basead on the video




Local: São Paulo, OGangorra coworking space

Type: Chat

Chat in the house where the project was born. Refund the community that helped build the project at the beginning of the experience first months on the road and capture project

We use the colaborative tool Cinese to call the people to chat


Project goal and measures of success


Project goal


General project goals

  • Photograph and document the Brazil aboard a bicycle.
  • Feed a repository of free images.
  • Make portraits of users of bicycles (this photos have some rights reserved by legal issues as the right of image). The photos will serve as the content of a publication about the bike culture in Brazil.

Grant related goals

  • Establish a conversation with locals along the way about photography, cycling and free culture, with online activity
  • Train people in the arts and bicycle communities throughout the country to upload images to Wikimedia Commons and apply them on Wikipedia

Measures of success


Photograph and document the Brazil aboard a bicycle.

1oo% success

I've Photographed over 3oo people and collected their stories with the bike

The tricky part is archiving these images so besides the 2 hard drives ranging in luggage, we create an online repository of emergency.

The mobile internet does not work in Brazil and the connections are not always stable even so the files are not always up to date.

Feeding a repository of free images.

5o% success

The images are being placed on the private line service flickr


But the image of the yahoo service company allows you to attach free license to published works.

The idea is to filter and attach metadata to a second moment in the repository wiki


Living on the bike has many surprises and could not meet this demand at the computer.

Even so explicit that leave is one of the priorities of the project return the generated content of free and public manner.

The photos will serve as the content of a publication about the bike culture in Brazil. Copies are currently at crowdfunding.

25% success

To produce the entire project we will need about £ 7o.ooo

We raised so far £ 3o.ooo

The idea is to complete the acquisition of funds in 2o15 / 2o16

Establish a conversation with locals along the way about photography, cycling and free culture, with online activity

As can be seen in the activities session, there were occasions in different cities and states of Brazil when we met with people to promote the practice and ethics of free culture and collaboration.

Train people in the arts and bicycle communities throughout the country to upload images to Wikimedia Commons and apply them on Wikipedia

This has been harder because of the conditions and demands of the trip itself, but we keep trying and are far from over.

Lessons learned


What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects?

- If you want to accomplish a long-term project, patience is needed.

- When your project requires spontaneous collaboration, steps for tasks and ways to help need to be explicit.

- If you rely on volunteer work, it is necessary that deadlines and requirements are also explicit.

- It is easier to articulate meetings in established networks, in the case of my project I "surf" the bike, photography and travel networks.

- People need basic training on the Internet, few understand its structures. Regarding the license to use images most do not know how intellectual works are licensed on the Internet.

What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation?

Reporting and documentation of expenditures


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