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Project summary[edit]

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Title of project: Wikipedia Tools; Video Tutorials

Start date of project: 2013-04-01

End date of project: 2013-07-01

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The requestee plans to use screen capture software to author video tutorials for certain Wikipedia tools and processes (primarily regarding software-assisted editing and the patrol/anti-vandalism process, but the requestee is open to community input for tutorial topics). These videos will be appropriately licensed and published on Commons. This proposal has been discussed at length, on the flow funders individual portal.

About this grantee[edit]

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  • Who will receive funding?
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    Jackson Peebles
  • In which country is this grantee located?
  • What is the name or Username of the project lead(s) responsible for this project?
    Jackson Peebles
    Email privately provided
  • Please provide a brief description of this person / people / organization.
    Jackson is a Wikipedia editor with reviewer, rollback, course instructor, and account creator permissions. He primarily focuses on welcoming new users, reverting vandalism, and minor copyedits. He is an undergraduate student who is majoring in Behavioral Science at Western Michigan University and a member of the American Red Cross DSHR System and the IFRC, where he has specialized in digital media on behalf of the international organization. See his personal website at [1].
  • Briefly, explain why you, as flow funder, have confidence in this organization to execute these activities successfully.
    The requestee is straightforward about his real-life identity; one in which he takes part in many volunteer activities and has previous (academic) grant experience. More direct to the proposal, he also takes part in the Wikipedia education program.

About this project's potential for impact[edit]

Please summarize how this project will help further Wikimedia's mission or meet our strategic goals.

This project will create positive change by lowering the barriers-to-entry for Wikipedia participants with respect to software-assisted tools. Video tutorials will be an intuitive and user-friendly way to introduce the tools and the often complex policies that surround them. I (as flow funder) believe (and my academic research has supported) the notion that we increasingly need efficient and tool-supported means to do patrolling and other maintenance tasks. While the WMF has a strategic pillar (per its 2015 plan) to "improve quality", I would argue that maintaining our current content from damage is just as important. Though English Wikipedia is the primary target project, the subject matter of these tutorials sometimes do cross language barriers (e.g., the "Huggle" tool has many language editions); and we could imagine the creation of dubbed/close-captioned tutorials in natural languages besides English.

Financial details[edit]

  • Total amount requested: 579.39
  • Currency requested: U.S. Dollars
  • Total amount requested in US Dollars (USD): $579.39
# Expense Description Cost per unit Unit Quantity Currency Total cost per expense
1 Adobe Captivate Screen capture software (+ taxes); Academic license for which requestee is eligible $316.94 1 1 $316.94 (USD)
2 Sennheiser USA PC 360 Headset used for video production $262.45 1 1 $262.45 (USD)
Total: $579.39 (USD)