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Legal name of chapter or nonchapter group
Wikimedia Kenya Unchapter
Grant contact name
wanjaustev at gmail dot com
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Interim Treasurer
Project lead name
Stephen Wathika Wanjau
Full project name
Wikimedia Kenya Start-up Grant
Amount requested (in USD)
Provisional target start date
December 2011
Provisional completion date
December 2012

Budget breakdown[edit]

Item Description Cost (USD)
Bank Account Opening - 31
Legal Fees Legal fees that shall be paid to the lawyer who helped us draft our by-laws to conform to the Kenyan law is USD 520. The balance covers government-affiliated costs. 833
Meetings and conferences This shall cover our wikisaturdays meet-ups, going to give talks and demos to universities around the city. If there is a conference being held here in Kenya relevant to our mission then we can send a WMKE representative at the meeting. 630
2 Uninterraptible Power Supplies We have two projectors whose bulb life can be 'elongated' by using them with the UPS Units. Given the frequent blackouts in this part of the world. 72
Pocket Wifi Router Almost all the venues that we have speculated shall be hosting our meet-ups do not have wifi connection and thus the need for this gadget. 167
Internet for our meet-ups We will need to load credit on the Wifi router so that we can purchase data bundles that shall inturn be used for the internet 625
Travel and logistics This shall cover travel expenses incurred by any WMKE members as they travel or spend money as they attend conferences and meetups with like minded organisations, like Google, CAMARA e.t.c. 1000
T-shirts, banners,and stationery We would like to print them locally so that we can customise them for WMKE.
  • Two, in case their is an event that emerges on short notice(which is mostly the case here) and it requires these items and we do not have some in store, then we will be in a better position to print/make some locally and be ready for the event other than requesting for these items from the Wikimedia Foundation which would take longer with respect to the logistics involved before they get to Kenya.
Other Expenses We may need to consult with a legal personality along the way, Now that we are an unestablished chapter and we do not know what is on the way we would like to have this as a precautionary amount. 1041
Digital Camera We would like to document our events/projects that we have been doing because thats what really defines what we have done.
  • So far we have been hosting guests from the foundation (Ting Chen, Asaf Bartov) and we do not have nice pictures for that!!
  • We also have a long list of requested photos from Kenya on Wikipedia and we hope to embark on a project on that at a later date to carry out the project.
Hosting we will involve a very stable webhosting company ,to avoid outages. It will cover a period of 5 years. This shall offer a control panel in that we shall be in control of our domain in a semi dedicated servers 450
Due to the exchange rate fluctuations, I would highly suggest when you are transffering the funds, to heck for the current exchange rates with the bank.
In Kenyan shillings our Budget is KES 619,100. As we wiil use A Kenya Commercial Bank account you can check the exchange rates here to get the estimates in Dollars. As of now the rate is approximately 1USD=KES84

Project scope[edit]

This grant will cover a period of 12 months to cover basic operation and logistical costs of Wikimedia Kenya. It is intended as basic financial support for key infrastructure while the chapter becomes established and organizes the membership. It is intended to cover the costs of tools needed to facilitate monthly meetings and the annual general meeting. Additionally, there is funding for a some Wikimedia merchandise for outreach purposes.

Project goal[edit]

  • To help the chapter kick off the ground and to improve its organizational base.
  • Increase the efficiency of chapter meetups as well as outreach in Kenya.
  • Improved Wikimedia awareness within the country.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

  • When need be,We would like Asaf Bartov or the Wikimedia Foundation through the relevant channels to communicate with Google Africa headquarters, OLPC and other stakeholders whose missions match ours here in Kenya and Africa to help us off the ground, with finances and facilitation in other projects that we can do collaboratively like the just concluded launch of the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge.

Other benefits[edit]

Being in line with the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) which is one of kenya's vision for 2030, we shall be able to contribute to this worthy cause and influence other content owners like the Kenya archives to free up their material.

Measures of success[edit]

  • We will consider this project a success if we get more content creators, editors, government agencies and private agencies who shall give up information relevant to wikipedia.
  • Leading to a well known Wikimedia Kenya and its objectives thus leading to creation of more local relevant content since
  • We will also consider this project a success if we increase our membership base.

Team members (optional)[edit]

  1. Stephen Wathika Wanjau
  2. Oscar Limoke
  3. Alex Wafula
  4. Chris Riwa
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