Grants:PEG/Vivek Varghese Cherian - Wikimedians in Mumbai/Mumbai Wiki Anniversary Celebration/Report

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Project Goal: To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Wikipedia in Mumbai.

Description of actual activities:

Wikipedia X Anniversary Celebrations

Venue: VJTI, Matunga, Mumbai Date: January 15, 2011 Time: 10 AM to 2 PM (IST) Attendance: 80-100 people

  1. Talk by Barry Newstead (Chief Global Development Officer, Wikimedia Foundation)
  2. Talk on Indic Wikipedia by Kundan Amitabh (Wikipedia Angika Wiki Administrator)
  3. Cake Cutting Party

After the cake cutting party, we showed the video of Jimmy Wales made on the occassion.

Barry Newstead gave a small presentation on the state of the Indic Wikipedias, the number of edits from India contributing to Wikipedia and sister projects and also showed us a screen shot of the first edit done by an Indian on Wikipedia from India.

Kundan Amitabh gave a small presentation on doing Indic Wikipedia editing using in-script keyboards.

Wikipedia Takes Mumbai Photowalk

Photo walk undertaken to add pictures of various parts of Mumbai that weren't on Wikimedia Commons on January 17. 5 people attended the Photowalk and about 20 pictures were added to Commons.

Creative Commons Workshop

A Creative Commons Workshop was conducted inviting members from the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum (GLAM) community and Wikipedians on June 18, 2011. This was the first such event in Asia after Liam Wyatt's visit to India in February, 2011. This was attended by 45 people.

What lessons were learned that could help others succeed in similar projects?

  • First time that Wikipedians in Mumbai put an event together. This gave us confidence to take on bigger projects like WikiConference India 2011.
  • We learnt for planning and adapting events where attendance has been highly variable.
  • Both of these have been great insights into planning WikiConference India 2011.

What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation?

  • It brought together a few members of English Wikipedians together for the first time.
  • It also brought together a few Gujarati Wikipedians from the city.
  • The PhotoWalk has given us experience in adding pictures to Commons and also connected us to the budding photography community in the city.
  • The GLAM workshop connected us to the GLAM crowd in Mumbai and also built bridges with the Creative Commons community.

Detail of expenditures:

WMF has requested receipts or documentation of expenditures, but the grantee has not yet provided this, or requested information is still missing.

Remaining funds have been used or will be used for other approved mission-aligned activities. This use has been requested in writing and approved by WMF.
The funds remaining from this grant in the amount of {{{amount}}} were deducted from another grant payment for Grants:Pradeep Mohandas and Pranav Curumsey - Wikimedia Chapter, India and Mumbai and Pune WikiCommunities /WikiConference India 2011.

A request for reallocation of remaining funds has been submitted by the grantee and approved by WMFon the discussion page of this grant report.

  1. Total money recieved from the Wikimedia Foundation: Rs 33,615/- only (US Dollars 750 valued at Rs 44.8200 for a Dollar on 10/2/2011)
Wikipedia X Anniversary Celebrations
  1. Grand Total of Expenses: INR5650/- only
  2. Expenses break-up:
    1. Choclate Cake(5 kg): INR2250/- only
    2. Samosas (snacks): INR1800/- only
    3. Tea/Coffee: INR1600/- only
Wikipedia Takes Mumbai
  1. No expenses
Creative Commons Workshop
  1. Hall booking: INR6000/- only
  1. Balance: INR21965/- only

Amount underspent in US Dollars: $488

Will you be requesting re-allocation of remaining grant funding?

  • Yes, We are planning to use this money for WikiConference_India_2011. Please suggest.
    Approved. Please include this sum in the WCI budget, to be reported on as part of the general WCI reporting for all WMF funds involved. Ijon 23:16, 29 September 2011 (UTC)