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Grants:PEG/WM AR/Annual Program Plan 2012/Report/Q3

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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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See also: Monthly reports of July (in Spanish), August and September (Spanish and English).



The third quarter of 2012 was a period of transition and internal development after the resignation of Beatriz Busaniche as Executive Director. After an introspection within the chapter to define the requirements and goals for the new Executive Director, an open and public process was done to fill the vacancy. In August 1st, Osmar Valdebenito officially assumed as new Executive Director of the organization and started a process of internal reorganization, establishing the priorities for the following months and bringing up to date the delayed reports and financial statements of Wikimedia Argentina. Once all reports were published, Wikimedia Argentina became an eligible entity for the Funds Dissemination Committee's Round 1 (2012-2013). In September, it was opened the process to design the 2013 strategic plan of Wikimedia Argentina and to propose activities for the following year, and as a result was created the 2013 budget used as a basis for the funds request to the FDC.

Even though it was a transitional period, focused on crucial administrative activities, Wikimedia Argentina realized several activities following its 2012 Annual Plan. At the end of August, there were presentations in General Deheza (Córdoba Province), completing the round of activities in the three largest provinces outside Buenos Aires established as part of our Federalization efforts. A GLAM workshop and the presentation of the third DIY scanner were done in September.

The main activity in the period was Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, probably the most popular activity of Wikimedia Argentina after Wikimania 2009. Several activities were organized, including the official launch at the National University of La Plata and a photographic wiki-safari in Buenos Aires City. The contest received considerable media attention, including radio and newspapers. More than 6,000 images were uploaded by more than 500 photographers, most of them new contributors to Wikimedia.

Federalization activities

Osmar Valdebenito giving a presentation in General Deheza, Córdoba Province (more images in Commons).

Objectives: To organize two events in cities away from Buenos Aires to promote the participation of Wikimedians from the inner provinces of the country in the projects.

Activites: On 30 and 31 August, Wikimedia Argentina participated in different activities organized by Instituto 25 de Mayo in General Deheza, a town in Córdoba Province, to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.

Representing WM-AR, the activities were attended by Executive Director Osmar Valdebenito, Board member Lila Pagola and the member Susana Correa. Osmar made a motivational speech to 190 secondary students of the Institute, presenting the main features of Wikipedia and the experiences of the community of Wikipedians, encouraging them to participate and be part of it. Lila then presented various educational perspectives on Wikipedia in front of an audience of thirty teachers. At night, Osmar presented an overview of the Wikimedia projects to a broader and diverse audience of 200 people and had the support of the Municipality of General Deheza, which decreed the event of "local interest". On day 31, Wikimedia Argentina organized a workshop for about 15 teachers from the city, and were interviewed by Cadena Ser radio, being broadcasted to various locations in the area.

Gender gap activities


Objectives: Increase female participation in Wikimedia Argentina by 25%.

Activities: On September 28, a workshop was given in the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (FaHCE) of the National University of La Plata, as part of the final stop of the LibreBus project. The event was given by the members Fátima Pérez, Esteban Zárate, Andrea Kleiman and the Board member Lila Pagola. The workshop, called "Editando la brecha de género en Wikipedia" (Editing the gender gap on Wikipedia), was focused in the female participation on Wikipedia and had 9 participants.

Wikigénero discussions were transcribed and are available now on Meta, in the original language of the speakers (Spanish and English). A plan for a printed edition of the discussions is included in the WM-AR's 2013 plan.

An agreement with Tierra Violeta (a cultural centre focused on gender studies) for the loan of a do-it-yourself scanner to digitize and publish books under free licenses via Wikimedia projects. In the next months, there will be workshops on how to edit Wikipedia and upload works to Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource so the agreement can be operative.


Signing the cooperation agreement with UNLP's Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (FaHCE).
Roxana Donoso giving a presentation about the experience of the Library of the Chilean Congress.

Objectives: Promote cooperation with GLAM institutions.

Activities: On Saturday September 1st, a workshop about Wikipedia and its relationship with GLAM institutions was organized by Wikimedia Argentina. About twenty people attended the workshop held at the office of the Association and was led by Galileo Vidoni (President), Evelin Heidel (Board member) and Osmar Valdebenito (Executive Director). The workshop presented the main features of Wikipedia, its Wikimedia community and some successful cases of cooperation between Wikimedia GLAM institutions throughout the world.

The workshop included the presentation of two Chileans. Roxana Donoso, Chief of Production of Information Resources of the Library of the Chilean Congress, presented the collaborative project conducted with Wikimedia Chile for the publication of historical documents in Spanish Wikisource, which currently represents an important part of its content. After her presentation, Claudio Ruiz, director of Derechos Digitales NGO and Creative Commons co-director for Latin America, presented the advantages of using CC licenses for cultural institutions for its use in projects like Wikipedia.

On Monday 3, another event was held at the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (FaHCE) of the National University of La Plata which consolidated one of these GLAM agreements. In that event, the agreement between the FaHCE and Wikimedia Argentina was signed for the loan of a scanner to digitize and publish documents under free licenses via Wikimedia projects. The occasion also served as an opportunity for the official launch of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Argentina, and to present the works of Roxana Donoso and Claudio Ruiz. A prototype made by FaHCE for registration and web dissemination of heritage documentary sources was also included.



Objectives: Promote the use of Wikipedia in educational environments, at different levels, including Bilingual Education in indigenous languages ​​of the region.

Activities: The first edition of Wikipedia en el aula was translated to Guarani language. Although this Wikipedia project has 2,000 articles, it is a language spoken by almost 5 million people and is one of the official languages of Paraguay, Bolivia and the Argentine province of Corrientes. In November, the translation will be printed and started to be distributed.


Wiki Loves Monuments winner: «Military Argentine Cemetery, Malvinas Islands» by Tomás Terroba
Second place: «Sunset at the Argentine National Congress» by Miguel César.
Third place: «Planetarium of the City of Buenos Aires» by Emmanuel Iarussi.

Objectives: Create a public communication strategy

Activities: Wikimedia Argentina decided to join Wiki Loves Monuments, the international photo contest about monuments which surpassed the 160,000 images last year, being awarded with the Guinness World Record as the largest photo contest in history. A total of 1,882 monuments were included in a list published in Spanish Wikipedia, comprising all monuments defined by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments and Historical Sites, the Cultural heritage monuments of the City of Buenos Aires, provincial monuments of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Salta and local monuments of La Plata, Tucuman, Posadas and Oberá. Of these, prior to the contest, only 17.86% had a picture used on Wikipedia.

The contest got significant outreach, being supported officialy by the Municipalidad of La Plata. Several media published news regarding the competition, such as Télam, infobae.com and Los Andes de Mendoza. To support the contest, Wikimedia Argentina organized a wiki-meeting on September 2 that included a photo safari on Buenos Aires, walking through Microcentro, Retiro, Alvear Avenue and the Recoleta Cemetery.

At the end of the contest, 6,030 images were uploaded on Wikimedia Commons by a total of 450 participants, while the web site www.wikilovesmonuments.com.ar received a total of 58,000 unique visitors. Of the 1,881 monuments included, 795 were photographed in the competition, representing 42.3% of the total. Wiki Loves Monuments thus became one of the most successful projects of Wikimedia Argentina.

In October, the long process of image review and evaluation started. This process was led by a jury composed by the Argentine photographers Diego Eidelman and Jorge Royán, Costa Rican photographer Jorge Albán, Wikimedia Argentina member Melisa Parisi and Erlan Vega, a Wikipedian from Bolivia. The local competition results were published on October 30th. The picture of Darwin Cemetery in Malvinas Islands by Tomás Terroba was declared the winner. The Awards Ceremony will be hosted in the following months.



Objectives: Strengthen cooperation between the Ibero American Wikimedia community.

Activities: Taking in considerations the discussions made in Iberoconf 2012, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Chile and Wikimedia Mexico worked in a coordinated way for the realization of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in those countries, helping each other in the organization of the contest (publication of lists and websites, press releases, jury composition, etc.).

Reporting and documentation of expenditures

Official income statement for Q3 2012 (in Spanish, in ARS)

Details of expenditures:

Member fees 150,00 31,45
Wikigénero reimbursments 19.601,36 4.109,30
Total revenue 19.751,36 4.140,75
Operating activities 26.019,07 5.454,73
Stationary and supplies 27,10 5,68
Local transportation 81,18 17,02
Salaries 23.680,00 4.964,36
Members' participation 1.164,64 244,16
Bank fees 1.066,15 223,51
GLAM 8.193,69 1.717,75
Travel allowances 2.534,15 531,27
Stationary and supplies 386,79 81,09
Catering 2.550,00 534,59
Do it yourself scanners 2.500,00 524,11
Other expenses 222,75 46,70
Wiki Women Camp 5.850,00 1.226,42
Brochures 4.500,00 943,40
Transcriptions 1.350,00 283,02
Federalization 743,00 155,77
Travel allowances 743,00 155,77
Librebus 80,00 16,77
Travel allowances 80,00 16,77
Total expenses 40.885,76 8.571,44
Q1+Q2+Q3 net income 197.565,37 41.418,32