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This was a submission to the Project and Event Grants Program from an group, organization, or individual in 2013-14, but was withdrawn by that group, organization, or individual before a funding decision was delivered.

Legal name of chapter
Asociación Civil Wikimedia Argentina
Grant contact name
Ivana Lysholm
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Ivana Lysholm
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Wikimedia Argentina Professionalization Program
Amount requested (in USD)
u$s 10'200
Provisional target start date
April 1th, 2011
Provisional completion date
September 30th, 2011


After four years working of volunteer work, the Association’s Comisión Directiva (CD, Board) envisaged it was impossible to correctly fulfill a series of administrative and planning tasks relying entirely on a voluntary basis. WM-AR’s CD decided to hire an Executive Director as the first step towards developing a general, comprehensive professionalization program. Additionally, WM-AR employs an external accountant since a couple of years ago.

WM-AR has been paying these expenses on its own, but our financial resources are considerably limited. Sadly, we can’t for the moment rely entirely on our own funds to cover these expenditures, at least not until we can effectively take part in the global WMF fundraising campaign, something our ED has been working on since her first day.

Wikimedia Argentina will present a long-term plan and the corresponding budget, should we require any kind of grants for that matter, in September this year, after our General Assembly takes place and a new CD is elected. This grant, thus, only covers the sixth months between our ED’s hiring, last April, and the approval of the proposed 2-yr-plan by the next GA. Our number of required employees can be expected to grow in the short term, at least by one.

Budget breakdown[edit]

The expenditures to be funded by the requested grant, during a 6-month period, are the following:

Role Per-month outcome (USD) 6-month total (USD)
Executive Director (Lic. Beatriz Busaniche) 1500 9000
Part-time accountant (CPN Patricia de Melo) 200 1200

Project scope[edit]

The general scope of the work to be done by our ED has to do with elaborating a 2-yr-plan for our Association, which should include a comprehensive professionalization program. Yet, as Beatriz is to date our sole full-time employee, she is also in charge of coordinating several events and activities Wikimedia Argentina may organize.

The following are among the immediate tasks WM-AR’s CD has requested her to work on between April and September, 2011:

  • Institutional reworking
    • Paperwork with government agencies to get 2009 and 2010 financial balances approved;
    • Complete pending grant reports;
    • In general, ensuring the house is in order for the next CD.
  • Fundraising
    • Paperwork with government agencies to be able to participate in global fundraising;
    • In-depth inquiry about Argentine regulations on tax-deductibility;
  • Communication
  • Elaboration of a 2-year-plan focusing on educational outreach, GLAM collaboration partnerships and a comprehensive professionalization program.

Project goal[edit]

To transform Wikimedia Argentina from a volunteer-depending organization into a volunteer-driven organization with professional support to effectively develop both its own goals and those in common with the rest of the Wikimedia movement.

Non-financial requirements[edit]


Fit to strategy[edit]

We think that the only way to accomplish both the Wikimedia movement’s strategic goals and our own projects as a chapter, which include helping organize other Wikimedia efforts in the region, is by lifting our complete dependence on volunteer work. Even if a huge amount of we’ll be doing in the future will continue to be volunteer work, and we want WM-AR to remain like that, we understand this is at times a limiting factor when having to organize complex activities or when having to deal with paperwork overload, i.e. willing to participate in the global fundraising campaign.

Measures of success[edit]

  • 2009 and 2010 financial balances approved;
  • Monthly reports with a detailed description of activities;
  • Fulfilling of all necessary procedures to participate in the global fundraising campaign;
  • Delivery of the aforementioned 2-year plan.