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Grants:PEG/WM AT/WikiCon 2012

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2011-12. This is a grant to an organization.

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Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant

german-speaking Wikipedians in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Grant contact name

Manuel Schneider

Grant contact username or email

User:80686 - manuel.schneider@wikimedia.ch

Grant contact title (position)

volunteer project leader

Project lead name

Manuel Schneider

Project lead username or email

User:80686 - manuel.schneider@wikimedia.ch

Project lead title (position), if any

volunteer project leader

Full project name

WikiCon 2012 - Wissen fängt mit "W" an!

Amount requested in USD or local currency (USD will be assumed if no other currency is specified)

10.000 EUR

Provisional target start date

31. August

Provisional completion date

2. September

Budget breakdown[edit]

Description Quantity Unit Price Quoted Effective
  • Breakfast: Sat, Sun
  • Lunch: Sat, Sun
  • Dinner: Fri, Sat
  • Coffee Breaks: Fri Sat, Sun
    • 2 Coffee Stations with Water and Juice
    • 1 Cafeteria with Fruits, Chocolate Bars and Bakery
200 12.000 €
Accommodation Hotel Dorfpark 38 2x2x 43 € 6.536 €
Accommodation Business Hotel 24*7 35 2x 96 € 6.720 €
Accommodation Sport Hall
  • Walter Gindelhumer, +43 5572 306-8204, walter.gindelhumer(_AT_)dornbirn.at
100 2x 4 € 800 €
Insurance Sports Hall 0 €
Security Service Sports Hall
  • 21 EUR / Stunde, 21 - 9 Uhr (2 x 12 Stunden)
  • Alfonso Mandracchia, +43 676 833062650, alfonso.mandracchia(_AT_)dornbirn.at
24 21 € 504 €
Public Transport Tickets Fri - Sun 200 550 €
Marketing Material: Flag Standard für Ausleger mit 5 cm Saum 3 190 € 570 €
Marketing Material: Flag aluminium (roadside) 1 495 € 495 €
Marketing Material: Banner for the Foyer
  • 800 x 270 cm, Sublimationsdruck, 4c auf Deco-Tex, 3cm Hohlsaum oben und unten
  • Hoferprint, thomas(_AT_)hoferprint.com, http://www.hoferprint.com/
4 68 € 272 €
Presents for Helpers / VIPs

people helping which do not get paid or do not receive any other compensation

  • Patron
  • Janitor
20 25 € 500 €
Accommodation Organising Team Wed - Sun (4 Nights)
  • Gustavf
  • Patrick
  • Flominator
  • Manuel + Annette
4 4x 390 € 1.560 €
Accommodation Speakers / Volunteers Fri - Sun (2 Nights) 64 2x 64 € 8.192 €
Total Expenses: (rounded) 40.000 €
Participation Fees 200 10 € 2.000 €
Accommodation Fee 100 2x 50 € 10.000 €
Defizit: (gerundet) 28.000 €
Sponsoring Wikimedia Österreich 1 5.000 € 5.000 € 5.000 €
Sponsoring Wikimedia Deutschland 1 10.000 € 10.000 € expected
Sponsoring Wikimedia CH 1 5.000 € 5.000 € 5.000 €
Wikimedia Grant 1 10.000 € 10.000 € expected
local Sponsoring 1 5.000 € 5.000 € expected
Contingency: (rounded) 7.000 €

Project Plan[edit]

WikiCon 2012 is the third revision of a german-speaking Wikimedia conference, organised by the community for the community. After Lüneburg, northern Germany in 2010 and Nürnberg, middle-east Germany in 2011 the event moves to Dornbirn, Austria.

Dornbirn is located at the border of Austria to Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The plan is to be better able to include german-speaking Wikimedians from these countries than it has been while the event was in Germany where only one or two participants from Switzerland and Austria attended.

The event starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon, allowing participants to attend without having to take vacation or only take one day of vacation. During the roughly two days they will have talks, presentations, workshops and panel discussions. A Call for Papers has been published on March 16th to invite the community to come up with their ideas.

The event will take place at the University of applied sciences of Vorarlberg (Fachhochschule Vorarlberg - FHV). The FHV is supporting the event and acts as a partner organisation to Wikimedia Österreich as they have several people on the organisation team supporting us with manpower. We can use all rooms on the FHV campus for free, there is free wifi all over the place which normally accommodates thousands of students and we have access to several studio rooms including all equipment in amounts to accommodate a whole class - such as a photo studio with DSLR cameras and special lighting, AV studio, sound studio with speaker cabin, PC and Mac rooms etc. Additionally we may use their staff for video coverage, IT support, janitor service. During the organisation phase people from the marketing team are supporting us in getting quotes from local companies, obtaining special rates from hotels and the public transport company and help us with media relations.

It is important to us to keep the barriers for participation low, so we have taken care for several benefits for our participants:

  • there is free accommodation in a sports hall, for those breakfast will be included in the catering at the FHV
  • hotel rooms have been booked at a special rate
  • all participants will in advance receive a ticket for the public transport which they just need to print and bring with them, it is valid from Friday to Sunday in the whole state of Vorarlberg including the border stations in the adjacent countries, that way participants only need to book transportation to these stations within their countries and continue their travel for free
  • we are currently working on getting free entry to several cultural offerings such as museums, the cable car to the nearby mountain and the inatura nature and technology park
  • the participation fee is as low as 5 EUR per day or 10 EUR for the whole weekend and more of symbolical value than actually covering our costs
  • all adjacent chapters - Wikimedia Österreich, Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia CH offer travel scholarships


The conference will include more people than only Wikimedians. Therefore we have planned a set of actions:

  • 2012 is the European Year of Active Aging. We will have special talks covering that topic by local organisations and by partners of the TAO (Third Age Online) project where also Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia Deutschland are involved.
  • There are several professors (Heidi Weber, Falko Willms, Roland Alton) at FHV which engage in Wikimedia, especially Wikiversity. They have contacts to several other graduates which have an addiction to Wikimedia such as Peter Haber, Jan Eissfeldt. There is a special track planned to accommodate these. Jan Eissfeldt is working on further contacts to wiwiwiki, the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Textus Project.
  • our most important aim is to be open for the public - we want people from the area which are no Wikimedians to come by and get in touch with us
    • Therefore we have planned a lot of media outreach which is what FHV can support us perfectly.
    • We have budgeted several marketing materials such as flags and banners which can be put outside the FHV in very prominent places a week prior the event to make everyone in the city aware of the event.
    • We offer the opportunity to buy a "day ticket" for 5 EURs on-site. It includes also the catering for those who just walk by and want to have a look. The Friday is free and open for everyone.
    • Students of FHV have free access to the event.
  • it is also planned to offer an excursion for those who want to have a look outside. The planning is currently done by the program team. As all participants will have their free public transport tickets and we hopefully get free entry to interesting places the excursion could be organised easily without further costs

The conference itself is completely planned and implemented by volunteers of three countries - with the support of FHV staff on certain matters and the supply of information and sponsoring by the Wikimedia chapters. The organising team was established after meetings and talks at several Wikimedia meetups and volunteers subscribed to help on german Wikipedia. The whole planning process is done on the public members wiki of Wikimedia Österreich:

The conference program is created by the community. A call for papers has been published on March 16th:

since then we are collecting suggestions and submissions for the program

Time Frame[edit]

Date Comment
2011-11-13 WikiCon 2012 announced, Wikipedia page created, poll about date started, started looking for partners
2011-12-16 Fachhochschule Vorarlberg contacted us offering their support
2012-01-16 date has been fixed - August 31st - September 2nd, figures and material of WikiCon 2011 has been received, inquiries to hotels sent
2012-02-11 meeting on site with the organisation team and FHV team, walking the venue, discussing possibilities - images: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:WikiCon_2012_Veranstaltungsort
2012-02-16 hotels for participants reserved (73 rooms)
2012-03-08 hotels for organising team and speakers reserved (34 rooms next to FHV)
2012-03-09 sports hall and security booked, babycare fixed
2012-03-16 Call for Papers started: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiCon_2012/Programm
2012-03-23 catering fixed, VVV (public transport tickets) fixed
2012-04-09 second info e-mail to community sent: http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikide-l/2012-April/023252.html
2012-04-12 public announcement that Andrea Kaufmann, member of the government of Vorarlberg, is endorsing WikiCon, she will hold the opening speech
2012-04-16 the municipality of Dornbirn announced that they will offer free guided city tours (on two different topics) for WikiCon participants
2012-04-18 registration starts - using the CiviCRM system of Wikimedia Österreich: http://www.wikimedia.at/civicrm/event/info?id=1&reset=1, first press release: http://mitglieder.wikimedia.at/Projekte/WikiCon_2012/Pressemeldungen
2012-05-08 sponsoring fixed (local financial sponsors & free entry for activities)
2012-06-30 Call for Papers ends, program team selects submissions and creates the schedule
2012-07-29 normal registration ends, we fix the hotel rooms, further registration for sports hall still possible, program ready
2012-08-22 marketing material ready, flags will be mounted, press release
2012-08-29 t-shirts and lanyards ready, organisation team arriving at Dornbirn
2012-08-30 last arrangements with FHV - programming infoscreens to show WikiCon schedule, activating free Wifi
2012-08-31 WikiCon 2012 starts
2012-09-02 WikiCon 2012 ends, shutdown, organisation team returns home

Non-financial requirements[edit]

There will be no further requirement from Wikimedia Foundation, except the Wikimedia Foundation press team is interested in covering the event with a press release.

Fit to strategy[edit]

  • participation: by bringing together Wikimedians and non-Wikimedians, by inviting the public to learn more about Wikimedia, by motivating people to engage further by low barriers to participate in the event and get deeper involved in the community
  • quality: by enhancing the experience of the participants, by giving them input from keynote speakers, presentations and workshops, learning new skills in hands-on workshops (such as photography, video recording, graphical editing...)
  • outreach: reaching out to the public and media due to our press releases around the event, making use of the PR relations of FHV and the chapters, by including the academic scene and giving them their own track on the conference program, by inviting elderly and offering a special program for them

Other benefits[edit]

Due to the high attention of media and the participation of educational institutions and politians Wikimedia Österreich will be able to make new partnerships for future projects.

Also we broaden the horizon of the german Wikipedia community by bringing them to a conference outside Germany without having a language barrier as international conferences normally have. Due to this barrier the consistency of the community on german conferences and on international conferences usually differes greatly.

Measures of success[edit]

  • number of participants (planned: around 200)
  • number of workshops and talks (planned: two keynotes, two panels, 40 talks / presentations, ten workshops)
  • press coverage
  • number of participating politicians and other non-Wikimedian officials (planned: 20%)
  • follow-up projects due to new contacts between Wikimedia organisations and external organisations

Team members (optional)[edit]

  • Project Leader: Manuel Schneider (DE)
  • Registration Team: Gustavf (DE)
  • Technics Team: Flominator (DE)
  • Programm Team: Pakeha (CH)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Asurnipal (AT)

plus several more volunteers in the teams