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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

This is the 5th report on Mediagrant, which aims to summarize our progress from April till June 2012. Members of the current Mediagrant 'eye' are still the same, Chmee2, Packa and Vojtech.dostal. Overall, we consider this to be a successful term, as the expenditures for the collection topics nearly doubled over the last three months, with 51 journeys being made by our participants (much more than in the same period last year).

Overview of MG media collection topics[edit]

Current long-term topics (as of 30 June 2012)
Name Description Journeys
Objects Photographs Expenditures CZK Paid out CZK
Foto českých obcí Documentation of Czech Municipalities including the smallest ones 48 507 4356 12 832 ($650) 8 521
Lidová architektura Vernacular architecture 1 1 31 728 ($40) 0
Lidové kroje a zvyky Czech Vernacular Clothes and Customs 2 2 301 2 100 ($110) 2 000
Obrazová dokumentace chráněných území a památných stromů v ČR Documentation of protected Natural Areas and Memorable Trees in the Czech Republic 65 244 4533 10 985 ($550) 8 085
Odborná fotografie Scientific Photography 2 2 80 270 ($20) 120
Události Documentation of important events in the Czech Republic 2 2 93 132 ($10) 97
Vodstvo Water bodies of the Czech Republic 1 2 47 2032 ($110) 2032
Židovské památky Documentation of Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic 9 123 1295 4 431 ($230) 3 257
Summary 130 883 10 736 33 515 ($1680) 24 117
Latest one-time requests (April – June 2012)
Name Description Photographs Expenditures CZK Paid out CZK
Přenosný skener pro Wikizdroje Handy scanner for Wikisources N/A 3 526 ($180) 3 526
Výlet s WikiProjektem Chráněná území One-day trip with WikiProject Protected areas (English report) 62 1 968 ($100) 1 968
Fotoworkshop jaro 2012 Photographic workshop spring 2012 980 17 500 ($880) 17 500
Summary 1042 22 994 ($1160) 22 994
One-day trip with WikiProject Protected areas


  • There will always be some difference between “Expenditures” and “Paid out” because there is always a time delay between recording expenditures into tracker and supporting them by documents and approving them. The second reason for this is that a few expenditures were decided not be approved in full extent.
  • The amounts in USD was rounded.


Total amount of all Mediagrant expenditures: 122 724,85 CZK (approx. 6460 USD)

  • one-time requests: 89 210,25 CZK (4700 USD)
  • long-term topics: 33 514,60 CZK (1680 USD)


Jewish cemetery in Kolinec (Documentation of Jewish monuments topic)

An effort has been made to make contacts with a Czech magazine "Turista" (Tourist) and publish an article to promote our goals and grants. We were declined right away by the publisher, stating that he is unwilling to popularize a project that would 'steal' the photographers from him (who pays them while we want them to publish their photos for free).

A recent photoworkshop has proved to be quite a success in terms of outreach towards other participants. The format of the workshop (a three-day photographic session payed by Mediagrant money) makes it difficult to invite all 'potential' participants eg. via social sites. However, thanks to several invitations at the regular Wiki-meetings, we attracted some new photographers (i.e. who have not taken part at the workshops so far). Furthermore, nearly 1000 photos have been made by the participants during this workshop and as part of their “homework” (see Category:Fotoworkshop Kokořínsko 2012).

In case of people who have not even contributed to WMF projects, it seems better to organize one-day events in the vicinity of bigger cities - such as the 8th May trip of WikiProject Protected Areas near Prague, where people contacted with social sites get to meet Wikipedians and learn what Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons are all about.

Clerical work in MG[edit]

We are reviewing results of current volunteer work done by entrusted chapter members. If it proves difficult to ensure the clerical work by means of volunteering, we want to provoke a broad debate over the matter.