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Grants:PEG/WM HU/Annual Program Plan 2012/Report/Q4

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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.



This is Wikimedia Hungary's fourth quaterly report in 2012, covering activities in October, November and December.

Article writing contest about literature


We had our literature themed article writing contest between 5 October and 20 November.

The results were far better than expected on all possible fields; more users participated, more new users registered and more articles were created than ever imagined. The 50 participants nominated a total of 130 articles for the contest. The winner wrote 17, the runner-ups 13 and 12. Their quality were also above expectations. We created some special awards to honor the "best newcomer" the "best returning user" and the "best quality article".

Wikimedia CEE Meeting


WMHU sent two representatives to attend Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia on October 13-14.

Our chapter supported the event with 1000 euros. 45 participants came from 17 countries. 38 of them were from 14 different CEE countries, while the remaining 7 joined from the USA, Germany and the UK. There are 9 Wikimedia chapters in the region. Amongst those lacking a chapter five countries (Bosnia, Greece, Macedonia, Armenia and Turkey) were present.

The event aimed to share operational experiences and best practices about improving Wikipedia through chapters' work. We did not gave a speech, but participated actively in the panel discussions. Besides the traditional ones (article writing contests, maintenance contests, etc.) we generated huge interest in two of our projects: Photowalks (Fotóséták) and WikiCamp (Wikitábor)

We had a meeting with the Estonian chapter to discuss the possibilities of supporting small Finno-Ugric Wikipedias (Finnugor együttműködés) and about a Finno-Ugric conference planned for this summer by the Estonians. We promised to support the event and to participate actively.

General assembly and Wikipedian meetup


On 1 December WMHU held her general assembly in Budapest combined with a Wikipedian meetup in the afternoon/night.

The board reported about their work in 2012, then, since their mandate had expired, the assembly elected a new board. Two of the outrunning board's members decided not to run again therefore two new persons joined the five member committee, both as members of the board, while a new executive vice-president was elected. The president and the financial vice-president were reelected.

A new member of the supervisory board was elected to replace the one resigned in October.

After the elections the outgoing board presented the programme plan for 2013 and the event finished with discussing the remaining issues.

The Wikipedian meetup held in the afternoon was also the venue for the literature writing contest's awards ceremony. We celebrated Wikimedia Hungary's fourth birthday with a cake.

This was the last working day for our first and only employee, who quit for a new job in Austria.

Free Software Conference


The FSF.hu Foundation (the Hungarian chapter of the Free Software Foundation) had its annual conference and exhibition on 8 December in Budapest with about 300 participants. The event lasted from half past nine untill five in the afternoon. The lectures were held in three separed sections. The exhibition about free softwares and free culture run in parallel in the hall. Wikimedia Hungary participated as an exhibitor to popularize Wikipedia. [1]

WHMU was represented by three of our experienced members, whom ensured all the questions got answered about Wikipedia. We offered brosschures in Hungarian (Welcome to Wikipedia!) and badges. Much more people were interested in Wikipedia this year than was last year. We got many questions about the structure of Wikipedia and about editing.



We published a blog post in our blog ([2]) and one in WMF's ([3]) and a press release ([4]) about the literature article writing contest.

Upcoming events

  • January 15, meetup in a pub to celebrate Wikipedia Day
  • Hiring our first full time employee
  • Finding our new office
  • Closing the bids for our annual Wikicamp (Deadline: March 1)