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Grants:PEG/WM NL/Annual Program Plan 2012/Report/Q4

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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikimedia Nederland Quarterly Statement of Activities for the fourth quarter of 2012[edit]

This is the report of activities of Wikimedia Nederland for the fourth quarter of 2012, as required by the chapter grant agreement for 2012.

This report includes UNAUDITED figures for the whole year 2012[edit]

A draft annual report is currently being audited by an external auditing firm. All figures below are unaudited.


current board

The current composition of the Board is (board roles per board resolution of April 14, 2012) :

  • Ziko van Dijk, president
  • Paul Becherer, secretary
  • Ad Huikeshoven, treasurer
  • Sandra Fauconnier
  • Frans Grijzenhout
  • Sarah Morassi

Measurement against timeline and targets[edit]

Most targets as put forth in the Annual Plan cannot yet be evaluated as they are end-of-year targets. Nevertheless, we have attempted to measure activities against the timelines provided in that same document. This is included in the table with financial information. An explanation of the colours and statuses:

OK Continuous item. Spending is within reasonable limits
On schedule Timed item. Activity is on schedule to be finished (delivered) on time
Not yet started Timed item. Timeframe for that activity has not yet arrived.
Needs attention Continuous item. Currently underspending or too little activity
Overdue, in progress Timed item. Delayed, but being worked on, with reasonable expectation of delivery
At risk of delay Timed item. Possibly delayed because an item that it requires is delayed and is not yet worked on.
Overdue, not started yet Delayed, and not being worked on. Risk of non-delivery.
Overdue, postponed/cancelled Delayed, and postponed until next year or cancelled.

Individual description of yellow and red items follows below the table. Some of the items contain references to events past the reporting period. Throughout this report WMNL is shorthand for Wikimedia Nederland.

Summary of activities statement Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland Jan 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

Preliminary figures, not audited. All amounts in euro (€). Thousand separator used is ".", the decimal separator used is ",", so "1.200,30" signifies one thousand two hundred euro and thirty cent.

1 General public[edit]

The "General public" is defined as the group of people WMNL can reach within the geographic constraints of the Netherlands.


  • be known as a reliable organization
  • be recognized as a supporting force of Wikimedia projects
  • increase public awareness of Wikimedia and free licenses

Measurable output[edit]

  • By the end of 2012, 10% of respondents in a representative survey identify WMNL as an organization behind Wikipedia
  • WMNL is mentioned 25% more times in 2012 than in 2011 in association with Wikipedia in relevant media coverage
  • In 2012, the organization's reporting standards are met
  • By the end of 2012, 80% of respondents who know what WMNL is, consider it a reliable organization in a representative survey


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
General public
Press releases and contacts - - cont OK
Improve communication methods - - jan - jun On schedule
Reiterate strategic goals, vision, plans, objectives on website - - jan - mar On schedule
Develop and publish reporting standards - - jan - mar On schedule
Annual report 2.652,88 3.000,00 jan - mar OK
Total general public   2.652,88   3.000,00      


Press releases and contacts
  • Press releases were sent out concerning the Wikimedia Conference Nederland. As a result, interviews with Jimmy Wales (key-note speaker at the conference) were published in two national newspapers and on websites. WMNL Director Sandra Rientjes was interviewed for two national radio-stations.
  • Several journals and websites dedicated to heritage and monuments paid attention to the results of the Wiki Loves Monuments competition.
Improve communication methods
  • A start was made with the design of a new WMNL website. A working group of volunteers, boardmembers and staff agreed on the overall concept for the new site and the search started for a webbuilder.
  • Board members Paul Becherer, Ziko van Dijk and Frans Grijzenhout worked together to improve transparency and user-friendliness of the WMNL-wikis
  • A more attractive and informative leaflet about WMNL was produced. It will be 'launched' during the New Years gathering in January 2013.
Develop and publish reporting standards
The reporting standards related to the CBF certification were introduced as the framework for the reporting process 2012 and is now ready for full implementation from January 2013 onwards.
Annual report 2011

2 Donors[edit]

The stakeholder group "Donors" is defined as all people or organizations who have donated to Wiki(p/m)edia who live or are established in the Netherlands, or who have specifically made donations to WMNL.


  • reliability of the organization
  • transparency of reporting
  • donor retention

Measurable output[edit]

  • The organization's reporting standards are met
  • The annual plan execution is measurable and is executed within 90% of expected targets
  • By end of 2012, fulfill the prerequisites of CBF certification relevant to WMNL's success as an organization. The Centraal Bureau Fondswerving (CBF) is the Dutch independent monitoring agency for fundraising organisations and charities in the Netherlands.
  • In 2012, there will have been 1000 repeat donations
  • By end of 2012, 10% of donors in a representative survey state that they will donate again in the following year.
  • By end of 2012, 50% of respondents in a representative survey state that WMNL is a charity worth giving to.


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Research CBF prerequisites 505,00 1.200,00 jan - mar OK
Set up recurring donations process - 1.500,00 jan - mar Overdue, postponed/cancelled
Draft test and send appeal - 2.000,00 mar - jun OK
Communicate achievements and plans to donors - - mar - jun OK
Research charity websites and submit information - - mar - jun OK
Total donors   505,00   4.700,00      


Research CBF prerequisites
  • The Centraal Bureau Fondswerving (CBF) is a Dutch independent monitoring agency for fundraising organisations and charities in the Netherlands. Its certifications are well-regarded, and involve a thorough audit of the organizational aspects of charities.
Recurring donations. testing and appeal
  • Newly appointed office staff started work on developing a CRM system that will allow for an efficient and professional approach to donors. This is expected to be operational in Q2/2013.
Communication to donors
  • In December, a special newsletter was sent out to everyone who had donated to WMNL over the past year. This resulted in 5 new members and 22 donations.
Research charity websites and submit information

3 Community and members[edit]

The stakeholder group "Community" is hard to define, because we have never measured it before. For the purposes of our 2012 plan, we define it to be contributors of the Dutch Wikipedia, as well as in a broader context, all contributors to Wikimedia sister projects in the Netherlands. The stakeholder group "members" refers to members of WMNL (who are also considered members of the "community").

WMNL considered to create an advisory board but came to the conclusion that the time is too early; there should be a larger social base before starting this. The association does have the position of advisor, with a number of advisors mentioned on the WMNL website.


  • activation and support of volunteers
  • increase in membership
  • activate existing members

Measurable output[edit]

  • Increase participation in WMNL activities by 20%.
  • By end of 2012, 70% of Wikimedia contributors in the Netherlands responding in a representative survey have a favorable view of WMNL.
  • Increase membership from the Wikimedia community by 20%.
  • Increase number of WMNL volunteers by 20%.
  • Execute at least two larger-scale events directed at Wikimedians and the general public.


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Community and members
Wikimedia Conference Netherlands or similar 10.673,60 10.000,00 may - nov OK
Small-scale community events [C] 1.257,33 2.000,00 cont On schedule
Improve membership application process - 400,00 mar - jun Overdue, postponed/cancelled
Approach existing donors for increased participation - - mar - jun OK
Research membership types - - mar - jun OK
Wiki Loves Monuments NL 2012 9.635,84 10.000,00 mar - sep OK
Placing articles/how-tos in relevant "traditional media" - - cont Overdue, postponed/cancelled
Small activities budget 939,55 1.500,00 cont OK
Consider/develop additional "specialist" volunteer position and/or advisory board - - jan - mar OK
Budget for unspecified programs [S] 5.311,85 20.000,00 cont On schedule
Total community and members   27.818,17   43.900,00      


Wikimedia Conference Netherlands 2012
Jimmy @ WCN12
  • The annual Wikimedia Conference Nederland took place on November 9th in Utrecht. The event was organised by a team consisting of volunteers, board members and staff. The Conference was attended by some 130 visitors; for 30 of them it was the first time they attended a WMNL event. The presence of Jimmy Wales generated media attention.
  • Videorecording of Jimmy Wales' keynote
  • Videorecording of Lydia Pintschers talk
Dutch Hackathon
  • On November 10 (the day following the Wikimedia Conference Nederland) 21 people participated in a Hackathon, held in Amsterdam. The event was entirely organised by volunteers.
Small scale community events
  • Following the example of Wikimedia Sweden WMNL started a technology pool, offering members and volunteers the opportunity to borrow equipment such as a camera or a beamer. The camera was already used to make photographs for participants during TEDx Amsterdam. These image are made available via Commons.
WikiSaturday December 22
  • Also in Q4, the WMNL offices were open every second Saturday to provide members and volunteers with a place to meet and work together. On Saturday, December 22, the season was closed with a special celebratory Wiki-Saturday.
Improve membership application process
  • To make it easier for people to apply for membership, coupons are included in the new Wikipedia and Wikimedia Leaflets
  • An easy application module is included in the terms of reference for the new website
Wiki Loves Monuments NL 2012
  • In total, 7400 images were uploaded of Dutch Monuments. The Jury announced the prizewinning photographs of the Wiki Loves Monuments competition in the Netherlands during the Wikimedia Conference Nederland.
Small activities budget
  • A new [set of policies and procedures for the small activities budget has been developed which will be in effect on January 1st, 2013.
Consider/create 'specialist' volunteer positions and/or advisory board
  • In October a board decision was taken continue to work with specialist volunteers (juridical, technical) and to postpone the discussion about an advisory board.
Budget for unspecified programs
  • The year to date amount for this line item has been spent on support of the Wikimedia Chapters Conference for five thousand euro, and for participation by a board member of GlamCamp in London. No other activities have been realised in this line item.

4 International[edit]

The stakeholder group "International" refers to other Wikimedia chapters and the WMF.


  • participate in activities
  • take the lead in innovative projects

Measurable output[edit]

  • Participate in all relevant international Wikimedia activities.
  • Fulfill all obligations of WMNL within the Cosyne project (a European project in the 7th Framework Programme).
  • Take the lead in one international public and community project.


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Reps to Chap. Conf. / Fundraising Summit 560,44 1.500,00 feb-apr OK
Reps to Wikimania 4.706,68 3.000,00 jul OK
Travel budget for volunteers 861,35 5.000,00 cont OK
Wiki Loves Monuments International 11.338,94 15.000,00 mar - sep OK
Support translation rallies 2.000,00 2.000,00 cont OK
Software testing for CoSyne project 2.565,55 10.023,00 cont OK
Total international   22.032,96   36.523,00      


Reps to Wikimania and other conferences
  • Representatives of Wikimedia Nederland attended the Chapters Conference, Berlin Hackaton, Wikimania DC, GLAMwiki London
  • Wikimedia Nederland has been in the lead for both Wiki Loves Monuments International and Wikimedia Chapters Association
Wiki Loves Monuments international
Software testing for CoSyne project
  • The CoSyne project is funded by a grant received from an EU consortium. Spending with respect to this project will be reimbursed from the grant received from the CoSyne consortium. The costs for this project as specified here will not be covered by the WMF grant.
  • CoSyne was presented during the Wikimedia Conference Nederland in November.
  • WMNL Board member Frans Grijzenhout attended a meeting of the CoSyne management group in Berlin. During his stay there, he also discussed further cooperation in this field with WMDE.

5 Institutional contacts and cooperation[edit]

The stakeholder group "Institutional contacts" refers to large institutions that WMNL works with, and/or who support our larger projects.


  • connect Wikimedia community with institutions and their communities
  • giving feedback to institutions

Measurable output[edit]

  • By end of 2012, the Top 20 cultural heritage institutions will have been contacted by WMNL, at least three of them will have engaged in activities with us.
  • All contact requests by cultural heritage institutions are appropriately responded to.
  • By end of 2012, Wikimedia Commons contains photographs of at least two thirds of all listed monuments in the Netherlands.


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Institutional contacts and cooperation
Create volunteer guide for partnerships - 1.000,00 jan - mar Overdue, postponed/cancelled
Recruit and train volunteers - - apr - jun Overdue, not started yet
Respond to contact requests - - cont OK
Develop GLAM-tools 40.000,00 40.000,00 cont On schedule
Institutional contacts and cooperation   40.000,00   41.000,00      


Institutional contacts and cooperations
  • Frans Grijzenhout en Maarten Dammers represented Wikimedia Nederland during the official launch of Rijksstudio. Rijksstudio is a new application from the Rijksmuseum. A large part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum is now digitalized in high resolution. Rijksstudio provides visitors with an up-to-date toolset for viewing and working with images. Arrangements were made to start discussions between WMNL, wikipedia volunteers and the staff of the Rijksmuseum.
  • On Wikizaterdag October 27 the GLAM working group have been together in our Utrecht office. Board member Sandra Fauconnier organized a brainstorm session in order to explore the possibilities of working together with the Koninklijke biliotheek / Rijksarchief (National Library / National Archive).
  • Rijksmuseum: On november 22 there was a brainstorm meeting between Wikimedia Nederland and the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum placed more than 15,000 images online under the name Rijksstudio. After interesting discussions we drew up a list with 10 possible ways of a more intensive cooperation between WMNL and the Rijksmuseum, also on a international level. Next session and further steps in early Spring 2013.
  • Contact with the Department of Special Collections of the University Library (UB) of the University of Amsterdam. The UB will organize guided tours for our members during the Nieuwjaarsborrel.
  • User:Multichill has started batch uploading about half a million images from the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE - Governmentdepartment for Cultural Heritage).
Recruit and train volunteers;
  • Recruitment of volunteers is an ongoing process. At each activity organises appeals have been sent out to attract new volunteers. Formalised training hasn't started yet. A training is scheduled for March 2013.
Respond to contact requests
  • WMNL director Sandra Rientjes met with a representative of Erfgoedlab/Erfgoedstem about cooperation in the field of monuments and heritage.
Develop GLAM-tools
  • WMNL Board member Sandra Fauconnier took part in a meeting of the supervisory committee of the Europeana GLAM Wiki tool project.

6 Internal[edit]

The target area "Internal" refers to our WMNL board and the WMNL organization.


  • hiring staff
  • capacity building
  • process improvement

Measurable targets[edit]

  • Hire and retain a director
  • By end of March, a board manual will have been produced to improve transition between boards.
  • By the end of 2012, the WMNL board fulfills all its responsibilities effectively.


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Create board manual - - jan - mar OK
Recruitment of board members - - cont OK
Training of board members / volunteers - 3.000,00 cont Overdue, postponed/cancelled
Hire and retain director - 10.000,00 jan - mar OK
Total internal   -   13.000,00      


Create board manual
  • Ziko van Dijk and Frans Grijzenhout brought the relevant documents together on the wiki of WMNL.
Recruitment of board members
  • Boardmember Cyriel Brusse resigned in November 2012.
Training of board-members
  • Postponed to April 2013.
Hire and retain director, staff
  • Two new employees for the positions of Communication and Community Support started work on October 1.
  • In December, another vacancy was announced: projectcoordinator GLAM. WMNL received 111 applications. Hiring process to be continued in January 2013.

7 Surveys and studies[edit]

The target area "Surveys and studies" is a catch phrase for our need to collect data in order to be able to measure our performance (this is new in 2012).


  • data acquisition for measurement of current position and 2012 objectives

Measurable output[edit]

  • Data for the measurable output of other targets.


Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Surveys and studies 10.595,05 10.000,00 cont Overdue in progress


  • The survey agency Motivaction, started preparation for a large scale survey among members of WMNL and Dutch Wikipedia editors. The survey is monitored by a small supervisory board (Eric Zachte, Sarah Morassi). The survey will take place in January 2013.

8 Subtotals per group/target area[edit]

The Annual_Program_Plan_2012 specified

  • Staff time for direct support in the different areas above: 1596 hours, which is around 0.85 - 0.9 FTE (this estimate may be on the low side)
  • Volunteer time: 4104 hours / 2.3 FTE (of which 1074 h / 0.6 FTE for the Board members)
  • Material budget: EUR 151.600

9 Overhead[edit]

Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Overhead
Office space 18.024,69 12.000,00 cont OK
Accounting/controlling/advice 11.969,07 10.000,00 cont OK
Misc. travel and meeting costs 14.017,64 7.000,00 cont OK
Banking fees (incl. interest) 230,56 1.000,00 cont OK
Insurances 411,38 5.000,00 cont OK
Salary administration 1.068,97 1.500,00 cont OK
Technical facilities 4,659,50 3.000,00 cont OK
Total overhead   50.381,81   39.500,00      
Office space
  • Wikimedia Nederland has hired office space in Utrecht. In November additional office space was hired. Costs incurred includes furniture.
  • An external auditing/accounting firm helps Wikimedia with financial accounting, providing accounting software services and consulting services related to financial accounting and governance. The amount includes the fee for translation our strategy document to english
Misc. travel and meeting costs
  • Travel and meeting costs covers 1) travel costs including but not limited to travel costs of board members to board meetings and all travel costs by employees and covers 2) meeting costs including but not limited to hire costs of meeting rooms for strategy weekend by the board, the board transition weekend, meetings of the general assembly.
  • Covers costs of one insurance policy against general board member liability
Salary administration
  • Our accounting firm also provides salary administration services
Technical facilities
  • These costs include server costs, domain name costs, telephony and laptops for employees

10 Staff[edit]

Plan:"We assume that we'll have to spend around EUR 120.000 in total for a full-time director and 1 FTE total for supporting functions (communications person, program assistant, office support) "

Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Staff 55.206,47 120.000,00 cont Hiring delayed
  • A director was hired starting May 1st, later than expected.
  • Two additional staff have been recruited, who started working October 1st.

Total expenses planned activities[edit]

Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Total expenses planned activities   209.192,34   311.623,00      

Activities added by GA[edit]

The Genereal Meeting added two items to the Annual Plan after the plan was submitted. These additions have been accepted by the WMF.

Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Activities added by GA
Legal advice - 5.000,00 cont Needs attention
Promotion 8.345,78 10.000,00 cont Needs attention
Total activities added by GA   8.345,78   15.000,00      
Legal advice
  • The generacl assembly felt the necessity to allocate funds for legal advice in case Wikimedia Nederland enters into a major contract like a chapter grant contract. No legal advice has been externally obtained. The expertise of the Director was used to review the draft Wikimedia Grant Agreement 2013
Promotion (activity added by GA)
At the request of the annual general meeting of October 22th, 2011, an extra line item of EUR 10,000 was added to the budget, to be used for mass-communication on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement. All publication costs have been allocated to this item.
  • Included in the spending for promotion are all printing costs for leaflets. Dutch regulation for fundraising non-profits consider all publishing cost as related to fundraising. Therefore all these printing costs have been included in the line promotion.

11 Financials[edit]

Total Expenses[edit]

Expenses Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Total expenses activities   217.538,12   326.623,00
Costs not allocated to activities 3.265,89 -
Total expenses   220.804,01   326.623,00
Costs not allocated to activities

These costs include office supplies and other general costs


The annual plan specified: "Given our current spending pattern, we estimate that our current assets at the end of 2011 will be around EUR 235.000. This includes the remainder of the 2010-2012 Professionalization Grant from WMF to WMNL. Given the totals in the present budget proposal (ca. 312.000), we would aim to bring down our reserves at the end of 2012 to ca. 156.000 (6 months of expenses under the currently proposed budget). That means that some EUR 80.000 of the proposed budget will be taken out of our reserves and designated funds in 2012 (but numbers depend on what is done before the end of 2011 with the remainder of the Professionalization Grant). The rest would then be covered by a WMF Chapters Grant and our own income (membership fees and donations outside of the yearly Fundraising campaign)."

Income Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Membership fees 3.674,00 3.500,00 OK
Donations 6.437,13 10.000,00 Lower than projected
Donations for WMF [D] 100,00 -
Chapters grant [G] 155.000,00 233.123,00
Interest 3.594,74 -
Wikimedia Conference Netherlands income 1.276,00 -
Adjustment -80,40 -
Total income   € 170.001,47   € 246.623,00      
Membership fees
  • Amounts received exceed expectations slightly

Wikimedia Nederland receives some monthly and yearly recurring donations by faithful donors. Wikimedia Nederland also receives spontaneaous donations from people who have visited the donations landing page on the Wikimedia Nederland website hosted on servers hired by Wikimedia Nederland. The 10 thousand euro estimate in the Annual Program Plan might have been to optimistic. We have hired extra staff that started working October 1st who will work on setting up a database of donors and other relations amongst many other duties. Wikimedia Nederland has send a letter to donors in Q4 with an appeal to donate. By deed deposited at a notary Wikimedia Nederland received the first one thousand euro in a recurring donations scheme for five years from one single generous donor.

Donations for WMF
  • One hundred euro in donations have been earmarked "for WMF"
Chapters grant 2012
The grant has been funded in the amount of € 155.000 and was received in October 2012.
  • Wikimedia Nederland received a small amount in interest on savings
Wikimedia Nederland Conference income
  • Entrance fees collected are reported separately of costs of the conference
  • Write off of a small receivables amount


Result Year-to-date Budget 2012 Timeline Status
Result   € -/- 50.802,54   € -/- 80.000,00      

Wikimedia Nederland has planned to produce an annual financial report audited by BDO, an external auditing firm, and the report will be approved by our General Assembly within 90 days after year end - that will be prior to April 1, 2013. (Draft) annual financial report is currently being audited by BDO. General Assembly is scheduled for March 2313, 20.

Wikimedia Nederland has produced three quarterly reports on time. Below you will find links to those quarterly reports.

Monthly reports have submitted to meta on time, for all twelve months of the year 2012, including the fourth quarter months October, November and December.
The following reports are available:

Below you will finds to all twelve monthly reports.


[D] Donations that have been marked as 'For the WMF' by the donor. These will have to be accounted for in the final settlement of the 2012 Chapter Grant
[S] Support of Chapters Conference of 5.000 euro has been allocated to unspecified programs, and a visit to GLAMcamp London
[C] WikiSaturdays and New Year's get together with backstage tour at Teylers Museum
[G] Amount includes original plan and the amount for two lines added by General Assembly. Inclusion has subsequently been approved in writing by WMF.