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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY 2011-12 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?

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Wikimedia Norway in April 2012, signed a national cooperation agreement with Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegian Culture Council), a semi-public entity organizing all GLAM institutions of Norway. Wikipedia Academy 2012 at April 23, 2012, was the first major event of practical co-operation, in which Wikimedia Norway hosted a seminar for GLAM institutions in Oslo. The academy was carried out in collaboration with a local high school which regularly does Wikipedia editing training of teachers, etc.

Wikipedia Academy 2012 was organized by a group of c. 10 volunteers, and attracted a total of 123 participants (including 20 high school students and approximately 60 GLAM sector professionals). Main guests were HRH Crown Prince Haakon, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Minister of Development Heikki Holmås and president of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Kristin Skogen Lund. The special guests visited the editing training course and took part in a special session celebrating the Wikipedia Zero agreement.

The academy has the following, local web entry: WMNO Wikipedia Academy 2012.

The academy has the following photo category at Wikimedia Commons.

The program of Wikipedia Academy 2012 in Oslo, was:

  • 1000–1600: Continuous training cources in editing Wikipedia. High school students of Drømtorp vdg skole trained volunteers and GLAM professionals.

  • 0830–0900: Registration
  • 0900–0930: Welcoming remarks Jarle Vines, Wikimedia Norge. Mr Vines was the moderator of the event and presented the full problem.
  • 0930–1005: Presentation of the Norwegian Culture Council project - Reidar Gjersvik, Norsk kulturråd. Mr Gjersvik is department director of the culture council, and the owner of the collaboration project with Wikimedia Norway. He introduced the plenary to the outreach project.
  • 1010–1035: Wikipedia and Digital Museum in museene outreach - Jon Birger Østby, Norsk Folkemuseum. Mr Østnby is the first ever wikipedian-in-residence in Norway, and informed participants of the progress and experience he has had in that position.
  • 1035–1100: Folkemuseet photo collections to the people - Tove Wefald Pedersen, Norsk Folkemuseum. Ms Pedersen is photo collection ditrector of the museum, and told the audience of the institutions' readiness to donate more than 150.000 photos, and how they are going to proceed in order to digitalize, categorize and release phtographic collections.
  • 1105–1135: Prrize ceremony for Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 - with donations from Canon Norge
  • 1105–1135: Prize ceremony for Wikipedian of the year. The winners were Claes Tande and Frode Korneliussen.
  • 1135–1200: Oslo's museums and archives open up their collections - Kristin M Gaukstad, Oslo Museum. Ms Gaukstad's institution is just about to install Norway's second wikipedian-in-residence, and informed about how they are attacking the task of releasing, categorizing and cross-lenking between Commons and Digital Museum / Oslobilder.
  • 1205–1235: DenThe Swedish Model: cooperation and openness - Lennart Gulbrandsson, Wikimedia Sverige. Mr Gulbrandsen elaborated on the experience of WMSE on several years of GLAM / outreach cooperation with Nordiska Museet and other institutions.
  • 1240–1305: Nordiska Museet: swedish pioneer in free lisence - Kajsa Hartig, Nordiska Museet, media blogger. Ms Hartig revealed the experience of the flagship Nordiska Museet with sharing vast cultural values in free lisences over several years.
  • 1310–1400: Plenary disussion: Free lisences at free speed - experiences with digital outreach. The contributors discussed dilemmas, challenges and gains from reaching out via Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.
  • 1400–1430: Lunch
  • 1400–1430: Room Asker: Jimmy Wales giving interviews to the media - here.
  • 1430–1445: Room Oslo: Wikipedia's development and future - Jimmy Wales.
  • 1500: Celebration of the Wikipedia Zero Asia agreement :: H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon participated with Jimmy Wales, Heikki Holmås, Kristin Skogen Lund, and c. 450 participants of Wikipedia Academy 2012 and GoOpen.
  • 1540–1600: Keynote speech session - Jimmy Wales
  • 1600–1610: H.R.H. Crown Prince haakon and the other special gusets visited the training hall and got editing instruction from the high school volunteers! Sysop Jimmy Wales assisted.
  • 1605–1645: Setting photos free on Wikimedia Commons - Hans Rossbach, sysop. Mr Rossbach went through all the technical does and donts, special tricks and cool softwares of photo uploading.
  • 1645–1700: AvslSumup and concluding remarks - Jarle Vines, Wikimedia Norge
  • 1730: Dinner at restaurant Aleksandros gathering 23 members of the board of WMNO, some volunteers, and c. 10 professionals of the GLAM sector of Norway.
  • 1900: Wiki-meetup at Lorry

Project goal and measures of success


The event coincided strongly with Wikimedia Norway's 2011-15 Strategy, emphasizing the GLAM sector. Ths event opened a collaboration process with the sector (i.e., the Norwegian Culture Council and it's individual institutions) that rund throughout 2012-2013.

Project goal


The project goal was described in the following way in the applications, with success measures indicated in italics:

  • The project goal is to attract museums, archives and other cultural institutions into open communication and licencing. The Norwegian Culture Council will support and partner up for the event to induce their member institutions to rethink past practices of exclusive licencing and artefact concealment. There is support from devoted individuals, both within the Council and among several member institutions, to share best practice and attract more institutions to open up and share their resources. The main elements are listed below, with lead or best practice institutions indicated in brackets:
  • Opening up data archives for mirroring and/or deep linking of content (National Library, National Archives)
  • There is as yet limited success here.
  • Communicating museum stories and exhibits through Wikipedia (museums)
  • There was a stong line of testimonial from flagship museums that motivated other institutions to follow suit. Nordiska Museet (Stockholm) and Folkemuseet (Oslo) are the largest museums of Sweden and Norway, respectively, and they gave strong testimonials of the potentials and success of outreach through Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedian-in-residence - best practice-sharing (Norwegian Museum of Cultural History + Oslo Museum)
  • The result (agreed at the academy) is at least 3 openings for wikipedians-in-residence at the Riksarkivet (National Archive), Nasjonalmuseet (National Museum), and one more institutions. An information meeting at June 5 will gather institutions and volunteers, and inform each part of the position openings.
  • Opening up photo archives for open licencing (Oslo City Museum, Oslo City Collections, archives).
  • The Oslo museums and archives are opening up their archives, in a process led by WMNO board member Lars Roede and director Kristin Gaukstad.
  • Practical training in Wikipedia editing and Commons downloading and licencing (continuous training course).
  • We trained volunteers throughout the day, and gave a practical, almost 1-hour training course in uploading, lisencing, IPR, Commonist, Wizard, etc for more than 70 volunteers and GLAM professionals.

Our goal was to attract 100 people, as against 50 last year. the result was 101 ordinary participants plus 22 high school students.

Lessons learned


What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects?

  • Choose only state-of-the-art contributors to deliver lections
  • Identify as many volunteers as possible to assist with practical issues
  • Attract celebrities by means of mobilizing the one with reference to the other...
  • Hotel had only 2 Mb/sec connection, check this well in advance and demand more!
  • Take much care in mobilizing photographers to document the event!
  • Follow up all contacts and project leads!

What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation?

  • Attracted at leatst 3 institutions for wikipedian-in-residence openings
  • Attracted at least 15 institutions to attend and get the full message of motivation
  • Provided dynamics for the present progress with the culture council project.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures


Did you send WMF documentation of all expenses paid for with grant funds?

The Wikipedia Academy 2012 had the following costs and budget:

Activity NOK Costs ~USD Costs USD Budget Comments
= 5,3 NOK
Wikipedia Academy 2012 - GLAM April 2012, with the Norwegian Culture Council (Norsk Kulturråd), Oslo
Travel expences 1 2,582.oo- 490.00- 2,000.oo- Reimbursing expences of 5 wikimedian volunteers (Meyer, Larsen)
Travel expences 2 1,336.34- 250.oo- 2,000.oo- Reimbursing expences of Kajsa Hartig, Stockholm
Travel expences 3 .. .. 1,000.oo- Reimbursing expences of Lennart Guldbrandsson, Sweden
Travel expences 4 190.oo- 35.oo- .. Reimbursing in-town taxi travel of Jarle Vines, WMNO chairman
Acommodation .. .. 300.oo- Reimbursing expences of 1 lecturer
Compensations .. .. 1,500.oo- Potential reimbursments for lecturers
Prizes 4,000.oo- 755.oo- .. Prizes for "Wikipedian of the Year", 2 prizes
Localities 71,212.oo- 13,450.oo- 1,000.oo- Radisson BLU Scandinavia Hotel, incl lunch, etc
Lunch, etc Above Above 6,000.oo- Cost NOK 29,750 for 50 participants (included in Localities, above)
Seminar magazines 4,312.50- 815.oo- 1,000.oo- Printing costs of three different hand-outs to Go Open / WA12
Photo copying costs 960,oo- 180.oo- 1,000.oo- Magnified copies of WLM photos, frames, etc
Mini-bus rental .. .. 700.oo- For picking up lecturers at Oslo Airport
Parking 340.oo- 65.oo- .. Private car parking, driving Jimmy Wales from airport
Broadband and PC costs .. .. 1,500.oo- Added speed, 15 PCs for edit training
Dinner for volunteers and lecturers 6,886.oo- 1,300.oo- 2,000.oo- Evening dinner before Wiki meetup
Buffer .. .. 1,000.oo-
Total costs 91,818.84- 17,325.oo- 21,000.oo- Await invoice from Jarle Vines
Funding, other sources 14,200.oo- 2,700.oo- 5,000.oo- Norwegian institutions, participant fees
WMF Grant 77.618.84- 14,650.oo- 16,000,oo-

Will you be requesting re-allocation of remaining grant funding?

  • Answer: No.

Will you be returning unused funds to the Wikimedia Foundation?

  • Answer: Yes.

Will you be requesting an extension or were you granted an extension?

  • Answer: No.

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