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Main projects[edit]

Program Project Description Amount in €
Educational programs Wikipedia in Schools Lectures and workshops on faculties and in secondary schools. Continuation of projects regarding Seminal papers on Wikipedia and Wiki Gymnasium. Starting the Wiki High School project. The project encompasses more than 1200 pupils 1,250.00
budget background

working material 200€
promotional material 800€
communication and transport expenses 150€
other 100€

Wikinews in schools Continuation of work with journalism students. Project consists of a series of lectures and workshops at the faculty, where students can learn about Wikimedia projects and use them for their work. They also edit Wikinews in Serbian language. 600.00
budget background

work material 100€
student material 300€
promo material 100€
communication and transport expenses for field work 100€

Work with marginalized groups Pilot project in cooperation with one of Belgrade's safe houses with the goal of spreading free knowledge and promotion of Wikipedia as a platform for free knowledge. The project will consist of workshops and training sessions for a children pedagogue regarding the use of Wikipedia in work with children. 1,700.00
budget background

one computer 500€
work material 100€
refreshments for children 100€
communication and transport expenses 100€
organization and pedagogue expenses 500€ (this will be covered by the partner organizatin as an in kind or some other kind of donation)
record a short film 400€

Improving the quality of Wikimedia projects and recruitment of new users
Wiki Expedition The collection of free photo attractions in Serbia and events with local community. Touring of places in Serbia, with outreach events and lectures about Wikipedia, as well as photographing local sites of interest. 1,500.00
budget background

transport 600€
promo material 300€
local lectures (venue rental, catering, ...) 600€

Wiki Loves Monuments Organizing a local WLM event 2,254.38
budget background

printing material 570.17€
event 701.75€
other 610€

Contests on Wikipedia Organizing two large contests on Wikipedia. 1,200,00
Read Wikipedia Audio recording of the 20 best articles on Wikipedia 300.00
QRcodes - Digital Belgrade Project aimed for popularizing of this service and the use of QR codes and Wikipedia. 1,000.00
GLAM Serbia Continuation of the GLAM project in Serbia 5,520.50
Creative Commons
CC licenses and the Knowledge Society Series of lectures and workshops aimed at institutions and governmental agencies to promote the free licenses 5,600.00
CEE 2012
CEE 2012 Organizing the CEE conference in Belgrade 7,200.00

Program Project Description Amount in €
Capacity development Development and strengthening of Wikimedia community outside of Belgrade Six month long program of workshops and debates in Novi Sad 1,730.00
budget background

transport, organization and communication 400€
promo and work material 230€
venue rental 1100€

Ad hoc fund for new projects - - - 4,000.00

Ad hoc fund for new projects:
* The projects should be new, undefined in previous plans.
* Money should be used just for starting up the project. If project passes, it should be transferred into the regular projects (inside of yearly plan or as a separate project, which should pass grant process). Thus, it wouldn't be used twice for the same thing.
* Projects have to be strictly related to Wikimedia [projects]. For example, cooperation with GLAM institutions wouldn't be inside of the scope. It wouldn't be used for large traveling costs (going to Wikimedia or close-to-Wikimedia conferences), but it could be used for covering local traveling costs (bus ticket to a town in Serbia).

Total budget breakdown and sources of funding[edit]

No Activity Sources of
funding No.1
Sources of
funding No.2
Amount from
the 1st source in €
Amount from
the 2nd source in €
Total in €
1 Wikipedia in Schools WMF - 1,250.00 - 1,250.00
2 Wikinews in schools WMF - 600.00 - 600.00
3 Work with marginalized groups WMF Others 700.00 1,000.00 1,700.00
4 Wiki Expedition WMF Others 1,500.00 - 1,500.00
5 Wiki Loves Monuments WMF Others 2,257.90 350.87 2,608.77
6 Contests on Wikipedia WMF Others 1,200.00 - 1,200.00
7 Read Wikipedia WMF Others - 300.00 300.00
8 QRcodes - Digital Belgrade WMF Others - 1,000.00 1,000.00
9 GLAM Serbia WMF Others 3,050.00 2,470.5 5,520.5
10 Creative Commons Serbia WMF Others 4,300.00 1,300.00 5,600.00
11 CEE 2012 WMF Others - 7,200.00 7,200.00
12 Capacity development & Ad hoc WMF Others 5,730.00 - 5,730.00
Subtotal 20,587.9 13,621.37 34,209.27