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Grants:PEG/WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2015-1/Report

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Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY Pending has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page, or visit the discussion page to read the discussion about this report.
  • You are welcome to Email grants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.

Project status[edit]

Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?
Is your project completed?

Activities and lessons learned[edit]


WEP, GLAM events and wikiworkshops[edit]

Wikitrainings and wikiworkshops, in scope of both WEP and GLAM, are listed on wmua:Віківишколи#2015

Wikitraining in Kharkiv 1[edit]

The training was a part of Maidan Monitoring Open University education project.


Wikiworkshops in Mariupol (Donetsk Oblast)[edit]
Wikiworkshop in Mariupol

Workshop in Mariupol Central City Library. It was held with the help of two regional non-profits, Azov Agency and The Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI. 7 new and 13 improved articles, 45,000 bytes added.

Meeting report, photos

WikiStudia in Chernihiv[edit]
WikiStudia students with diplomas

WikiStudia project in the field of history was created for coordination of Ukrainian Wikipedia community, lecturers and students of Lazarevskyi Educational and Scientific Institute of History, Ethnology and Law of Chernigiv T.Shevchenko National Teachers' Training University and Wikimedia Ukraine. Students, graduate students and lecturers were united in a newly-formed subdivision of the university.

During this WikiStudia edition 22 workshops were held and 190 articles were created (153 of them are live), mainly about local notable people. In total about 1,160,000 bytes were added during these workshops. This series of workshops was particularly good at retention of newbies: 25 participants (nearly 50%) edited after the end of the project, and 14 of them (25%) are still active.

Project page, Wikipedia project page, photos and video by local TV-channel Dytynets from awards ceremony.

There was an article contest among WikiStudia participants named "Notable people of Chernihiv Oblast", it was held from 22 June to 13 October 2015. 15 participants created 33 articles. The awards ceremony took place on 15 October 2015, local internet provider sponsored the prizes.

Wikipedia project page, category with articles, post in Wikinews, photos from the awards ceremony

Wikitraining in Cherkasy[edit]
  • Date: 17 March 2015.
  • Trainer: Учитель
  • Participants: >20 teachers from all over the region.

Wikitraining for World Literature teachers in Cherkasy Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education.

Wikiworkshop in Rivne[edit]
Rivne Library WikiTraining

Workshop in Rivne Oblast State Library. Librarians from all across the region took part in this training, many of them already tried editing Wikipedia but faced some obstacles. The main challenge for their work in Wikipedia was lack of published sources about notable people of the region. After being reassured that Wikipedia cannot be the place for original research, workshop participants improved their contributions to Wikipedia.

Blog post, photos

WikiPhoto in Kharkiv[edit]
WikiPhoto helped us get images of some remote villages, like this church in Molodova (Kharkiv Oblast), a cultural heritage monument that unfortunately was not pictured during WLM
  • Dates: 30 April – 17 May 2015.
  • Coordinator: Kharkivian
  • Participants: 120 students involved, 33 of them contributed

WikiPhoto is a project in scope of WEP aimed at uploading photos from different local settlements to Wikimedia Commons by students. Students were given an optional assignment to upload photos from their home town.

1,639 photos were gathered with quite average usage: 433 (26%) photos are used.

Project page, photos

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 1[edit]

Wikipedia introductory tutorial as a part of weekly trainings on using web-resources in NaUKMA Library.

Wikiworkshop in Kharkiv 2[edit]

Wikiworkshop with students of Faculty of History of National University of Kharkiv.

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 2[edit]
Wikitraining in Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev 09-06-2015 03

Wikiworkshop was the first in series of workshops for museum researchers.

Blog post, news on the web-site of Sophia of Kiev, photos

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 3[edit]

Wikipedia introductory tutorial for museum staff. It was supposed to be followed by other workshops but that did not come true.

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 4[edit]
Wikitraining in National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine 07-07-2015 08

Wikiworkshop in National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine for librarians from different libraries of Kyiv.

Blog post, photos

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 5[edit]
Wikitraining in America House Kyiv 09-07-2015 19

Two-day workshop in America House in Kyiv. Six new articles created, for instance, uk:Джозеф Най, uk:Асоціація кримськотатарських художників and uk:Ск'юб for a total of about 40,000 bytes.

Blog post, photos

Wikiworkshops in Kharkiv[edit]

Series of wikiworkshops in Korolenko State Scientific Library in Kharkiv. 5 new articles created and a few more improved for a total of 150,000 bytes.

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 6[edit]
CrimeaSOS wikitraining

Small wikiworkshop for the members of CrimeaSOS initiative. They created several articles, particularly the one about internally displaced persons in Ukraine, the issue this initiative is dealing with.

Blog post

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 7[edit]

Wikiworkshop for the students of Bogomolets National Medical University. 3 new articles created and about a dozen improved.

Wikiworkshop in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi (Cherkasy Oblast)[edit]

Wikiworkshop for History teachers from across the region.

Wikiworkshop in Lviv 1[edit]

Wikiworkshop on Faculty of Geography of Lviv University. This workshop was unfortunately interrupted by the university administration due to scheduling conflict, thus many participants submitted only draft versions of articles. As a result, out of 17 articles (62,000 bytes) created during the workshop only 3 survived, and the remaining ones were deleted as their quality was too low (mostly just an infobox and a collection of sources participants wanted to use). At the same time, 3 participants whose articles were not deleted remain active, which is a rather good retention rate (while all 14 participants whose articles were deleted are not active anymore).

workshop page

Participants of Wikiworkshop in Novopskov Library (Luhansk Oblast)

This series of workshops in different towns of Luhansk Oblast aimed to raise awareness of Ukrainian Wikipedia and the possibility of editing among the citizens of the region. During the period wikiworkshops took place in libraries and educational institutions of Starobilsk, Bilokurakyne, Novoaidar, Markivka, Novopskov and Kreminna. 29 new articles were created during the workshops with several dozens improved for a total of 184,000 bytes added. This series of workshops was followed by an on-wiki thematic month about the region with 86 new and 23 improved articles.

Project page, photos, one of blog posts

The last wikiworkshop of WikiFest:Luhanshchyna project was postponed and took place on 28 December 2015 in Lysychansk. Blog post

Wikiworkshop in Lviv 2[edit]

Wikiworkshop in Ye Bookstore in Lviv. Information about participants cannot be tracked as nobody signed up on the workshop page.

Wikiworkshop in Lviv 3[edit]

Wikiworkshop for the students of Ukrainian Catholic University during the course Український католицький університет/Історія первісного суспільства (2015-01). 19 students submitted 26 articles (about 200,000 bytes) as a part of this course.

Wikiworkshop in Lviv 4[edit]

Wikiworkshop for the students of Ukrainian Catholic University during the course Львівський національний університет ім. І. Франка/Основи космомікрофізики (2015-01). 25 students created 25 and improved 8 more articles for a total of about 300,000 bytes as a part of this course.

OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey[edit]

OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey was translated into Ukrainian and launched on 12 November 2015. 565 heritage institutions were contacted to measure the state of advancement of OpenGLAM (digitization, inter-organisational cooperation involving the exchange of metadata, open data, crowdsourcing, linked data) and to identify main challenges and obstacles with regard to the promotion of OpenGLAM and free access to knowledge. Survey was completed on 13 January 2016.

Wikiworkshop in Mykolaiv[edit]
Wikitraining in Mykolaiv National University

Wikiworkshop for the students of Faculty of Philology of Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University.

Using the Education Program extension for MediaWiki, Taras Kremin, an assistant professor of the Faculty of Philology of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University, created the course "Culture of the South. 100 Literary Biographies". One hundred articles (for a total of about 400,000 bytes) about writers, poets, historians, literary scientists from Southern Ukraine and particularly Mykolaiv Oblast were created or improved during this course by 30 students.

Taras Kremin got in contact with Wikimedia Ukraine to help with training students to edit and format Wikipedia pages. On December 12th and 13th, several experienced Wikipedians held a Wikiworkshop for these students. Before the event students stated that they had either no idea that anyone can edit Wikipedia or considered that it was too difficult for them to do. Of course, a two-day training event, though rather extensive, is not enough to learn everything. However, after that training, students had faith in themselves as editors.

As Taras Kremin is also a Member of Parliament of Ukraine, he brought this idea with him to other authorities. People writing Wikipedia are contributing important content that Ukrainian media is not so rich with. Mykolaiv State Region Administration expressed its readiness to spread the word about Wikipedia to other institutions. So on the same day, a memorandum of cooperation between Wikimedia Ukraine and Mykolaiv State Region Administration was signed as well.

Taras Kremin is also acting as co-author of the draft law which will bring freedom of panorama to Ukraine when passed.

Photos from the workshop, blog post (uk), post in Wikimedia Blog Community digest

Wikiworkshops in Lviv[edit]
  • 14-15 December 2015
  • 17 December 2015
  • 18 December 2015

Wikiworkshops for the educators of Lviv University.

Wikiworkshop in Kyiv 8[edit]

Wikiworkshop in National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in collaboration with Initiative Youth League.


Wikiexpedition 'Inside of Living'[edit]
Waterfall Chervonohorod

"Inside of Living" was an on foot expedition across Ukraine from the border with Russian Federation to the border with Slovakia. Participants visited 250 towns and villages. 1,127 images uploaded / 63 used (68 image uses). This poor usage ratio is due to two issues:

  • Some 1,000 images were mistakenly not included into the category and were not added into articles. We found this out only while preparing this report (previous ration was about a healthy 50 out of 150)
  • 60 more images (almost all were used in articles) were deleted due to lack of freedom of panorama.

Project page (with links on media coverage), photos

Wikiexpedition to Mohyliv-Podilskyi Raion[edit]
Ozaryntsi Castle

Wikiexpedition to Mohyliv-Podilskyi Raion of Vinnytsia Oblast, involving 3 Wikimedians and 2 local historians: Oleksandr Rohovyi and Oleksandr Koval. 382 photos were uploaded as a result / 167 used (273 image uses). 5 new articles were created and 34 more were improved.

Report, photos

Wikiexpedition to Dzharylhach Island[edit]
Red deer in Dzharylhach National Park

Wikiexpedition to Dzharylhach Island.

As a result of this expedition 14 Wikipedia articles were created and expanded in 9 languages, entry in Wikinews created, 15 articles illustrated and 6 articles got video. In this expedition participants uploaded only images they intended to use, 58 images uploaded / 55 used / 170 image uses (many images were used in several projects).

Report, photos and video.

Photo grants[edit]
Photo of Kirin Kiki from OIFF 2015

We organised a system of photo grants, where we help Wikimedians get accreditations to various events (cultural or sports events featuring notable people) in order to get high-quality pictures. We usually cover travel expenses (if applicable) and accreditation expenses (if there is a fee charged by the organisers). If there is no accreditation available, we usually cover a part of the cost of the ticket (as usually photographers will have to purchase more expensive tickets in order to be closer to the stage or playing field).

During this period, we covered the following events:

  • 6 March 2015. Concert of Ukrainian musician Yarmak in Ternopil. Photos by Микола Василечко (and better photos taken before the concert).
  • 14 March 2015. Concert of Ukrainian musician ONUKA in Kyiv. Photos by Amakuha.
  • 18 April 2015. Oleksandr Usyk - Andrey Knyazev boxing fight, Kyiv. Photos by Amakuha.
  • 10–18 July 2015. Odessa International Film Festival 2015. This is the leading event in Ukrainian film industry with many notable guests both from Ukraine and from abroad. Many famous people both from Ukraine and from other countries (Georgia, Germany, France, Israel, Japan, Romania etc.) were pictured. Report, photos (+9 new articles, 35,000 bytes) by Amakuha.

All photos supported by Wikimedia Ukraine can be found in commons:Category:Media supported by Wikimedia Ukraine and subcategories.

Wiki events[edit]

Mykola Lysenko and his contemporaries[edit]
Performers at 'Mykola Lysenko and his contemporaries' concert

Another concert in the series of World Classics in Ukrainian concerts organised by Wikimedia Ukraine. Ukrainian translations by Yurii Otroshenko are released under CC BY-SA 3.0. The concert took place in Mykola Lysenko Museum, a cultural heritage monument in Kyiv.

As a result of this concert, we received:

Unfortunately this concert was concerned by a conflict:

  • One performer explicitly banned publishing any recordings, and two other performers refused to provide permissions for OTRS. They cited poor preparation and insufficient rehearsal and stated that they do not want these recordings to be published on Wikipedia as it may harm their reputation.
  • The remaining recordings are not uploaded to Commons due to conflict between the board and the main organiser: board approved reimbursement only upon upload of recordings with valid OTRS-permissions while the main organiser refused to submit OTRS permissions before reimbursement. As a result, these recordings (8 recordings, apr. 30 min duration in total) are published on YouTube but lack OTRS permission for uploading on Commons.

Project page, meeting report, 87 photos from the scenic performance

CEE Spring 2015 article contest[edit]
CEE Spring 2015 awards
CEE Spring 2015 awards
CEE Spring 2015 awards ceremony
  • Dates: 21 March — 31 May 2015.
  • Participants: 126 editors in total, 98 of them submitted an eligible articles.

631 articles in Ukrainian Wikipedia were created during the contest. Another 1388 articles got minor improvements but were not eligible for an award as improvements were below the threshold of 5,000 bytes. In total 6,892,576 bytes were added by participants. We had only one GA: w:uk:Балабан (інструмент), but four featured lists: w:uk:Список плазунів Австрії, w:uk:Список плазунів Угорщини, w:uk:Список плазунів Словаччини, w:uk:Список плазунів Болгарії.

Winners of the article contest received there prizes during the WikiConference 2015 (including conference scholarships). The main winner of the contest, Dim Grits, received a scolarship to the CEE WikiCamp 2015 in the Republic of Macedonia.

Project page, Wikipedia project page, blog post on results, photos from CEE Spring awards

'Monuments of Ukraine: Crimea' article contest[edit]
Monuments of Ukraine: Crimea awards
  • Dates: 21 March — 31 May 2015.
  • Participants: 98 editors.

This contest was initiated to improve coverage of Crimean monuments in Ukrainian Wikipedia and was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and various Crimean Tatar organisations. Press-conference on the start of the contest was held on 25 June 2015, the Flag Day of Crimean Tatars.

211 articles were created during the contest, for a total of 1,979,378 bytes added. One GA: w:uk:Оборона Севастополя (фільм).

Awards ceremony took place on 31 October in Khlibnia exhibition hall of National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kiev". Certificates were presented to the winners by Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Minister of Culture of Ukraine.

Project page, press release, photos from press-conference, blog post with results, photos from awards ceremony, statistics

European Science Photo Competition 2015 photo contest[edit]
Logo for e-Science Photo Competition v2 without text
Fruiting bodies of the myxomycete Alwisia lloydiae. Winner in category Microscopy images of ESPC in Ukraine
  • Dates: 1—31 October 2015.
  • Main coordinator: Helixitta
  • Participants: 193 uploaders, 168 of them are newcomers

Between the years 2011–2013 the concept of collecting high-quality scientific images to Wikipedia was successfully tested during the Estonian Science Photo Competition. In 2015 it was decided to widen the scope of the project and increase its impact by organising pan-European science photo competition and Ukrainian Wikimedians were the first community to join the initiative.

1,221 photos were uploaded during the contest which exceeded the expectations of organisers greatly. They were evaluated in 5 categories: People in Science, Microscopy images, Non-photographic media, Image sets and General category.

The award ceremony was held on 10 November 2015, World Science Day for Peace and Development, in Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology.

Commons landing page, Wikipedia project page, category with images, photos from awards ceremony, blog post with results.


WikiStudia diplomas

During the period we published:

We also made some event-based publications, such as leaflets for Wiki Loves Earth (notably distributed at Wikimania) or for music concert, and diplomas for students engaged in WEP. All participants of our workshops received either a cheatsheet or an Editing Wikipedia brochure.

We did not publish our annual report due to lack of need in printed version: we used Wiki Loves Monuments album for presentational purposes as they also contain information about our organisation.

Souvenirs and Wikizghushchivka[edit]

A wide range of souvenirs, from pens and badges to bags, were produced and awarded to various categories: hard-working volunteers participating in our projects, active participants of our events, people helping our projects.

  • Magnets with Wikipedia logo
  • Pin buttons: Wikipedia, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikimedia family logos
  • Sugar sticks with Wikipedia logo
  • Notebooks with Wikipedia logo
  • Eco-pens with text "Wikipedia — free encyclopaedia"
  • Eco-bags with Wikipedia logo
2015 Wikizghushchivkas ready to be sent

Wikizghushchivka is our local award, given for the biggest contribution made to the Wikimedia project during a month, one for a newbie and one for an experienced user. We award it not only to most active users of Wikipedia, but also to users of other projects.

Photos of all time merchandise


Our library now consists mainly of books and academic journals brought by volunteers. Most of the sources are connected to history and architectural monuments.

During this period we have bought a book "British Battleships of World War Two: The Development and Technical History of the Royal Navy's Battleships and Battlecruisers from 1911 to 1946" requested by Sas1975kr. The request was submitted here, discussed here and approved by the Board decision. The planned results are 6 improved articles, 2 featured.

We have not bought more books as there was no demand from the community, we will promote this project more in 2016 to get more community participation.


We continue using our office, as it currently performs a number of functions: facilities for work for our part-time employee(s), meeting space for meetings with partners (it is in a convenient location, we do not need to meet where members work or in public places anymore), storage for our documents and materials (which means our members do not have to store them at home anymore) and as a legal and postal address.

Our office is a working place for staff, it was part-time (0.5 FTE) PR-manager during the period. This proved to be useful for dealing with duties that cannot be appropriately done by volunteers. We evaluated PR-manager funded from Grants:PEG/WM UA/Programs in Ukraine 2014 and made a decision to extend a contract with her. The PR-manager was working appox. 20 hours a week, either in the office or in an external location, e.g. attending an event if needed, and she was reporting to the Executive Director (board member). Main project goals of the employee included management of external relations, maintaining public image of the organisation, support of relations with volunteers and media community, through social networks pages, Wikimedia projects pages, blog posts, press releases, public events and in person contacts with partners.

At the end of the period we found out that a PR manager position does not exactly match our needs, thus from 2016 on we replaced this position with a Project Manager (1 FTE) and an Office Manager (0.5 FTE) positions.

Wiki Loves Earth[edit]

Photo contest[edit]
Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, winning photo of Wiki Loves Earth in Ukraine
Wiki Loves Earth 2015 awards in Ukraine
  • Dates: 1—31 May 2015.
  • Participants: 172

We organised Wiki Loves Earth in Ukraine for the third time in 2015 and also were organisers of international contest. We exceeded the results of the previous year by getting over 14,770 photos uploaded by over 172 photographers. We are happy that 5 out of 10 best photos from Ukraine made it to the top-15 of the international contest, which is the highest result among all participating countries.

In addition to the photo contest, we made a lot of outreach to nature protection organisations in Ukraine. We collaborated with ecological organisations who helped us improve our lists of natural heritage and provided some encyclopaedic sources about them. In collaboration with National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and Nature Conservation Druzhina "Green Future" we awarded special prizes in nomination "Picturing unpictured" for the images of newly photographed nature protected areas. Owing this nomination participants uploaded photos of 1,694 different nature protected areas, including 704 areas that had no pictures on Commons before.

Together with NGO Environment-People-Law and Nature Conservation Druzhina in Kyiv WLE organisers gathered reports about protection regime violations on the territory of nature protected areas and helped participants to fill in official appeals to authorities about the cases.

It was planned to present results by 12 July but jury had to extend its work beyond the deadline due to some issues with identification of nature protected areas pictured.

The award ceremony was held on 12 September in Great Lavra Bell Tower in Kyiv, a cultural heritage monument. The ceremony was attended by over 30 Wikimedians, primarily winners of Wiki Loves Earth, organisers, volunteers who helped organising the contest and the event, jury members and sponsors. Top-10 photos were revealed during the ceremony and exposed in a small exhibition in the hall of the venue. This award ceremony was one of collaborations with the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve who is the owner of the venue and with whom we collaborated later during the year.

See also: Winning photos announcement, photos from awards ceremony.

Official website, Commons page, 14,767 photos.

Article contest[edit]
  • Dates: 4—31 May 2015 (four full weeks).
  • Participants: 48 editors.

During the article contest its participants wrote 200 articles which rose the number of articles on nature protected areas to 1,764 or 21% from needed. One article received a GA status: w:uk:Ботанічний сад Хмельницького національного університету.

The high result of the contest is particularly owing to a few very active participants who contributed several dozen articles each. Members of collaborating NGOs also started to contribute to Wikipedia during the contest, particularly by writing articles about destroyed protected areas.

Article contest award ceremony was held together with that of the photo contest on 12 September 2015.

Project page, category of articles in Wikipedia, statistics


WikiConference 2015 group photo

Planned to be held on 27-28 June WikiConference took place in September to attract more people than it is possible in summer. The conference was held in Lviv, in the very same building where Ihor Kostenko studied.

For the first time, community was involved in programme design process by means of public survey. Copyright and Free Licenses, Wikipedia Education Program, Freedom of Panorama, OpenStreetMap, Wikiexpeditions, Photo and Article Writing Contests were chosen as the main topics of the conference.

The conference resulted in a number of ideas of improvements to the projects and new cooperations. In particular, Creative Commons Ukraine and OpenStreetMap Ukraine presented ideas of collaboration, notably around free licences promotion. It also featured the first Train the Trainers event in Ukraine and useful discussions about improvements to article contests (and particularly CEE Spring) and Wikiexpeditions. European Science Photo Contest was also presented during the conference.

Conference page, photos, summary blog post.

International conferences[edit]

Wikimedia CEE 2015 meeting

Wikimedia Ukraine members attended the following conferences:

  • 10—12 April 2015. GLAM-WIKI 2015 in Hague, the Netherlands.

Participant: Anntinomy. Report. Main result: OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey implemented in Ukraine by the end of the year.

Participants: Jbuket, visem. Funded by WMRU and not from this grant.

Participants: Antanana, Ilya. Funded by WMF and not from this grant.

  • 12-14 June 2015. Wikimedia Polska Conference 2015 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Participants: Юрій Булка, Visem. Report. Example of a new idea: make a training for administrators to explain them how to be friendly to newbies.

Participants: Friend, Olena Zakharian, Ліонкінг, Visem. Report. Main results: Ukraine became the first country (after Estonian founders) to organise Euopean Science Photo Contest, improvements to CEE Spring etc.

Participant: Arxivist. Report. Funded by WMF/WMAT and not from this grant.

Lessons learned[edit]

What worked well?
  • Wikiworkshops/education: generally wikiworkshops split into theoretical and practical parts (i.e. users attend a short lecture first and create their first article later, either on the same or on the following day) worked well and resulted in higher quality of contributions.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: we involved even more new users owing to Wikiworkshops than in previous years (even excluding traditionally successful Wikiflashmob which was not in the scope of this report)
  • Wikiworkshops/education: more organisers submitted names of participants of their events which was helpful for tracking. Unfortunately this did not concern 100% of workshops yet.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: some workshops also used Google Docs forms for registration and evaluation of participants' needs. This worked rather well, except some participants who happened to put inexistent usernames.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: more institutions are using Education Programme extension (up from 5 to 12), which made their work easier
  • Wikiworkshops/education: WikiStudia was particularly successful in terms of editor retention (50% made edits after workshops and 25% remain active). This probably means that two-month long series of weekly workshops really helped participants become confident and active contributors.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: WikiFest in Luhansk Oblast helped us reach underrepresented groups owing to workshops in predominantly rural areas that did not have many contributors before.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: WikiPhoto project in Kharkiv provided valuable images from cities and towns that had little to no photos before.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: the project with Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University was a double success: not only it resulted in about 100 new articles, but it also helped us convince Taras Kremin, an assistant professor of the university and an MP, to support our draft law on freedom of panorama.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: working with Humanities students and GLAM professionals helped us involve more women, as over 50% participants of our workshops were female.
  • Wikiexpeditions: a lot of images were submitted from place that previously had little coverage.
  • Wikiexpeditions: Wikiexpedition to Dzharylhach Island resulted in a lot of interesting content in a variety of formats, including videos and translations of articles about sites visited during the expedition into foreign languages.
  • Photo grants: project produced a lot of high-quality photos of people who did not have a freely-licensed photo on Commons yet.
  • Wikiconcerts: Mykola Lysenko and his contemporaries concert helped us raise awareness about free licenses.
  • Contests: three contests delivered higher results than expected, particularly owing to participation of existing users who worked on closing some content gaps.
  • Contests: European Science Photo Competition exceeded our expectations and helped us involve a lot of new users working in different fields of science.
  • Publishing: our publications were useful both for presenting WMUA projects and Wikimedia projects to volunteers and partners.
  • Souvenirs and Wikizghushchivka were instrumental in increasing motivation of our volunteers, from those involved in organising offline projects to those making a lot of useful edits to Wikimedia projects.
  • Office: having an office helped us make our work more efficient, in particular significantly improving logistics (everything is stored in a central location, easily accesible for volunteers) and relations with partners (we have a space to meet them)
  • Office: our PR manager was very useful for improving media coverage and making sure that WMUA has good presence in social media.
  • Wiki Loves Earth: again we had a very successful contest in terms of both quality and quantity of content.
  • Wiki Loves Earth: we improved coverage of protected natural sites, in particular photos of 704 areas that had no pictures on Commons before were submitted.
  • Wiki Loves Earth: partnerships with ecological NGOs were helpful for increasing awareness and converting several ecologists into active Wikimedians (who contributed both to photo and article contests).
  • WikiConference: we made community truly involved in the programme design process to make sure that conference programme matches their expectations.
  • WikiConference: we had a much better scholarships attribution process than in previous years.
  • WikiConference: we managed to develop new partnerships (particularly with OSM Ukraine and Creative Commons Ukraine) and discuss improvements to a number of projects.
  • International conferences were very helpful for sharing experience, learning from others and developing relations with other affiliates.
  • And in general, we learned a lot and got very valuable experience that helped our organisation become more mature.
What didn't work?
  • Wikiworkshops/education: despite all our efforts, workshops have low retention rate, at about 11% (and it would have been even smaller without WikiStudia). In some workshops all participants created rather good articles during the event but never contributed again.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: Wikiworkshop in Lviv 1 (for Geography students) was interrupted in the middle of the workshop due to scheduling conflict and resulted in an interesting outcome: almost all participants had their articles deleted, while the three participants who had not became active editors.
  • Wikiworkshops/education: WikiPhoto project, although resulted in high number of photos, had just a small part of photos used on Wikimedia projects and unfortunately had zero retention rate.
  • GLAM outreach project in Kharkiv Oblast was cancelled: it relied on cooperation with Kharkiv Regional Administration, but unfortunately Head of Kharkiv Regional Administration changed in February and the new team was not so supportive of this project.
  • Lack of freedom of panorama was disappointing for both WikiPhoto and Wikiexpeditions participants.
  • Wikiexpeditions: usage of photos from Inside of Living expedition is very low.
  • Wikiexpeditions: many volunteers who initally wanted to organise an expedition finally did not make it for a variety of reasons, resulting in significantly less expeditions organised than expected.
  • Participants of photo projects did not nominate their photos for QI/VI/FP status, resulting in a number of targets not met, although some photos really deserve this status.
  • Fewer participants than expected applied for photo or library grants.
  • Wikiconcerts: performers were not happy with organisation and refused to provide permissions for their recordings, resulting in a conflict between WMUA board and a concert organiser (see above).
  • Contests: it took a lot of efforts for juries of article contests to evaluate some 50-100 articles per person.
  • Office: by the end of the period we found out that a PR manager position does not exactly match our needs
  • WikiConference: we would start planning a bit more in advance to let community more time to participate and prepare for the event.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
  • Wikiworkshops/education: we would further advise workshop organisers to collect and submit names of participants
  • Wikiworkshops/education: we would add number of articles created within Education Programme as a measure of success
  • Wikiworkshops/education: we would add number of articles created within Education Programme as a measure of success
  • Wikiexpeditions: we would work on better promoting the project to involve more volunteers
  • Wikiexpeditions: we would work with volunteers on better planning of expeditions
  • Wikiexpeditions: we would try to make sure that all images from expeditions are appropriately described, categorised and added to relevant articles.
  • We would encourage participants of all photo projects (expeditions, photo grants, photo contests) to nominate their photos for QI/VI/FP status.
  • We would promote photo and library grant projects to get more community involvement.
  • Wikiconcerts: we would try to make recordings during rehearsal, as they tend to have better quality due to less disruption from the public.
  • Contests: we would experiment with article contest evaluation formats, particularly for CEE Spring.
  • Office: we replaced a PR manager position (0.5 FTE) with a Project Manager (1 FTE) and an Office Manager (0.5 FTE) positions.
  • We would more actively organise surveys after our events to learn from participants' experience.

Learning patterns[edit]

We will create a learning pattern on WikiStudia project, Nickispeaki as Wikistudia coordinator is working on it.

Outcomes and impact[edit]


Provide the original project goal here.
Support advancement of programmes, projects and events in Ukraine targeting increase in participation, readership and quality of materials in Wikimedia projects. We will continue organising programmes (such as Wikiexpeditions, Wikimedia Education Programme etc.), organise projects (such as Wiki Loves Earth and CEE Spring) and events (such as wikiworkshops), prepare and distribute materials about Wikimedia projects in Ukraine.
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 short paragraphs.
Yes, we achieved this goal. Firstly, we supported a number of programmes in Ukraine, including Wikiworkshops, Education programme, GLAM, Wikiexpeditions, organised several projects like Wiki Loves Earth, a Wikiconcert and three article contests and other events, with all these programmes and events meeting most or all their targets. Secondly, we made an impact on Ukrainian Wikimedia community by increasing participation (involving new users via Wikiworkshops or photo contests), readership (particularly during WikiFest in Luhansk Oblast) and quality (particularly owing to article contests, photo grants and photo contests) of materials in Wikimedia community. We are sure that we have succeeded in most of our projects and that this success generated a measurable impact on Wikimedia projects.

Progress towards targets and goals[edit]

Project metrics

Project metrics Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
1. Wikimedia Education programme and Wikiworkshops: 50 participants 580 participants Target largely exceeded, both for workshops (notably owing to successful WikiFest in Luhansk Oblast with 100 participants alone) and for Education programme (owing to WikiStudia project in Chernihiv, WikiPhoto in Kharkiv and a number of successful courses, the biggest one being Taras Kremin's course in Mykolaiv with 30 students).
1. Wikimedia Education programme and Wikiworkshops: 40 newly registered users 380 newly registered users As in the previous case, this is both owing to successful workshops and Education programme projects. The remaining 200 participants included previously active users and participants who were not registered users (most notably 86 WikiPhoto students in Kharkiv who were offered an optional assignment but did not submit it).
1. Wikimedia Education programme and Wikiworkshops: at least 25% female participants 55% female participants This figure is rather approximative as not all participants provided their gender, and in some cases we had to determine percent of female participants from photos. This is mostly explained by the fact that many workshops were targeting groups with strong (over 50%) percentage of women, such as librarians (in Luhansk Oblast, Kyiv and Rivne) or Humanities students (WikiStudia in Chernihiv and Education programme in Mykolaiv).
1. Wikimedia Education programme and Wikiworkshops: at least 10% of participants remain active by the end of the period 11% of participants remain active This percentage was particularly high (50% edited after the project and 25% still active) for WikiStudia: perhaps three-month format really helps participants become good at editing. On the other hand, WikiPhoto in Kharkiv had 0% retention rate, which is rather disappointing.
2. GLAM outreach: 8 newly registered users 0 newly registered users Project cancelled: this project relied on cooperation with Kharkiv Regional Administration, but unfortunately Head of Kharkiv Regional Administration changed in February and the new team was not so supportive of this project
2. GLAM outreach: 20 new articles 0 new articles Project cancelled: this project relied on cooperation with Kharkiv Regional Administration, but unfortunately Head of Kharkiv Regional Administration changed in February and the new team was not so supportive of this project
2. GLAM outreach: 60 improved articles 0 improved articles Project cancelled: this project relied on cooperation with Kharkiv Regional Administration, but unfortunately Head of Kharkiv Regional Administration changed in February and the new team was not so supportive of this project
2. GLAM outreach: 100 images uploaded 0 images uploaded Project cancelled: this project relied on cooperation with Kharkiv Regional Administration, but unfortunately Head of Kharkiv Regional Administration changed in February and the new team was not so supportive of this project
2. GLAM outreach: 3 publications in local media 0 publications in local media Project cancelled: this project relied on cooperation with Kharkiv Regional Administration, but unfortunately Head of Kharkiv Regional Administration changed in February and the new team was not so supportive of this project
3. Wikiexpeditions: 2000 new images 1567 new images We organised less expeditions than expected, particularly because a number of volunteers initially planned to organise an expedition but finally did not make it for various reasons. At the same time, we are rather close to the target.
3. Wikiexpeditions: at least 400 images used in articles 285 images used We missed the target due to the problem with images from Inside of Living expedition that remained uncategorized and unused for several months (see above).
3. Wikiexpeditions: 10 images rated as valued, quality or featured 0 images rated as valued, quality or featured Participants did not nominate their images for these awards, although some of them may be worth it.
3. Wikiexpeditions: 100 new or improved articles 74 new or improved articles Inside of Living expedition did not result in new articles beyond adding images two articles, while the other two expeditions resulted in over 30 new or improved articles each (not only in Ukrainian Wikipedia but also in other languages)
3. Wikiexpeditions: 5 publications in local media 24 publications in local media Mainly owing to the Inside of Living expedition.
4. Photo grants: 100 new images 319 new images We exceeded expectations, with Odessa International Film Festival being particularly successful.
4. Photo grants: at least 10 images used in articles 71 images used in articles This success is again owing to Odessa International Film Festival (60 images used in articles).
4. Photo grants: 5 images rated as valued, quality or featured 0 images rated as valued, quality or featured While we find that some images really deserve this status, authors did not nominate them for it.
5. Music projects: 60 min. of free music recordings 3 min. of free music recordings Significant failure due to poor organisation of the concert which resulted in a conflict (see above). Can be increased to 12 min. if OTRS permission is provided but 60 min. target is unreachable as some performes refused to publish recordings.
5. Music projects: 40 min. of freely-licensed scores 31 min. of freely-licensed scores Near miss of the target, a few less works than initially expected have no scores readily available
6. CEE Spring: 100 new or improved articles 2019 new or improved articles Exceeded expectations owing to good promotion, incl. CentralNotice and international promotion via social networks. Note: for comparison with other contests 631 should be used as a reference, as 1388 articles were improved but not eligible.
6. CEE Spring: 5 rated as GA or FA 1 GA + 4 FL There was more interest in featured lists than in featured articles, but target is generally met
6. CEE Spring: 20 participants 126 participants Target exceeded owing to good promotion, incl. CentralNotice and social networks
6. CEE Spring: 10 newly registered users 14 newly registered users Target met.
7. Publishing: 300 copies published and distributed >500 copies published and distributed Target met, particularly owing to an active Education Programme.
8. Wikizghushchivka: 30 users received awards 30 users received awards Target met
9. Library: 100 new or improved articles / or 10 articles rated as GA or FA 6 improved / 2 FA projected Target not met due to lack of interested participants
10. Wiki Loves Earth: 10 000 new images 14 770 new images Target exceeded expectations owing to successful partnerships and good promotion
10. Wiki Loves Earth: at least 1000 images used in articles 1214 images used Target met (particularly because photos of 704 protected areas were published for the first time)
10. Wiki Loves Earth: 50 images rated as valued, quality or featured 52 images rated as valued, quality or featured Target met
10. Wiki Loves Earth: 200 participants 238 participants 189 (photo) + 48 (article). Target met
10. Wiki Loves Earth: 100 newly registered users 93 newly registered users 88 (photo) + 5 (article). Target slightly missed, particularly because article contest was less appealing to newbies then expected
10. Wiki Loves Earth: 50 new or improved articles 200 new or improved articles Target exceeded owing to a few very active participants
10. Wiki Loves Earth: 2 articles rated as GA or FA 1 article rated as GA Target partially met
11. WikiConference: 50 participants 55 participants Target met
11. WikiConference: 20 speakers 29 speakers Target exceeded, particularly owing to invitation of external speakers (WMF, Creative Commons Ukraine, OpenStreetMap Ukraine)
11. WikiConference: 5 ideas of projects or improvements to projects presented 6 significant ideas of projects /improvements presented Namely, cooperation with Creative Commons and OSM, Train the Trainers, ESPC, significant improvements to CEE Spring and Wikiexpeditions
12. International conferences: 3 events attended 6 events attended incl. 3 events funded from this grant
12. International conferences: 3 ideas of projects or improvements to projects implemented by the end of 2015 3 ideas of projects implemented by the end of 2015 Target met (two ideas from CEE Meeting and one from GLAM Wiki)
12. International conferences: 1 GLAM project to be implemented 1 GLAM project implemented OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey implemented
13. PR Manager: at least 1 update per working day per social network An average of 1 update per working day per social network Target almost met: some days had more than 1 post while some have none if our PR manager was busy in something else
13. PR Manager: press-releases published on the day of the event, or on the planned day no later than 11:30 a.m. Press-releases published on the day of the event, or on the planned day no later than 11:30 a.m. Target met.
13. PR Manager: at least 10% increase in likes/subscribers per social network; at least 4000 viewers per week per social network 90% YoY increase, i.e. about 8% monthly increase Target almost met.
13. PR Manager: at least 4000 viewers per week per social network 10,000 viewers per week Target exceeded.
13. PR Manager: at least 20 publications per month (excluding our own communication channels) An average of 43 publications per month Target exceeded, see w:uk:Вікіпедія:Публікації про Вікіпедію 2015
13. PR Manager: at least 3 publications in leading nationwide media per month (nationwide TV channels, top websites, top magazines etc.) An average of over 5 publications in leading nationwide media per month Target exceeded, see w:uk:Вікіпедія:Публікації про Вікіпедію 2015
13. PR Manager: at least 20 new press contacts per month An average of 5 new press contacts per month Target not met, particularly due to the lack of new journalists interested in coverage of Wikimedia-related topics.
13. PR Manager: making bookings and orders for events within 1 working day from request Making bookings and orders for events within 1 working day from request Target met
13. PR Manager: media monitoring at least once per working day Media monitoring at least once per working day Target met

Global Metrics[edit]

We are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees. In addition to the measures of success for your specific program (in above section), please use the table below to let us know how your project contributed to the Global Metrics. We know that not all projects will have results for each type of metric, so feel free to put "0" where necessary.

  1. Next to each required metric, list the actual outcome achieved through this project.
  2. Where necessary, explain the context behind your outcome. For example, if you were funded for an edit-a-thon which resulted in 0 new images, your explanation might be "This project focused solely on participation and articles written/improved, the goal was not to collect images."

For more information and a sample, see Global Metrics.

Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 437 70 (workshops) + 7 (wikiexpeditions) + 2 (photo grants) + 10 (music) + 105 (CEE Spring) + 90 (Mon. Crimea) + 40 (ESPC) + 140 (WLE) + 40 (Wikiconference) + 9 (international) + 1 (PR manager) - 15% discount for possible redundancies (one user involved in several projects)
2. # of new editors 670 380 (workshops) + 5 (wikiexpeditions) + 14 (CEE Spring) + 5 (Mon. Crimea) + 168 (ESPC) + 93 (WLE) + 5 (Wikiconference)
3. # of individuals involved 1970 1175 (workshops + GLAM survey participants) + 30 (wikiexpeditions) + 6 (photo grants, incl. accreditation providers) + 65 (music, incl. attendees) + 145 (CEE Spring) + 120 (Mon. Crimea) + 215 (ESPC) + 250 (WLE) + 60 (Wikiconference) + 9 (international) + 1 (PR manager) - 5% discount for possible redundancies (one user involved in several projects)
4a. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 2097 433 (workshops/WikiPhoto) + 285 (wikiexpeditions) + 71 (photo grants) + 1 (music) + 93 (ESPC) + 1214 (WLE)
4b. # of new images/media uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (Optional) 19,526 1639 (workshops/WikiPhoto) + 1567 (wikiexpeditions) + 319 (photo grants) + 10 (music) + 1221 (ESPC) + 14770 (WLE)
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 3097 584 (workshops/education) + 74 (wikiexpeditions) + 9 (photo grants) + 2019 (CEE Spring) + 211 (Mon. Crimea) + 200 (WLE)
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects 13,665,000 2,658,000 (workshops/education) + 180,000 (wikiexpeditions) + 35,000 (photo grants) + 6,892,576 (CEE Spring) + 1,979,378 (Mon. Crimea) + 1,915,371 (WLE)
Learning question
Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?
We know that our work increased motivation of contributors, and we know this both from observing behaviour of users who became more active or made contributions of higher quality and from surveys we have organised after various events. In particular we can highlight the impact of WikiConference on the motivation of participants, as most participants stated that WikiConference increased their motivation and that they have learned something useful for them.


What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic priorities?

Option A: How did you increase participation in one or more Wikimedia projects?

Option B: How did you improve quality on one or more Wikimedia projects?

Option C: How did you increase the reach (readership) of one or more Wikimedia projects?

  • We have made an impact on all three of these options:
    • Option B: We significantly improved quality on Ukrainian Wikipedia and on Wikimedia Commons. We have organised successful article contests resulting in over 1,000 new articles and about 2,000 articles improved with a number of GAs and FLs, which is a significant improvement to the quality of materials on Ukrainian Wikipedia, namely about nature, monuments and Central and Eastern European countries. Our photo contests, Wikiexpeditions and photo grants produced almost 20,000 new images on Wikimedia Commons that improved quality of the project in terms of both quality (e.g. QIs of natural sites that used to have photos of rather low quality) and quantity (e.g. images of protected natural sites that were not pictured before from WLE, images from not quite known towns and villages from Wikiexpeditions and Wikiphoto etc.).
    • Option A: We increased participation on Ukrainian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Quantitatively, we attracted 670 new editors to Wikimedia projects, either through Wikiworkshops of through article or photo contests. Qualitatively, we got involved a number of skillful participants, including university professors and students who will contribute in the field of their specialisation, and many partners, including nature protection activists who started editing Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.
    • Option C: We also slightly increased reach by presenting Wikipedia to people who have not used it regurarly before, particularly in Luhansk Oblast.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

This section describes the grant's use of funds


Did you send documentation of all expenses paid with grant funds to grants at wikimedia dot org, according to the guidelines here? Answer "Yes" or "No".


Please list all project expenses in a table here, with descriptions and dates. Review the instructions here.
Number Category Budgeted total[1] Actual total Currency Actual total (UAH) Notes
1 WEP, GLAM and wikiworkshops 408.00 363.92 USD 8251.38
2 Wikiexpeditions 461.00 444.80 USD 10085.27
3 Wiki events 4,953.00 4999.60 USD 113360.20
4 Publishing 1,640.00 688.75 USD 15616.73
5 Souvenirs and Wikizghushchivka 1,331.00 1017.86 USD 23078.79
6 Library 248.00 113.65 USD 2576.84
7 Office and supplies 2,475.00 2502.17 USD 56733.75
8 Wiki Loves Earth 5,353.00 4895.96 USD 111010.10
9 WikiConference 3,594.00 3613.93 USD 81941.82
10 Administrative expenses 387.00 756.96 USD 17163.29
Total 20,851.00 19397.60 USD 439818.30
Exchange Rate Calculation[edit]
No. Date Amount (UAH) Exchange Rate (USD/UAH) Amount sold (USD)
1 from CEEM 2014 16057.95 0.06309 1013.12
2 from CEEM 2014 44754.08 0.04515 2020.50
3 28-apr-15 20311.55 0.04515 917.00
4 8-sep-2015 66900.00 0.04484 3000.00
5 15-sep-15 21970.00 0.04552 1000.00
6 19-nov-2015 119000.00 0.04202 5000.00
7 23-dec-2015 70820.95 0.04357 3085.88
8 23-dec-2015 43929.054 0.04357 1914.12
9 28-dec-2015 69029.04 0.04202 2900.38
Total - 472772.62 0.04410 20851.00

Weighted exchange rate for the grant period: 0.04410

Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
22,515.00 USD
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if PEG is your only funding source)
20,851.00 USD
Total amount spent on this project
Total amount of Project and Event grant funds spent on this project
Are there additional sources that funded any part of this project? List them here.
Ministry of Culture (Ukraine)
Lviv University
National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kiev"
National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve
Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University
Smoloskyp Publishing House
Other partners and volunteers

Remaining funds[edit]

The funds remaining from this grant in the amount of 1453.40 USD were deducted from another grant payment for Grants:APG/Proposals/2015-2016 round1/Wikimedia Ukraine/Proposal form.
Are there any grant funds remaining?
Answer YES or NO.
Please list the total amount (specify currency) remaining here. (This is the amount you did not use, or the amount you still have after completing your grant.)
1453.40 USD (32954.19 UAH)
If funds are remaining they must be returned to WMF, reallocated to mission-aligned activities, or applied to another approved grant.
Please state here if you intend to return unused funds to WMF, submit a request for reallocation, or submit a new grant request, and then follow the instructions on your approved grant submission.
We would like to request reallocating these funds to our APG Proposal for 2015-2016