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This was a submission to the Project and Event Grants Program from an organization in 2013-14, but was withdrawn by that organization before a funding decision was delivered.

Basic information[edit]

Grant request details[edit]

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Aron’ny harem-bako-Pirenena Malagasy / Amis du Patrimoine de Madagascar (ADM) in collaboration with Wikimedia South Africa
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Maarten, Razafindrazaka
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md [at]
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Project details[edit]

Official project name
Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 in Madagascar
Project start date
June 1, 2014
Project completion date
November 30, 2014
Please describe the project in a few sentences
Organisation of the WLM picture competition in Madagascar, a country with a superb history and heritage. The competition is ment as pilot program to get local people and organisations involved in the Wikipedia movement.

Financial details[edit]

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Goals and measures of success[edit]

Project goal[edit]

Please briefly describe what will be accomplished if the project is successful.

Project goal
Amis du Patrimoine de Madagascar and WM ZA have put three goals forward:
  1. organisation of the image competition this year (goal I);
  2. introduction of Wikipedia to the local communities (goal II);
  3. interaction with local governments and local governmental organisations (goal III)

Measures of success[edit]

Please provide a list of measurable criteria that will be used determine how successful the project is. You will need to report on the success of the project according to these measures after the project is completed.

Measures of success
We will consider this project a success if we can:
  • News media and social media attention (goal I)
  • Organise at least 5 meetings tailored to locals (goal I)
  • Achieve a high 'diversity' of the uploaded pictures and contributors (eg. professional photographers vs hobby photographers, foreign / local participants, geographical spread, diversity in subjects) (goal I&II)
  • Get 3000 uploaded pictures of heritage sites (goal II)
  • Get 150 contributors (goal II)
  • Present the project and the Wikipedia community to local governments and organisations (goal III)
  • Get a commitment the partners to organise Wiki Loves Monuments next year (goal III)

The goals are in line with the strategic priorities of the WMF:

  1. Goal I: increase reach by organising several events in Madagascar, by contacting media organisations, by approaching social media, by promoting the event using our partners;
  2. Goal II: increase participation by involving local Madagascar citizens to collaborate;
  3. Goal III: increase the credibility of Wikipedia in Madagascar and support the credibility of the organisation supporting us.

It is the goal of the organising team to have a real measurable impact on these aspects.

Project scope and activities[edit]

The project is centered around the organisation of WikiLovesMonuments in Madagascar. We will organise the following activities:

Part 1- July meeting of the project volunteers
Meeting with all people wanting to collaborate. Clarify what needs to happen, what we expect from everybody, who will do everything.
Part 2- September kick-off
We will invite interested people and contributors to be present. We will present the competition during the kick-off meeting and show them how to upload, how to correctly tag the images ...
Part 3-Upload Marathons
Small events spread over the country. We meet up with interested people and do a tour in a region with a lot of monuments. We expect to organise 3 of these events.
Part 3- Judging session
Come together with the judges. These judges will have had time to make their personal shortlist of winning images. During the judging event, the judges will discuss how the winning image should look like, and they will make the final list of winners.
Part 4- October Award Session
Award session. We will give away our prices, thank all collaborating organisations and the contributors. Possibility to network.
Part 5- Governmental meetings
Following the October Award Session. We will organise meetings with relevant governments and non-governmental organisations to push Wikipedia in Madagascar and prepare for WLM 2015 edition.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here.

Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table
Part 1 - Preliminaries and General € 3.000,00 € 400,00
Postal costs € 105,00[1]
Website, domain registration € 89,00[1]
Telcom costs, including 3G access, Skype credit, and international calls € 210,00[2]
Advertisements, including Facebook and local newspapers € 186,00[3] € 400,00[3]
Printing costs (flyers, event badges) € 200,00[1]
Part 2 - Kick Off Meeting (50 people) € 1.500,00 € 1.110,00
Venue rental + crew hire € 600
Banners € 200,00[1]
Finger snacks € 250,00[1]
Press Kits € 200,00[1]
Rental of demonstration stations, including router and internet access € 400,00[1]
Transport (car rentals, internal flights) € 450,00[1]
Accomodation € 510,00[4]
Part 3 - Organisation of 3 edit-a-thons (15 people) € 1.160,00 € 510,00
Flights € 900,00[5]
Car Rental € 140,00
Accomodation € 510,00 [4]
Meals € 120,00
Part 4 - Award Session € 2.420,00 € 1.920,00
Award prices € 600,00[6] € 350,00 [6]
Catering during the reception € 460,00
Venue rental + crew hire € 600
Travel expenses € 1.550,00[5]
Accomodation € 510,00 [4]
Team diner € 90,00
Part 5 - Governmental meetings € 300,00 € 255,00
Accomodation € 255,00
Travel expenses € 300,00 [5]
TOTAL € 6.200,00 € 4.195
  1. a b c d e f g h Based on the experiences with the organisation of WLM South Africa
  2. After WLM SA we made an overview of the cell costs: it amounted to 35€ pp pm. In this project we count on 4 staff people, 3 months, that claim half of this expense.
  3. a b 2 months advertising on Facebook, 2€ pd. Our partners will arrange for media coverage in newspapers and on television.
  4. a b c Accomodation of 85€ pp pn. For Kick Off and Award Session: 3 people, 2 nights. For edit-a-thons: 2 people, 1 night, for the three events. These costs will be sourced by our external partner (eg. Couchsurfing, governmental subsidies)
  5. a b c Flights estimated as follows: 150€ for national flight, 1.200€ for international flight. Edit-a-thon: 2 flights, 3 events. KOM: limited to Tana people. Award Session: 5 national flights, 1 international. Governmental meetings: 2 national flights.
  6. a b From our experience in SA: 1x 250€, 2x 100€, 3x 50€ (vouchers). Our partners vouched to donate 10 packages to the winners. These price packages were are an estimated 35€ pp worth

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non financial assistance available. Please inform Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance

Resources and Risks[edit]


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  • List of team members (names or usernames):
  • Onwiki evidence of community support (such as a project about this discussion):
  • Endorsements from community members or movement groups:
  • Special skills or qualifications this potential grantee or project lead brings to this project:
  • Evidence of past success in executing similar projects:

This section is used to identify key risks or threats that would prevent you from achieving your project goals and how you would mitigate those risks and threats.



In the sections below, please describe how the project is related to the Wikimedia mission and Wikimedia's strategic priorities.

Fit to strategy[edit]

  • increasing reach (more people will access or contribute to Wikipedia or our other projects),
  • participation (more people actually contributing),
  • quality (more content, more useful content, or higher-quality content),
  • credibility (more trust in our projects),
How will this project support the key organizational objectives of

Most importantly, this project will act as a first project in Madagascar. The goal is to connect with both the local people and local organisations by organising several small scale events spread over the country, two bigger events in Antananarivo (kick-off, award session), and meetings with relevant organisations.

The goals as described in #Measures of success are in line with the strategic priorities of the WMF:

  1. Goal I: increase reach by organising several events in Madagascar, by contacting media organisations, by promoting the event using our partner;
  2. Goal II: increase participation by involving local Madagascar citizens to collaborate;
  3. Goal III: increase the credibility of Wikipedia in Madagascar and support the credibility of the organisation supporting us.

It is the goal of the organising team to have a real measurable impact on these aspects.


If the project will benefit a specific online community, please tell us.
APM has a vivid online community and is present on several social media websites. This project will enable them to strenghten their user group, and encourage them to get involved in the Wikimedia community.
Please provide a brief statement about how the project is related to other work in the Wikimedia movement. For example, does the project fit into a work area such as GLAM, education, organizational development, editor retention, or outreach?
Wiki Loves Monuments is a project that is closely related to the GLAM programme and the call for participation in the competition can be considered a sort of outreach activity.
If successful, will the project have the potential to be replicated successfully by other individuals, groups, or organizations? Please explain how in 1–2 sentences.
During the organisation of the competition WM ZA will closely collaborate with APM. This first edition will strengthen the local presence of both Wikimedia and APM. Secondly, special steps were taken to reach out to the local communities and local (governmental) organisations in an attempt to anchor the activity. As such we hope the 2014 iniative will be followed by other projects in Madagascar.

Please list other benefits to the movement here.
First project in Madagascar. Increased reach to the local Malagasy people. Reach out to local organisations.