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Grants:PEG/Wikimedistas de Colombia/Wikivacaciones Colombia

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Wikimedistas de Colombia/Wikivacaciones Colombia
Photography and writing contest about vacations in Colombia
targetSpanish Wikivoyage, Wikimedia Commons, Spanish Wikipedia.
strategic priorityThe project will benefit Spanish Wikivoyage (Wikiviajes) and Wikimedia Commons. Possibly, it will also benefit es:Wikipedia.
start dateDecember 3
start year2015
end dateJanuary 31
end year2016
budget (local currency)2,535,000 COP
budget (USD)819 USD
grant typegroup
non-profit statusYes
organization• Wikimedistas de Colombia


The contest seeks to promote the use of Wikivoyage and Wikimedia Commons, as well as attracting people to these projects and the Spanish Wikipedia. Potentially, it would bring new members to the Wikimedistas de Colombia User Group.
The goal of the project is to produce high quality photos and reviews to be used mainly in Wikivoyage, but that could also be used in Wikipedia. The photos and articles will enrich the content about cities, towns and interesting places of Colombia. The photos will be uploaded into Wikimedia Commons.



December 2015 - January 2016: Participants will upload their vacations photos and reviews into Wikimedia Commons and spanish Wikivoyage.

Photo category
Participants will upload photos of places, traditional food, fairs, hotels, restaurants, etc. to Wikimedia Commons. The judging process will be similar to the one used in WLM: through several judging rounds, judges will select the best 3 images.
Writing category
Participants will create itineraries or reviews about places, traditional food, fairs, hotels, restaurants, etc., in Wikivoyage. While the judging process isn't exactly defined yet, it can be described as follows: the participants will earn points according with the usefulness and length of their reviews and itineraries. As itineraries are longer and more useful than reviews, they earn more points. At the end, the user with the most points is the winner.

February 2016: Choice of the winners. Facebook contest. Participants will share their best pictures (probably, also reviews; to be defined) in Facebook and ask their friends to like them. The most liked content wins a prize. Prizes shipping.


Target readership[edit]

Wikimedia Commons and Spanish Wikivoyage and, maybe also Spanish Wikipedia.

Fit with strategy[edit]

What crucial thing will the project try to change or benefit in the Wikimedia movement? Please select the Wikimedia strategic priority(ies) that your project most directly aims to impact and explain how your project fits. Most projects fit all strategic priorities. However, we would like project managers to focus their efforts on impacting 1–2 strategic priorities. Examples of strategic priorities can be found here.

Most activities will be focused to increase reach, participation and quality.

  • Reach - This project will increase the knowledge about the existence of projects like Wikivoyage and Commons. Potentially, new members for Wikimedistas de Colombia.
  • Participation - Potentially, more participation in Spanish Wikivoyage and Wikimedia Commons, maybe also in the spanish Wikipedia.
  • Quality - The project will increase the high-quality content about vacations in Colombia, bus also about cities, places, traditions and interesting facts about Colombia in Wikivoyage. Also will provide high quality photos related to subjects that were not covered in previous contests (WLM CO 2012, 2013 and 2014).

Measures of success[edit]

Our target goals are as follow:

  • 100+ people participate in the event.
  • 20% increase in Facebook followers for Wikimedia Colombia (157.8 new followers, 789 initial).
Photographic category
  • 1000+ photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
  • 30+ Colombian cities or towns pictured.
  • 40+ photos being used in Wikivoyage pages before the end of the contest (this amount would potentially illustrate 46% of existing es:Wikivoyage's Colombian pages).
Writing category
  • 10+ itineraries or 40+ reviews (or a combination of both) written (10 new itineraries would mean a 34.4% increase in the total amount of es:Wikivoyage Itineraries).

Note: In addition to your project-specific measures of success, you will also be asked to report on some global metrics at the end of your final report. Please keep this in mind as you plan, and we'll support you as you begin your project.

Resources and risks[edit]


  • 3 team members: User:Racso, User:Sahaquiel9102, User:Remux, plus planned help from extra volunteers.
  • Both Racso and Sahaquiel9102 have organized a WLM event before, with the following results:
    • Wiki Loves Monuments Colombia 2012: Organized by Racso. 220 participants, 6126 uploaded photos, 430 pictured monuments.
    • Wiki Loves Monuments Colombia 2013: Organized by Sahaquiel9102. 82 participants, 1251 uploaded photos, 204 pictured monuments.
    • Wiki Loves Monuments Colombia 2014: Organized by Racso and Sahaquiel9102. 156 participants, 2794 uploaded photos, 149 pictured towns.
    • Asked for similar grants in the past: Grants:PEG/Wikimedistas de Colombia/Wiki Loves Monuments Colombia 2014


Difficulty in spreading the word about the contest.

Mitigating risks[edit]

  • As a non-financial requirement, we ask for a mention of the contest on es:wp CentralNotice.
  • We will use our Facebook page as a way to publicize the contest. We hope to reach many people through the public's election price.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines.

Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table
Item Cost (COP) Cost (USD) Notes
Web domains 60.000 20 Renewal of http://wikimediacolombia.org. Please note that the main contest page will be put as a section of that page in order to focus our communication points. The same will be done in Facebook and other social networks.
Prizes 2.294.000 739

For each of the two main categories (photo and reviews), prizes for the 3 best participants:

  • 1st place: 500.000 (~USD 150)
  • 2nd place: 300.000 (~USD 91)
  • 3rd place: 200.000 (~USD 60)

Special prize - public selection: 200.000

  • Prizes would be bought in Colombia, or bought in Amazon.com and imported via 4-72 (about 30 USD -94 000 COP). We will use the cheaper option.
Prize shipping to winners 100.000 35
Extra margin 81 000 27
Total cost of project
$2,535,000 COP (819 USD).
Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
$2,535,000 COP (819 USD).
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded
We have no planned efforts to search for revenue from other sources.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non financial assistance available. Please inform Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance
During the contest: mention of the contest in es:wikipedia CentralNotice.


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