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Grants:PEG/Pradeep Mohandas and Pranav Curumsey - Wikimedia Chapter, India and Mumbai and Pune WikiCommunities /WikiConference India 2011

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2011-12. This is a grant to a group.

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  • This project has been funded, completed, and a project report has been reviewed and accepted by WMF Staff.
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Legal name of chapter or nonchapter group
Wikimedia Chapter, India and Mumbai and Pune WikiCommunities
Grant contact name
Pradeep Mohandas
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Treasurer, Organising Committee, WikiConference India - 2011
Project lead name
Pranav Curumsey
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Chair, Organising Committee, WikiConference India - 2011
Full project name
Wikimedia Chapter - Scholarships for WikiConference India, 2011
Amount requested (in USD)
Provisional target start date
1 Aug 2011
Provisional completion date
1 Dec 2011

Budget breakdown


The Budget can be broken down into 2 parts - Scholarships and Expenditures excluding scholarships. The amount is requested in Indian Rupees with an indication of the equivalent US Dollar value in brackets.

Budget A


This includes expenditure other than scholarships. Budget A will be funded part by local sponsors/registration fees and part by this proposed grant(Of the total $28,802 of Budget A, we request the grant covers $15,000).

Conference Venue

Room Number
of rooms
Price weekday
(per room)
Price weekend
(per room)
Mumbai University Convocation Hall -- INR97,000 $2156
Seminar Rooms 2 INR3500 $78 INR4500 $100 INR27,000 $600
Lounge Furniture hire cost (3 seater sofa + 2 single sofas) 4 INR2500 / $55.55 INR10,000 $223
Overall conference venue Cost -- INR134,000 $2978

Wi-Fi and Technical matters

  • Cost = INR75,000 ($1667) (Main Hall - 75mbps connection)
  • Cost = INR26,000 ($578) (INR13,000 per seminar room for a 10-20mbps connection x 2 seminar rooms)
  • Cost = INR75,000 + INR26,000 = INR101,000 ($2244.44)


Description Number Individual price Total
Lunch 1200 (400 pax x 3 days) INR120 $2.67 INR1,44,000 $3200
Evening Snacks 1200 (400 pax x 3 days) INR75 $1.67 INR90,000 $2000
Tea/Coffee 6000 (400 pax x 3 days x 5 cups per peINRon) INR3 $.067 INR18,000 $400
Water 70 bottles (20 litres each) INR80 $1.78 INR5600 $124.44
Overall Refreshments cost --- INR257,600 $5725


  • Comments: These are for WG/Foundation use and for any emergencies.
  • 4 vehicles on call = INR5000 x 4 caINRx 4 days = INR80,000 ($1778)


  • Comments: For communication between various teams, volunteers etc. during the conference.
  • INR250 per walkie talkie per day x 3 days x 25 people = INR18,750 (417$) (Provisional to adequate funding being available. A smaller number may be catered for.)


  • Comments: This would be a party where sponsors who pay us INR1 lakh or above get 2 passes and a chance to interact with Jimmy Wales and other members of the Foundation.
Description Number (attenders) Price (per person) Total
Attendees Party 400 INR200 $4.44 INR80,000 $1777.78
Sponsor Party 50 INR1000 $22.22 INR50,000 $1111.11
Total Party cost 450 -- -- INR130,000 $2889

Promotional Prints, Event Promotion and Advertising

  • Banners/Other Promotional Material = INR50,000 (Comments: To cover cost of banners at the venue + brochures, notebooks and delegate folders)
  • Advertising cost = INR50,000 (Comments: To cover advertising cost, if any)
  • PR = INR50,000 (Comments: To cover cost related to stationary, any other financial requirements for PR agency or persons in the PR group)
  • Total = INR50,000 + INR50,000 + INR50,000 = INR150,000 ($2223)

Speaker Costs

  • Comment: To cover expenses of invited external (non-Wikimedian invitee)speakers and keynote speakers- travel and accommodation
  • Speaker cost = INR200,000 ($2223)

Venue Staff

  • Security Staff cost = INR2,000 per person per day x 4 people x 3 days = INR24,000 (Comment: for police security provided)
  • Janitorial cost = INR500 per person per day x 4 people x 3 days = INR6,000 (Comment: to clean toilets before, during and after Conference to make toilets usable and general venue cleanliness)

Total Venue Staff Cost = INR30,000 ($667)

Working Group Expenses

  • Working Group Expenses = INR105,000 ($2334) (Comment: For pocket expenses, if required. For getting members of the Working Group to and fro Mumbai for important meetings)
  • 9 persons coming 2 days early to Mumbai from other cities early to help with last minute preparations = INR1500 x 2 days x 9 people = INR27,000 ($600)
  • Total Working Group Expenses = INR132,000 ($2934)


  • Comments: INR25 lakh for event insuarance and INR1 crore for liability
  • Insuarance cost = INR53,343 ($1185)



For unforseen expenses = INR1,00,000/- ($2224)

Open top bus

  • Comment: Optional outing for people coming to Mumbai on first-come first-serve basis and on availability of seats.
  • 4 buses x INR5000 = INR20,000/- ($445)

Budget A Total


Total cost on all of the above heads = INR1,387,943 +10% buffer = INR1,526,738 (rounded off - $33928)

Budget B


Budget B includes scholarships for those attending the event. This will be funded by this proposed WMF grant ($25000).

Types of Scholarships


A minimum of 135 scholarships, which could go upto 150. Assumption is that $1 = INR45

  1. Full Scholarship
  2. Part Scholarship (where the recipient bears part cost - 25% or 50%)
  3. Travel only Scholarship (For those who have access to accommodation in Mumbai)


  1. Triple sharing (3/4 people to a room)
  • Cost: INR1500/- per head, per day
  • Total Cost: INR1500 x 150 x 3 = INR675,000 ($15,000)
  • Advance (to be paid to 3 hotels) = INR90,000 per hotel ($2000)
  • Total Advance = INR90,000 x 3 = INR270,000 ($6000)


  1. INR3000 (average) per railway ticket return (2A/c) up to 30 hours
  2. INR9000 (average) per air ticket return for anyone beyond 30 hours

Cost per person

  • Cost per person (air) = INR1500 x 3 + INR9000 = INR13,500
  • Cost per person (train) = INR1500 x 3 + INR3000 = INR7500

Budget B Total

Description Number Individual price
Individual price
Total accomodation Total travel Total
Accomodation + Travel (full by train) 102 INR4500 $100 INR3000 $66.67 INR459000 $10200 INR306000 $6800 INR765000 $17000
Accomodation + Travel (full by air) 18 INR4500 $100 INR9000 $200 INR 81000 $1800 INR162000 $3600 INR243000 $5400
Accomodation + Travel (50% scholarship by train) 30 INR2250 $50 INR1500 $33.33 INR67500 $1500 INR45000 $1000 INR112500 $2500
Total 150 INR1120500 $24900

Net Total


Budget A + Budget B = INR1,526,738 + INR1,120,500 = INR2,647,238/- = INR2,647,300/- (rounded off - $58829)

Project scope

  • The scope of this project is National. The WikiConference India, 2011 is the first of what we hope will be an annual event within India to bring together Wikipedians and the wider ecosystem at one forum. While their may be, and we hope there is, international participation, this is outside of our priority areas for now.
  • The scope of this project is also multi-lingual - given that there are no fewer than 20 active Wikipedias in Indic languages and a further 20 under incubation.

Project goal


The primary vehicle to achieve the goals listed below are that of the visibility associated with the WikiConference India, 2011 and of bringing together a community that has not, until now, met face to face and strengthening the bonds both within the Community and with the wider ecosystem.

  • Increasing the visibility, reach and access to Wikimedia projects in India with a definite focus on Indic languages.
  • Improving quality of Wikimedia projects in India.
  • Improving and building upon contributions to Wikimedia projects in India.
  • Encouraging and supporting local innovation around Wikimedia projects and local contexts.

Non-financial requirements

  • Swag
    • T-shirts (700)
    • Stickers (1000)
    • buttons (1000)

Fit to strategy

  • India is one amongst a set of countries where the WMF has a strong strategic focus.

Other benefits

  • A strong, diverse and engaged community (and Chapter) will be the most important elements to ensure a sustainable Wikimedia movement in India and will be a catalyst to grow editorship and readership within India.
  • Publicity
  • Possible partnerships
  • Exposure will help in organising bigger events like Wikimania in future.

Measures of success


It is difficult to establish quantitative measures of success for such an ambitious event. We hope to gain the following:

  • India's length is 3214km and breath 2933km. Though a lot of events have been held at local level, this is our first national level endeavour. Through this event we hope to create unity and a common national goal among editors across India.
  • Media attention is another good measurement. We hope to get a lot of local and national media coverage to spread the word about Wikimedia. We can use the contacts for future Wikimedia India projects.
  • The conference is successful if it creates growth and development among the event participants. More specifically, on the last day we will survey the 50 participants about the event and we will also ask how the conference changed their goals or strategy or enticed them to start editing/edit more or take up offline roles. We will ask 5 questions on a scale of 1-10. If we get a score of 6 or more overall on 10, we think that would be a success.