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Grants:Processing/Grantee Portal/Post award/Individuals

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This page documents a process common to all or most of WMF's grants programs. Please don't edit this page, but please do create a discussion page instead.

Did you submit your grant request without the use of the Fluxx Grantee Portal (e.g. proposal submission through Meta-Wiki)? If yes, refer to your Program Officer's award notification email for next steps. For your reference, here is some information on the requirements to process a newly approved grant request.

You should have received a system generated award notification email. If not, then your grant request is still ‘under review’. Contact your Program Officer for a status update on your funding request.

If you have received an award notification email, congratulations on your newly approved grant request! These instructions are designed to help you confirm previously submitted information or provide missing information needed to process your grant. Follow these steps to confirm the requested information to proceed to the next stage:

1. Click Edit at the top right corner of your application.
2. Go to the Confirm Grant Agreement Details and check if the information to be listed in your grant agreement is accurate. Is the information accurate?

  • If not, choose There are corrections to be made from the drop down menu and let us know what the grant agreement details should be in the text box.
  • If the information is accurate, choose Yes for I verify that I have reviewed or made corrections to the information required for drafting the agreement..

3. Next Go to the Confirm Grantee Bank Account Details. Is your bank information on record accurate?

  • Note that you will see this section if the bank requirements question was not answered.
  • Make sure to review your bank details provided in the application (also available under My User Info).
  • If the information is not accurate, let us know the changes in the Briefly describe the changes to your bank account text box.
  • Do you have new or updated bank documents to share? If yes, please upload revised documents. If you have a new bank account or have not yet provided one (for new grantees) that will receive your grant funds, please:
    • Complete a bank information form and upload here after filling out.
    • Provide an updated document from your bank listing the current account signatories.
    • Provide unexpired government issued IDs with birth dates, if there are additional individuals who have access to your bank account.
  • If the information is accurate, confirm by checking the box for I verify I have reviewed or added my banking information.

4. Click Save and Close at the bottom right corner of the application to save the changes you made in the application.
5. Click Submit Requirements (bottom right corner) to submit the requested information and move to the next stage of processing your grant. (You can add notes here in the text box to add any additional information or comments to communicate with the Grants Administration team.)
6.Refresh your browser. Your application will now be moved out of Proposals Needing Attention and into Under Review. This status change alerts the Grants Administration team to review your responses and move forward to the next stage in processing your grant.
In case you need help to share the required documents or information, refer to the documentation here. Email grantsadmin(_AT_)wikimedia.org if you need help completing this section.