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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Alliances Fund/Project Global Sustainability

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statusNot funded
Project Global Sustainability
The main objective is to provide and supplement each community with basic necessities that I take for granted daily. I wouldn't make my mother drink dirty water, live without showering, or a healthy diet.
start date2022-10-13
end date2024-04-22
budget (local currency)22000 USD
budget (USD)22000 USD
grant typeMission-aligned organization
organization typeOther
funding regionNA
decision fiscal year2022-23
funding program roundRound 1
applicant(s)• N/A
organization (if applicable)• James Watts

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Applicant information[edit]

A. Organization type

Mission-aligned organization

B. Organization name

James Watts

E. Do you have an account on a Wikimedia project?


E1. Please provide the main Wikimedia Username (required) and Usernames of people related to this proposal.


G. Have you received grants from the Wikimedia Foundation before?

Did not apply previously

H. Have you received grants from any non-wiki organization before?

H1. Which organization(s) did you receive grants from?
H2. Please state the size of these grants from the following options.
H3. What type of organization (s) did you receive grants from?
H4. What percentage of your program budget do other funders contribute to?

1. Do you have a fiscal sponsor?


1a. Fiscal organization name.


2. Are you legally registered?


3. What type of organization are you?


4. What is your organization or group's mission and how does it align with the Wikimedia movement?

Sourcing clean food, water and energy that is sustainable to underserved, rural communities in the world.

5. If you would like, please share any websites or social media accounts that your group or organization has. (optional)


Grant proposal[edit]

6. Please state the title of your proposal.

Project Global Sustainability

9. Where will this proposal be implemented?


10. Indicate if it is a local, international, or regional proposal and if it involves several countries?


10a. If you have answered international, please write the country names and any other information that is useful for understanding your proposal.

I will be travelling to about a dozen countries; each with the same goal, but varying approaches contingent on proximal resources.

South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Morrocco, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, Croatia and Turkey.

10b. Are there any specific sub-regions or areas where your proposal will be implemented?

Rural, underserved communities of each respective country.

11. What is the challenge or problem you are addressing and why is this important?

In America, my problems are rather insignificant relative to starving children, families without clean water, or even electricity. To continue to serve myself or tackle my "issues" I can direct my time and energy to a much more needed community. Furthermore, upon completion of this, I will be able to share the details of how to go about this project similarly.

12. What is the main objective of your proposal? Please state why you think partnering with Wikimedia Movement helps to achieve this objective?

The main objective is to provide and supplement each community with basic necessities that I take for granted daily. I wouldn't make my mother drink dirty water, live without showering, or a healthy diet.

13. Describe your main strategies to achieve this objective?

I will partner with project leads with previously developed plans and ideologies to tackle local adversities. Through this, my knowledge and ability will progress; creating a positive domino affect to positively influence other teams and individuals that need solutions or want to help provide them.

14. Are you running any in-person events or activities?


15. Please state if your proposal aims to work to bridge any of the identified content knowledge gaps?

Geography, Language, Socioeconomic Status, Cultural background, ethnicity, religion, racial

16. Please state if your proposal includes any of these areas or thematic focus.

Education, Culture, heritage or GLAM , Advocacy, Human Rights, Climate Change and sustainability, Diversity

17. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities? Select all categories that apply.

Geographic , Ethnic/racial/religious or cultural background, Linguistic / Language, Socioeconomic status, Age, Digital Access

18. Please tell us more about your target participants.

My target participants are inclusive to all throughout each community.

19. Do you have plans to work with other Wikimedia communities, groups or affiliates in your country, or in other countries, to implement this proposal?


19a. If yes, please tell us about these connections online and offline and how you have let Wikimedia communities know about this proposal.


19b. If no, please tell us the reasons why it has not been possible to make these connections.

I am new to searching for grants and just, today, was educated on Wikimedia! Of course, I'd be willing to collaborate and team together on global issues.

20. Will you be working with other external non-Wikimedian partners to implement this proposal?


20a. If yes, please describe these partnerships.

workaway.info is a resource that will allow me to work with various project leads throughout the world

20a. If yes, indicate sharing of resources from these partners (in kind support, grants, donations, payments).

no funding is provided from workaway

21. Please tell us how your organization is structured.

Single handedly, I collaborate with different, but like-minded projects.

22. Do you have the team that is needed to implement this proposal?


23. Please state if your organization or group has a Strategic Plan that can help us further understand your proposal. You can also upload it here.  


Learning, Sharing, and Evaluation[edit]

24. What do you hope to learn from this proposal?

I hope to learn about many different solutions to provide for the many needs throughout the world; proximal to their renewable resources; concluding a sustainable solution.

I would also learn how to relay what I've learned to others on similar ventures.

Core Metrics[edit]

25. Enter a description of the metric and a number in the target field. If the metric does not apply to you, enter N/A for not applicable.

Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target
Number of participants expecting around 4-12 (2-6 participants) sets of hands for each project in each country 42
Number of editors I will be the sole editor unless a partnership is made along the way 1
Number of organizers 12 organizers throughout each country visited. The organizers will be acting as the leads on each project. 12
Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target
Wikipedia I am seeking 1 single, aggregated post to conclude the 18 month project. Prior to the end, I would like to have a wiki project for each country. 50

25a. If for some reason your proposal will not measure these core metrics please provide an explanation. (optional)

Lack of data, internet and electricity is anticipated. A backlog or conclusive report may be the optimal way of reporting.

26. What other information will you be collecting to learn about the impact of your work? (optional)

Cultural findings, art, music, language, and "how to" content

27. What tools would you use to measure each metric selected?

An Excel spreadsheet; support is advised

28. How do you hope to share these results so that others can learn from them?

Create a video of our experience, Make a short presentation of the experience, Create a training workshop to show others what we learned, Share results on social media

Financial Proposal[edit]

29. What is the amount you are requesting from WMF? Please provide this amount in your local currency.

22000 USD

30. What is this amount in US Currency (to the best of your knowledge)?

22000 USD

31. & 32. Please provide a budget for the amount of funding requested.

please see attached budget:

33. What do you do to make sure there is a good management of funds?

I have an outline that will allow me to stay on track of progress. Transparently sharing this with each of the team and project leads will aid in nullifying hiccups along the way. Communication and understanding and listening will allow me to closely relate with participants as well.

34. How will you contribute towards creating a supportive environment for participants using the UCOC and Friendly Space Policy?

I will work with Wikimedia in advised fashion to maintain the guidelines and code of conduct on top of assuming responsibility in full the work and data collected and how we share that information. I am excited to further my knowledge about how to do this professionally and excitingly for those who source wiki and this specific project.

35. Please use this optional space to upload any documents that you feel are important for further understanding your proposal.

Other public document(s):

Final message[edit]

By submitting your proposal/funding request you agree that you are in agreement with the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and the Universal Code of Conduct.

36. We/I have read the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct.