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HERitage Amplified: Women and Cultural Diversity on Wikipedia
proposed start date2023-12-01
proposed end date2023-12-31
grant start date2024-02-01T00:00:00Z
grant end date2024-03-02T00:00:00Z
budget (local currency)4400 EUR
budget (USD)4819 USD
amount recommended (USD)4644.99
grant typeIndividual
funding regionCEECA
decision fiscal year2023-24
applicant• AProdromou
organization (if applicable)• N/A
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Applicant Details[edit]

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1. Group Leader AProdromou.As the group leader, I provide overall direction and coordination for the group's activities. I initiate discussions, moderate meetings, and help set goals for the group. My role also involves guiding members, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the group stays focused on its mission.

Main Proposal[edit]

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HERitage Amplified: Women and Cultural Diversity on Wikipedia

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2023-12-01 - 2023-12-31

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6. What is the change you are trying to bring? What are the main challenges or problems you are trying to solve? Describe this change or challenges, as well as main approaches to achieve it. (required)

Wikipedia, as a widely utilized information source, holds immense power in shaping the knowledge landscape. However, despite its guiding principles of neutrality and inclusivity, there is a noticeable gender bias in the content related to women and their contributions on the platform. To create a more equitable public sphere, it is crucial to ensure equal representation of women on Wikipedia, especially considering its significance as an educational resource. Additionally, we recognize the importance of celebrating our group's cultural diversity, with members from both the Greek speaking and Turkish speaking communities as well as foreigners residing in Cyprus and our ongoing efforts to foster collaboration with the Maronite, Armenian, and Latin communities. This proposal aims to address the gender gap while highlighting the richness of our diverse cultural heritage through an edit-a-thon event on Wikipedia. Objectives:

  • To analyze and improve the representation of women in Wikipedia's content, particularly biographies, historical events, and contributions made by women, encompassing the rich cultural diversity of our group.
  • To raise awareness about the impact of underrepresentation on women's achievements, recognition, and visibility in the public domain, amplifying the stories of women from different cultural backgrounds.
  • To encourage and support female contributors and editors from all communities, creating an inclusive space where diverse voices can actively participate in editing Wikipedia pages.
  • To develop strategies and guidelines for the Wikipedia community to promote gender equality and cultural diversity, ensuring that our collective heritage is accurately represented on the platform.
7. What are the planned activities? (required) Please provide a list of main activities. You can also add a link to the public page for your project where details about your project can be found. Alternatively, you can upload a timeline document. When the activities include partnerships, include details about your partners and planned partnerships.

Please see attachment below titled: Timeline of Activities

8. Describe your team. Please provide their roles, Wikimedia Usernames and other details. (required) Include more details of the team, including their roles, usernames, Wikimedia group, and whether they are salaried, volunteers, consultants/contractors, etc. Team members involved in the grant application need to be aware of their involvement in the project.

Our group members are the following: AProdromou - Group Leader (Group creation initiator); OkutS; ZahHera;

We are really starting to be more active recently and have not yet assigned any roles in the group. Myself, AProdromou and OkutS are leading the group at the moment. We have a few members that are really new to Wikipedia and some that have been for quite some time. We are all volunteers.

9. Who are the target participants and from which community? How will you engage participants before and during the activities? How will you follow up with participants after the activities? (required)

The primary target participants for the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon are women editors from all communities of Cyprus, including the Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, Maronite, Armenian, and Latin communities that will actively engage in adding or editing biographies of notable women. The aim is to create an inclusive and diverse environment that welcomes individuals from various cultural backgrounds to participate in the event.

Engaging Participants before and during the Activities:

Pre-event Outreach: Prior to the edit-a-thon, we will engage potential participants through various communication channels, including social media, emails, and local community networks. We will share information about the event's objectives, schedule, and the significance of celebrating cultural diversity and women's narratives on Wikipedia.

Online Training Sessions: To prepare participants for the edit-a-thon, we will conduct online training sessions on Wikipedia editing techniques, guidelines, and best practices. These sessions will ensure that everyone, including newcomers, feels confident in contributing to Wikipedia.

Establishing Support Networks: During the edit-a-thon, participants will be grouped based on their interests and expertise. Each group will have a mentor or experienced Wikipedia editor who can provide guidance and support throughout the editing process.

Following up with Participants after the Activities:

Feedback and Evaluation: After the edit-a-thon, participants will be asked to provide feedback about their experience. We will conduct an evaluation to gather insights on the event's effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and understand the impact of the edit-a-thon on participants' knowledge and perspectives.

Continued Collaboration: To maintain the momentum and foster ongoing collaboration, we will establish an online platform or community space where participants can continue to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on future Wikipedia editing initiatives.

Showcasing Achievements: The accomplishments of the edit-a-thon, such as the number of articles improved or created and the diversity of cultural narratives represented, will be highlighted on social media. This will celebrate the participants' contributions and inspire others to get involved in future initiatives.

10. Does your project involve work with children or youth? (required)


10.1. Please provide a link to your Youth Safety Policy. (required) If the proposal indicates direct contact with children or youth, you are required to outline compliance with international and local laws for working with children and youth, and provide a youth safety policy aligned with these laws. Read more here.


11. How did you discuss the idea of your project with your community members and/or any relevant groups? Please describe steps taken and provide links to any on-wiki community discussion(s) about the proposal. (required) You need to inform the community and/or group, discuss the project with them, and involve them in planning this proposal. You also need to align the activities with other projects happening in the planned area of implementation to ensure collaboration within the community.

12. Does your proposal aim to work to bridge any of the content knowledge gaps (Knowledge Inequity)? Select one option that most apply to your work. (required)

Content Gender gap

13. Does your proposal include any of these areas or thematic focus? Select one option that most applies to your work. (required)

Gender and diversity

14. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities? Select one option that most apply to your work. (required)

Gender Identity

15. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select one that most applies. (required)

Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement

Learning and metrics[edit]

17. What do you hope to learn from your work in this project or proposal? (required)

Learning Question 1: Where are we at the moment when it comes to gender participation? By analyzing the data collected through this project or proposal, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of gender participation within our Wikimedia community. Learning Question 2: How long will it take us to minimize the gap when it comes to local content? Through the implementation of this project or proposal, we seek to assess the progress made in minimizing the gender gap in local content creation. Learning Question 3: Why is minimizing the gender gap important? Understanding the importance of minimizing the gender gap is vital for guiding our efforts and advocating for change within the Wikimedia community.

18. What are your Wikimedia project targets in numbers (metrics)? (required)
Number of participants, editors, and organizers
Other Metrics Target Optional description
Number of participants 50
Number of editors 3
Number of organizers 3
Number of content contributions to Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia project Number of content created or improved
Wikipedia 200
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Incubator
Wikifunctions or Abtsract Wikipedia
Optional description for content contributions.


19. Do you have any other project targets in numbers (metrics)? (optional)


Main Open Metrics Data
Main Open Metrics Description Target
An increase in editors N/A N/A
More articles to be added N/A N/A
Articles to be edited N/A N/A
20. What tools would you use to measure each metrics? Please refer to the guide for a list of tools. You can also write that you are not sure and need support. (required)

we are not sure and we will need support on that.

Financial proposal[edit]

21. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it. (required)
22. and 22.1. What is the amount you are requesting for this proposal? Please provide the amount in your local currency. (required)

4400 EUR

22.2. Convert the amount requested into USD using the Oanda converter. This is done only to help you assess the USD equivalent of the requested amount. Your request should be between 500 - 5,000 USD.

4819 USD

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Endorsements and Feedback[edit]

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Community members are invited to share meaningful feedback on the proposal and include reasons why they endorse the proposal. Consider the following:

  • Stating why the proposal is important for the communities involved and why they think the strategies chosen will achieve the results that are expected.
  • Highlighting any aspects they think are particularly well developed: for instance, the strategies and activities proposed, the levels of community engagement, outreach to underrepresented groups, addressing knowledge gaps, partnerships, the overall budget and learning and evaluation section of the proposal, etc.
  • Highlighting if the proposal focuses on any interesting research, learning or innovation, etc. Also if it builds on learning from past proposals developed by the individual or organization, or other Wikimedia communities.
  • Analyzing if the proposal is going to contribute in any way to important developments around specific Wikimedia projects or Movement Strategy.
  • Analysing if the proposal is coherent in terms of the objectives, strategies, budget, and expected results (metrics).